House of Fraser SALE Necklaces

Hand of Fatima Necklace - £6.65   Leaf necklace - £8.10

I was messaged by the lovley Bethanie who was able to send me these beautiful necklaces that i personally chose off the House of Fraser website. I searched through the options to find the perfect necklaces that i knew wasn't going to break my bank. You know me, i like to grab a bargain whenever i can! My first choice was a Layered Hand of Fatima necklace, which actually are two in which I've changed the length to show both effectively. It's a beautiful little silver plated charm with a bit of sparkle for the eye in the hand. I literally haven't taken them off yet, they're gorgeous little necklaces and for £6.65 you can't go wrong with what you're buying! My second choice was a brass piece which was such a perfect gold colour, it wasn't too overwhelming at all (i'm not a gold jewellery person at all). Three beautiful little leaves which aren't joined together, freely threaded through a chain. I'm a fan of necklaces with small charms, i have quite the collection. So these two will fit perfectly into that, if i ever take them off (ha).

I feel super lucky that i was able to choose something off the House of Fraser website,  and i am incredibly thankful that Bethanie gave me the chance to review such beautiful jewellery. I definitively recommend checking out the website, yet it's a daunting thing as i'd never think to look myself! It opens my eyes to see that yes, it's an expensive brand but that shouldn't fool you to think that you could never pay hundreds for a chain and a charm. I've learned my lesson, plus there's a sale in any shop, of course there is. But the sale pieces are worth grabbing, it's so worth it i promise!


H&M Autumn Picks for 2014

I thought I'd carry on from last years picks, I always love looking in h&m for the autumn time! They always have the perfect colours and the comfiest of clothing in my opinion. 

It's autumn time, the time for jumpers jumpers and more jumpers. I really am looking forward to the sun buggering off (I'm sorry!) Just those crisp mornings, just cool enough to start layering all the wonderful clothes I'm going to stock up ready for it all! I picked out  few favourites including two jumpers, one more loose and casual but it looks perfect to layer with a scarf, leggings and some boots! I am absolutely in LOVE with this floral skirt, i feel like you can still wear skirts with the colder weather, you just need to know how to stay warm! It looks pretty warm to me anyway. I've obsessed over Parkas for the longest time, i own a longer version of the navy one on here so i feel like it's time to buy a shorter one as i feel like they would go with more outfits compared to a longer coat. 

Now i've never tried any Make-up from H&M purely because every time i go, there's never anything i like. There isn't much of a display in my local store. But this dark red looks gorgeous and i'm going to try my hardest to hunt it down! I'm still on the look-out for some perfect ankle boots so if you have any recommendations please let me know!!


TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner

Nobody likes damaged hair. Seeing those annoying little ends that never look nice, it isn't fun at all. I don't go to the hairdressers often, pretty awful of me but i just don't. I love how long my hair is getting and i know if i went they'd take off way too much due to my split ends. For those who don't get their hair cut often, but still want to achieve a healthy looking head of hair i might have found something to help you!

I picked up this duo from Superdrug about two months back. I'm always on the search for hair shampoos because over time my hair just rejects any goodness and it goes back to its flat lifeless self (Help!?) It says on the bottle that it reduces split ends but 80% in 3 washes, which to me i wouldn't believe a word of that if i was just browsing. But i gave it a go and it's amazing, seriously... The difference in my hair is crazy, it really helps to give my ends a healthier look and literally has fixed my damaged hair! (Times like these i wish I'd taken a before and after picture to show the full affect, but it has worked i promise!) I'd give it a go, it's not super expensive either. Each bottle cost £4.99 but Superdrug always have offers for 2 bottles for £4.99 which is amazing! So i'd keep an eye out. 

Hope you're all okay and well! Thank you for taking the time to have a little read, it means a lot.

♢ THE SIMS 4: Gameplay Review ♢

 Hello lovely people of the internet blogging world! I thought I'd shake things up a bit on my blog and give you something totally different. If you didn't actually know, I'm a massive fan of video games. From Nintendo, to Xbox, Playstation and PC! I know gaming isn't a massively popular topic amongst you lovely people but i know The Sims has to be one of the most popular and well know game EVER. Who hasn't heard of the Sims though, really?!

