House of Fraser SALE Necklaces

Hand of Fatima Necklace - £6.65   Leaf necklace - £8.10

I was messaged by the lovley Bethanie who was able to send me these beautiful necklaces that i personally chose off the House of Fraser website. I searched through the options to find the perfect necklaces that i knew wasn't going to break my bank. You know me, i like to grab a bargain whenever i can! My first choice was a Layered Hand of Fatima necklace, which actually are two in which I've changed the length to show both effectively. It's a beautiful little silver plated charm with a bit of sparkle for the eye in the hand. I literally haven't taken them off yet, they're gorgeous little necklaces and for £6.65 you can't go wrong with what you're buying! My second choice was a brass piece which was such a perfect gold colour, it wasn't too overwhelming at all (i'm not a gold jewellery person at all). Three beautiful little leaves which aren't joined together, freely threaded through a chain. I'm a fan of necklaces with small charms, i have quite the collection. So these two will fit perfectly into that, if i ever take them off (ha).

I feel super lucky that i was able to choose something off the House of Fraser website,  and i am incredibly thankful that Bethanie gave me the chance to review such beautiful jewellery. I definitively recommend checking out the website, yet it's a daunting thing as i'd never think to look myself! It opens my eyes to see that yes, it's an expensive brand but that shouldn't fool you to think that you could never pay hundreds for a chain and a charm. I've learned my lesson, plus there's a sale in any shop, of course there is. But the sale pieces are worth grabbing, it's so worth it i promise!



  1. Both are really pretty but I love the leaf one the most. I think it would go awesome with you checkered crop top in your last outfit post.

    ~ K

  2. Love the ones with the 'evil eye' hands!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I love these, the first one is lovely! I'd never think to look on their site too.

    Corinne x

  4. I love the leaf necklace, it's so cute.

  5. Thank you, it's lovely of you to say so, i'll have to try it x


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