June Favourites!

Another month has passed, so quickly and so negatively. Well for me anyway, i had a great start to the month with inspiration and motivation fully packed into my brain. It was amazing to be writing so much and i enjoy every second of it. However, i ended the month with the loss of two uncles in my family in the space of two days, so you can imagine me being as happy as larry to my world crashing down on me all at once. Quite a weird month for me, but things can only look up from now, i hope.

Anyways! Onto my favourites this week, enjoy <3
Mac Lipstick in 'Pink Plaid' and Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in Shade 31  

Pink shades are 100% my colour this month, I've been loving the lighter shades such as Macs Pink Plaid, which i picked up off a blog sale for £9, quite a steal! Plus it's matte too, so the colour is perfect and i love it :). Now to the darker side, i chose this shade from Kate Moss' line from Rimmel as I never looked twice at a pink lipstick like this, and i am completely in love with it. It lasted me all night when i went out drinking and it smells so good! Love love love it.

Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner pen in Black

Probably every beauty blogger living has tried this eyeliner as it's been a freebie in Glamour magazines latest issue (either in Black or Navy). It is actually amazing! I've never had such ease with putting my eyeliner on my top lids now, it's always a full black colour even with one application which is quite impressive. So i'd go grab a copy right now before the next issue is out! 

Wilkinsons Tea Tree Intensive Spot Cream and Rollon Stick

Now i didn't even mean to purchase this, i was quickly browsing in Wilkinsons and spotted these two gems on offer for £1.50, yes you heard me. You probably see it and think, nah if it's that cheap it'll never do any good. But surprisingly for me, it's helped me a lot. I always suffer with the annoying bumps on my forehead, making it impossible for my skin to ever feel smooth, so i roll on the liquid after I've washed my face and add a bit of cream after, and even after a few days i noticed a difference in my spots! Crazy stuff. It's super intense so it might not be suited for skin that can be super sensitive to anything put onto your face. But i promise you it's worth trying for £1.50!

Last but never least is my Nintendo 3DS, i got this back in December as a Christmas gift and I've recently started playing Animal Crossing again. It can be a very addicting game if you literally commit a lot of your time to playing it! It really is an every day game you can keep checking back on there for new items etc. I've always been a massive AC fan so i'm super excited to be getting back into this game! Anyone else an Animal Crossing lover? Let me know!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncles. I hope you and your family are okay, such a horrible tragedy, FFS.

    I got the Eyeko pen in Glamour (in Navy, boo) and it was dried out, so I was annoyed at that Blooming thing. I adore the Collection Xtreme pen, so if you want another pen I'd rec that one :)

    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you lovely, i'll have to check that one out! x

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncles, that is truly so sad, hope you are okay!
    I don't know why I have never tried the Kate Moss lipsticks after hearing so many good things about them, and of course Zoella's favourite! Deffo want to pick some up soon, :)
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, i'm fine honestly!
      They're amazing and yeah haha i recently watched her vlogs she looks gorgeous in them

  3. Sorry to hear about your uncles Vicki :( absolutely heartbreaking.
    I love the Kate Moss lipsticks, they're great!

    Jegz xo http://jegz-loves-tea.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks hun means a lot, and same i can see my collection growing hahah x

  4. Pink Plaid looks absolutely gorgeous I love it xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. really need to try more light MAC lip shades! great post

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  6. It was my first and i love it!

  7. Ive been using the eyeko on my eyebrows ( I prefer the brush for my eyeliner) and you know what, it's amazing for doing the dark "cara style" brows.


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