June Favourites!

Another month has passed, so quickly and so negatively. Well for me anyway, i had a great start to the month with inspiration and motivation fully packed into my brain. It was amazing to be writing so much and i enjoy every second of it. However, i ended the month with the loss of two uncles in my family in the space of two days, so you can imagine me being as happy as larry to my world crashing down on me all at once. Quite a weird month for me, but things can only look up from now, i hope.

Anyways! Onto my favourites this week, enjoy <3
Mac Lipstick in 'Pink Plaid' and Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in Shade 31  

Pink shades are 100% my colour this month, I've been loving the lighter shades such as Macs Pink Plaid, which i picked up off a blog sale for £9, quite a steal! Plus it's matte too, so the colour is perfect and i love it :). Now to the darker side, i chose this shade from Kate Moss' line from Rimmel as I never looked twice at a pink lipstick like this, and i am completely in love with it. It lasted me all night when i went out drinking and it smells so good! Love love love it.

Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner pen in Black

Probably every beauty blogger living has tried this eyeliner as it's been a freebie in Glamour magazines latest issue (either in Black or Navy). It is actually amazing! I've never had such ease with putting my eyeliner on my top lids now, it's always a full black colour even with one application which is quite impressive. So i'd go grab a copy right now before the next issue is out! 

Wilkinsons Tea Tree Intensive Spot Cream and Rollon Stick

Now i didn't even mean to purchase this, i was quickly browsing in Wilkinsons and spotted these two gems on offer for £1.50, yes you heard me. You probably see it and think, nah if it's that cheap it'll never do any good. But surprisingly for me, it's helped me a lot. I always suffer with the annoying bumps on my forehead, making it impossible for my skin to ever feel smooth, so i roll on the liquid after I've washed my face and add a bit of cream after, and even after a few days i noticed a difference in my spots! Crazy stuff. It's super intense so it might not be suited for skin that can be super sensitive to anything put onto your face. But i promise you it's worth trying for £1.50!

Last but never least is my Nintendo 3DS, i got this back in December as a Christmas gift and I've recently started playing Animal Crossing again. It can be a very addicting game if you literally commit a lot of your time to playing it! It really is an every day game you can keep checking back on there for new items etc. I've always been a massive AC fan so i'm super excited to be getting back into this game! Anyone else an Animal Crossing lover? Let me know!

One of those days.

It's no shock to us Brits, but most of the time the weather is dreadful. We get spurts of sunshine which gets everybody out the house but we aren't always that lucky. Now i know weather can affect everyone differently, but sometimes when it's miserable outside you can't help but slum into a gloomy mood, just like the weather. I'm also sometimes left in the house alone and it can get quite lonely when you can't go out cause it's awful weather. So really i had to find ways to keep myself nice and relaxed without having the feeling of needing someone there for company, when your own company sometimes is exactly what you need.

But even when it can be such a lovely day outside, but you're stuck inside with your silly thoughts circling your brain until it feels like it's about to explode. I guess i've just had one of those days where i couldn't get out of my bad mood, but life is life and you can only make it better. I thought I'd show you a few things i do myself to help make myself feel that tiny bit better.

If you know me, I'm really not a total bookworm at all, i find it hard to stay concentrated and end up not finishing the book, what a mess. But John Greens books are completely addicting, The Fault In Our Stars made me cry, no shame in that it's an amazing book! I feel like it's best to read a good book when you're on your own, so much more time to concentrate and total silence really helps me with reading. If you haven't checked out his books, do it now. He's an amazing youtuber and I'm a massive youtube geek.

Lighting candles are always great to release relaxation into the room, even with Incense too. They really do help you to just chill out for a while, any scent you feel that helps is great, i love my fruity smells so I've got the Pink Dragon-fruit Yankee burning. I also have Incense sticks too and it's always a sweet smell in my room, I'm a sweet fan can you tell!?

Like i said, I'm a huge youtube geek so catching up with daily vlogs is something i love doing. Sometimes I'm too busy to go onto youtube so whenever i have the time i always love lying down on my bed with a nice cuppa and just watching videos til my heart's fully content. Sounds sad i know but i just love doing it, plus it cheers me up a bunch whenever I'm feeling a bit shitty. It works, i promise!

♡ Insta-OOTD ♡

I've been posting a lot for Outfit of the Days on my instagram lately, i just thought i'd share a few with you if that's okay! <3 Baring in mind i am the bargain queen so they're all super cute and cheap.I am completely loving the floral pattern, and i have been for a long while. I just think it's such a perfect style to have for summer with all the beautiful flowers surrounding, you want to feel as pretty as them right?! Well i do, even though I'm having really bad hayfever this year.
Hope you're all having a lovely day.

