It's a hard life for a cat

  It must be tiring sleeping 90 percent of the time, right? There's something very calming about cats, that can give you the sweetest of company when you really need it. I know that my cats can sense when I'm not feeling too good, they always seem to be around, maybe for only a little while. But they're there. Silly cat lady ramblings. Hope everyones day is going okay.


  1. I have a cat and without sounding like a 'crazy cat lady' she is my world! I've owned her since I was 3, and now I'm 17 with a 14 year old cat she is still just as loveable and cuddly, and I cannot imagine not having her! x x

  2. Aw! How cute! Hahah cats sleeep sooo much, in the summer my cats just sleep even more because they laze around in the garden all day!

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