For us UK lot, The Sims 4 was released last Friday (5th September), a few days after the US release (totally unfair right!?) I was super stoked to get stuck into this game as i have been a massive fan of the Sims games for around 10 years. It's a very addicting game whether you want it to be or not, it sucks you in good and you're sitting there wondering how you've managed to waste your whole day building the perfect house.

My first impressions... I was so happy to see how the graphics had developed and how creating a Sim is so much more complex and detailed now. But i really don't make a fuss with how big i want my Sims boobs to be, or bum for that matter... Each to their own i guess. The Sims 4 also introduced Multitasking to its game-play meaning that while you're busy doing something like exercising, eating or even on the computer you can now interact with other Sims! It is so much more flowing with real life now because i always found it ridiculous how you had to finish being on the computer before talking to someone. If that happened in real life I'd never talk to anyone (oops!)

My favourite feature of The Sims franchise was how free roam was bought into the game, and sadly it has been taken out on The Sims 4. I loved the entire freedom of going wherever you wanted and doing whatever you wanted, it is sadly restricted to only going to 5 public places per world which i think is absolutely pathetic. I honestly feel like they're making The Sims 4 as basic as possible so we have much more to look forward to in the oncoming Expansion packs they're creating!

So here's a recap of things The Sims 4 failed to include:
  1. NO TODDLERS, Yep! The kid literally pops out the cot when it's birthday comes around.
  2. No pools, no more skinny dipping for you party-goers.
  3. No free roam
  4. Only 4 public places and 1 park in each world
  5. Jobs are limited and ones such as Medic and Sports jobs aren't available anymore. 
  7. It's actually hard work to earn money and the bills are ridiculously high! (For you non-cheaters)
  8. Only two empty lots to build on. TWO.
Overall, i can honestly see where they have missed out massive chunks of the game, possibly for Expansion packs to perfectly fit into the game, a bit too nicely if you ask me. It almost seems like they're ready to take all of our money just to give us a bit more excitement each time. I don't want to think that but it's honestly how i feel like where the game is heading!

Sorry for my kinda ranty review, i tried to be fair but the more i play the more i notice missing. I'm still wasting hours on it though because if you're a Sims player yourself, you know just how addicting it is.

Hope your Monday is going well! Love you guys

Lipsticks I'm Loving | Rimmel

Kate Moss in 101 and 31. Colour Show Off in 030 'Tell No One' and Moisture Renew in 260 'Amethyst Shimmer'

Since i made my first Rimmel purchase, i was instantly impressed. As I've probably explained before, i was never a Lipstick type of girl. So it has taken me a very, very long time to ever pick up any lip product in any store. I first found my love for Rimmel when i ordered their Moisture Renew Lipstick in Picadilly Pink (not pictured) from Fragrance Direct! I honestly feel like it's the best drugstore brand out there (my opinion so don't shout at me aah!). My collection became larger at such a fast rate, it really was hard not to buy.

My deepest weakness is a little app called Depop. A lovely place where people put up their goodies for sale, at a cheaper price (as most of the items sold are second hand). I think i managed to purchase at least 10 lipsticks in the matter of a week? Oops. Leading to my many purchases is one of my favourite shades EVER, which is 030. A gooorgeous Corally-Pink shade which i never imagined of ever wearing such a colour, but I'm really open to trying most colours now and it just made me feel so good wearing it. 

Rimmels quality in their lipsticks always shine though each and every type they have brought out over the years. They don't last all day but I'm finding it hard to find an affordable brand that will stay on your lips for as long as you wanted. I'm really not that fussy so it doesn't bother me topping up the colour once or twice in a day. For the price you are paying you really cannot complain with the results you are getting! 

Are there any other Rimmel obsessives out there? I want to find you! 
(In the less creepiest way possible, i promise).