TONY MOLY: Brightening Eye Base & Gloss Bar

 I instantly fell in love with Tony Molys range of products for obvious reasons, i was browsing through eBay to find some deals on new make up to try and i found these two cuties. The panda being a Brightening Eye Base and the bunny being a lip glossy type product. I wasn't expecting the products to be amazing cause i was drawn to the products solely on their cute packaging. It was still quite cheap for both products even if in the end i only kept the product for it's cuteness (what can i say?!)
Tonymoly - Panda's Eye Brightening Base (£4.84 on Ebay)
This product was created to help fight the ongoing battle of controlling your dark circles that live under your eyes. I love seeing products that's aim is to help girls like me (with horrible confidence issues over my dark circles) overcome our fears and help to fight the tired eyes, and help create a more brightened, lighter look. It has quite a matte, dry feel and look to it and you simply apply under the eye and massage it into your skin for full absorption. It was nice to apply and massage into the skin but it hasn't really got much of an effect for me which was a shame. It does help mattify your skin so i sometimes apply it before using concealer to help keep the shine away So overall despite it doing not much at all, it's still an adorable item I'll keep to maybe try out again sometime soon.

Tonymoly - Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Juicy Strawberry (£3.03 on Ebay)
How cute are these products though seriously... I was a lot more impressed with this item. It has a lovely fruity smell to it and if you know me i bloody love a good fruity scent. It applies well onto the lips and as you can see on the last picture it gives a small shimmer, which to me is enough as I'm not a huge fan of the shiny lipgloss look. Its a nice shade and enough to show a difference from your actual lip colour, so all in all this is a great product. I might have to purchase a few more to try them out because for the price it's amazing really isn't it?

I'm looking into buying more of Tony Molys adorable range of products, let me know if you think i should do more reviews! Thanks :)

Graze Boxes

Now I've finally got a steady income I've been able to look into subscriptions of things i'd never be able to afford on a weekly basis, this including graze boxes. At a price of £3.99 per snack box a week, you're given four different snacks, ranging from savory bites to something a bit more sweet. Graze make sure you try a various amount and keeps all of their options quite healthy so you still can enjoy eating chocolate and it still be better than snacking on an actual chocolate bar! I've even tried things like seeds which i'd never thought i would ever based on the fact.. it's seeds?! But they're soo yummy and they really do help you broaden your taste in food, and so healthily you'd be silly not to at least try the free box you get before you have to start paying on a weekly basis.

You can control your boxes to your standards, what you want in the box, how many you want (twice a week, once, or even monthly). There really is a range of foods to try and at a small price it really could help replace the really sugary snacks you might be eating at the moment, i literally haven't had a single chocolate bar in weeks. I really really do recommend trying them as even if you're not too fond of one item, you can tell graze to never send it again and they wont! You even sometimes get tea included in your boxes, how amazing is this?

Does anybody else have graze boxes? I've only had it a few weeks now but I'm super happy with what they're giving and I'm trying things i never imagined i would!
Let me know in the comments.

Makeup Revolution is taking over!

Now i never would have even heard of this brand if it wasn't for the blogging world. I'd seen a few posts about their lipstick range being £1 each, the same as Make Up Academy. Now my eyes lit at this because MUAs lipsticks are good lipsticks for the price you're paying, so i definately had to try out a few lipsticks as soon as i heard. Now they aren't in store at the moment (i think) so i had to order a couple off Superdrugs website (hopefully meaning they'll be in store soon woo!) So i did exactly that and they came so i thought i'd show you which ones i chose, some being completely random JUST to try, c'mon they're a quid each why wouldn't you buy some to try!?

Considering i had to pick online and couldn't see the colours for real i am really pleased with the ones i ordered. I went for some natural looking shades and then went crazy to the red side! My absolute favourite at the moment is Mystify, it's tiny shimmer gives your lips that pretty look about it and it's perfect for my skin as I'm quite pale. They all apply really well too, apart from Divine as it is a Matte lipstick so i think a bit of lip balm before applying will help for a smoother application. These lipsticks give great coverage and I'm so so pleased that the lovely blogging ladies brought me to this brand because i can see myself buying a lot more now that i've tried them!

Has anybody else tried these lipsticks yet? Let me know what you think of them?
And don't i make a great lip model? ;)