w7 Product Review

I was kindly sent a few w7 goodies in the past week or two and I'm really excited to show you them and how i got on with them! I am nowhere near a professional with using make-up tools and products but i gave my best go at using them. These are my honest views and anything i get sent to use and review will always be the honest truth and opinions!
I received a Face Blender Brush, Brow & Lash Shaping Gel, Eye Primer and two Eyeshadows in 'Platinum' and 'Silver Streak'. I was quite chuffed with what i had received because it was a chance for me to try out products I'd never even think of using! Being such an amateur in the make-up world it really is good to explore new areas of make-up you've never tried and i feel like i really did that with these products.

I'd seen previous reviews on the Face Blender Brush from many bloggers, in which they talked about contouring. As i said, total newbie here, i barely use enough make up to even understand how to do that! But for people who have no clue (like me) it's still a fab brush to help blend powders/cream into the shape of your face. The perfect round shape of the bristles are great for sitting comfortably round the cheek bones which i feel it helps applying any base make-up to begin with. The bristles are super soft and bouncy too so it's a really comfortable brush to use on your skin. For the price of £4.25 you really cannot go wrong with the quality of brush it is.

Now the Brow and Lash Shaping Gel is something I'd never tried before. I don't do much with my brows at all. It's texture is very light and isn't sticky at all so that's an instant positive for me. It does what it says that is for sure, but i feel like it works at lot better for me just purely on the fact i had no product on my eyebrows to begin with... So there's nothing for the gel to battle with the keep the hairs in place. I've read also that the off-putting thing about this item is the packaging, it being a clear product any kinds of make-up can get mixed into the tube causing the gel to change colour. Maybe from the foundation or many powders that your eyebows come in contact with? All in all for me it's a great item, but just beware with what you're mixing with it!
The last two products i used was the Eye Primer and Eyeshadows. I'm going to admit I've never used a Primer for eyes in my life, i really was a disappointing teenage girl i swear... I really didn't think i needed it but boy was i wrong. You really need something to secure your eyeshadows through these horribly hot summer days (yes i am moaning about the weather what's new). A small amount of Primer on each lid is perfect, it was super easy to blend in and didn't feel sticky at all. The two shadows i was given are perfect colours for me too, I'm not a colourful person at all so i only ever go for the silvery/whiter colours, boring i know. But these two little pots were so nice to apply and look great! (Sorry i never got a pic, I'm unwell right now so I'd rather not show off my horrific features right now haha).

So my overall experience was great! Trying new products is always fun cause you feel like you haven't got a clue what you're actually doing. But all in all I'm really happy with the products i received and i can't think w7 enough for letting me try a few out!
Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how you got on.

It's a hard life for a cat

  It must be tiring sleeping 90 percent of the time, right? There's something very calming about cats, that can give you the sweetest of company when you really need it. I know that my cats can sense when I'm not feeling too good, they always seem to be around, maybe for only a little while. But they're there. Silly cat lady ramblings. Hope everyones day is going okay.

NSPA Ultimate Cleansing Tonic

I'd spotted this little gem in my local ASDA, as i'd never tried any NSPA product at all before i picked it up and thought i'd give it a try. The price ranges as sometimes it's on sale (which i got it on of course) but it's normally priced at around £5. Which to me is still really reasonable for the job it does. It states that in just one step, you are able to remove all of your make up ~ even Waterproof mascara, magical stuff really. The solution is separated into two as you can see, the clear and light pink. Still baffles me how liquid can do that, I'm easily amused okay?! There is just one simple instruction of shaking the bottle until both liquids have blended together, and thats when the magic can start happening!

I apply mine on with a cotton pad, i pour enough onto it to cover my face and it really is as simple as that. The liquid is very moisturizing on my face and it simply removes my make up perfectly, just how it's supposed to. It leaves my face feeling so smooth and fresh, and you don't even need to use it for make-up. It's also a perfect everyday cleanser, does the trick or removing and dirt and oils from your skin, fresh and ready for the rest of the day. I have nothing bad to say about this product, but I'm not gonna lie, don't forget to shake... I might have been a little drunk removing my make up one night and forgot to shake, it wasn't very pleasant at all. Without it blended together, the liquid was very greasy and un-cooperative, but I'm sure none of you are as silly and dumb as me... Oops.
Overall a wonderful product and amazing for it's value! 

