The Females are taking over, music that is

I am very much into my music, and i have an open mind, i am open to listen to anything because why not? Why live keeping your mind to only one genre? One thing i have been noticing how powerful the music from such amazing females have been taking over pop culture recently, not loved by everyone but they're doing something right to be doing so good in the charts. So if this isn't the kind of music you like, that is completely fine and i hope you can still enjoy my little post anyways!
Now Marina has been around the music industry for years, yet it wasn't until Primadonna Girl was released that she was actually noticed with the attention she fully deserves. Electra Heart is full of songs so catchy you'll be singing them days after listening to the album, she really took a shine to millions of people with this album and of course her unique styles she's adapted to. My two favourite songs are Homewrecker and Bubblegum Bitch, two upbeat songs that are fun but also serious, that is Marina rolled into one.
Now i am completely in love with the ever so controversial Miley Cyrus, yes she is a complete nutter and has gone way off the scales now but i have adored her ever since Hannah Montana and i can't fault with her acting or singing. Considering she shows such a trashy style now her newest album is perfection, she balances some slower ballad types to the funner and faster pop songs and i feel like it's a great direction in her music career. She is experimenting with different music styles and it's suited her so well. Look behind all the craziness of her image and you see quite a talented young woman.
Now it took me way too long to get into Iggy, as i felt weird hearing such a lower rapping voice come from a woman and yeah i judged way too hard and now i really love her style of music. She is absolutely adorable considering she's this hip hop girl with a big ego. Her rapping skills i must say are flawless and i'm beginning to enjoy her music a lot more than before. She came together with Ariana Grande to create Problem and that song is literally perfection, go listen to it now!
Last but certainly not least is Lorde, a very young girl who appeared randomly on the charts with a song that stuck in everyones head for months, still to this day is such a popular song it's hard to get out of you head. I must say Royals is probably the least best song on the album, every single song on that album is perfect. Lorde has such a chilling tone to her voice it really is such a calming album and i feel like every one should give it at least one listen cause it's so different i know you'd love it, trust me. I really hope her fame continues because her talent is flawless and she's bloody younger than me!

Other artists such as Charli XCX are storming their way into our ears everywhere nowadays and i'm really enjoying all the female power that's happening currently in 2014! Does anybody else like these artists or are you super against music like this?! Let me know in the comments.


  1. I'm totally with you! Marina is one of my fave artists as her music is catchy but still has a serious underlying message, Lorde is fab too! X

    1. Yeah some songs you just want to dance but others it makes you sit and think haha i love it x

  2. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach


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