Everyday Make-up ✿

Foundation ❤ Rimmel Match Perfection
Concealer ❤ Collection 2000
Powder ❤ Rimmel Stay Matte
Eyeliner ❤ 2true Waterproof Liquid 
Mascara ❤ MUA Waterproof
Lips ❤ Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me
Pretty basic make up yeah, well thats why i wanted to make this post. To reach out to you lovely beautiful people of the blogging universe... I'm still quite new to make-up, i don't wear much and hardly wear it, and i really want to start exploring new brands and better brands that will benefit me. So my question really is to just recommend me any products you think would be great for me to try out, because i'm really open to trying anything now i have the money haha. Thanks <3

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  1. Gorgeous and natural :)

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