BARGAIN! Lipstick storage

24 Slot Lipstick Storage (From Ebay for £2.88)
Now if you know me at all, you know how much i search the internet for a cheaper, better item (in any case whatsoever). I've seen plenty of bloggers purchase this item and it simply is amazing. Searching for the perfect storage for my newly-growing lipstick collection, eBay has always been a favourite and super reliable website for me. I'm forever buying things i don't need, but this is probably one of my favourite purchases I've ever made from there. Considering it was shipped from Hong Kong, you'd expect at least a two week wait but it surprisingly came within 7 days! Amazing stuff. I really do recommend buying a few, cause i know most of your collections are probably bigger than mine, but i can see this filling up very quick to be honest! (Lipsticks are my thing right now, i can't stop purchasing). The price i payed for such a well made item is amazing, don't be afraid to purchase from countries far away as sometimes the product is just as good over there, it just takes a little longer to arrive which to me is no problem at all.

Do you have any storage like this?! Let me know!

❤ Clinique freebies in Glamour Magazine ❤

Now I'm totally surprised it's taken me this long to jump on the freebies bandwagon, i never even looked at magazines but now I'm always at the stands in shops! After a successful purchase of last months magazine with my new favourite eyeliner (Eyeko) i noticed there was a few Clinique products and since I've never tried and thing from the brand itself, why not! I've searched top to botton of EVERY shop possible for the Chubby Sticks, but still no luck! So i picked up these two items, a High Impace Mascara and a little bottle of Moisturising Lotion! I'll let you know how i get on with them, the magazine's only £2 so i'd go grab a copy right now! Amazing price for the products you get in each issue really.

Have you got this months issue yet? What do you think?!

The iPad Mini

Now i am not one to brag about anything i own, and i certainly never have as i know people long for items which are just too expensive for them to buy. But i would recommend anyone who would like to own more expensive items to try out websites like Very.co.uk and Littlewoods. They give you options of small payments each month, making it easier to manage your money and still be able to buy things like an iPad. My most recent purchase of course was the iPad mini and i thought I'd just tell you a little about it and why it's so amazing!

Now for a total procrastinator like me, i really needed something to help me plan things easier, to get a bit of steadiness to my days and a bit more productivity. The iPad helps me with small tasks like this, even to write down dates and memos which are needed for future reference. I enjoy using the memo pad to help write lists for post ideas and something as simple as that really helps to keep myself that little bit more organised, and motivated if anything. I keep my apps in folders which relate to each other such as my Blogging folder. I think it's ideal as a blogger to keep organised and make sure you have the right websites and apps ready to use, just to keep your blog out there and stay active as i know myself it can be hard to find readers who genuinely enjoy reading your blog.

I know you're probably thinking i could do this all on a phone, pen and paper, even a laptop. Yeah i can, but I really just needed something to help motivate myself and I'm a proper lover for technology. And because i never was able to buy anything without a job i feel sometimes it is nice to buy something for yourself that you know is going to benefit you in a good way! (Also paying with very i haven't actually payed for my iPad yet, you get the option to pay 3 payments or the lower payment every month which is amazing to me).

I can tell you now the iPad Mini is an amazing piece of technology, you can literally use it for anything, music, gaming, actually being productive with writing! and so much more. It's nice and light, small and you can take it literally anywhere. Perfect gift for anyone and if you're looking into buying one, i say why the hell not?! Do it! :)

REVIEW ♡ Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 31

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss in Shade 31, £3.99 from Superdrug

Now I'm and pretty late to trying this Lipstick. But to be honest i was pretty late to even wearing 
lipstick... I never thought it would suit me, so i just left it out my daily make-up bag. Not even going out to parties and such, i never wore it. Yep, big mistake. I am actually quite obsessed with lipstick now and my collection has gotten bigger very quickly. It's very addicting but it's a whole new area of products I've never even looked at, I'm such a bad excuse for a girl, I guess I'm making up for it now, very very late...

So i was browsing in superdrug and i have been in love with the packaging to Kate Moss' Lipstick range for so long, i love the little signature on the Matte lipstick casing, such a simple but effective look and i feel like a lot of people love how lipsticks are packaged and i think like this is a great product to look at without even opening it! The first thing i noticed was the gorgeous smell it had, i love scented items, and when it's sweet smelling like this, i instantly fall in love. The colour is a rich dark pink colour, which is a great change from the red lips you see everywhere now (i LOVE red also but it's good to see a different colour every and then, you get what i mean?!) But i did notice on Superdrugs website, it looks lighter on the image, than it is in real life. So the lighting can be very misleading, so if you're thinking of purchasing, i would definitely go into the shop itself and test it out :). I just find it so easy to apply and it's SUPER moisturizing which is great because i always find i apply lip balm before any lipstick to give it more moisture, but i didn't need to apply any of that on! I would say its full colour would last a few hours, i'd probably re-apply once in my days out which isn't too bad really.

I can see myself buying a few more in this range, the value is brilliant for the quality of product you're getting. Which shades have you got? I want to see them ALL! Let me know in the comments.
Enjoy the rest of your day