♢ THE SIMS 4: Gameplay Review ♢

 Hello lovely people of the internet blogging world! I thought I'd shake things up a bit on my blog and give you something totally different. If you didn't actually know, I'm a massive fan of video games. From Nintendo, to Xbox, Playstation and PC! I know gaming isn't a massively popular topic amongst you lovely people but i know The Sims has to be one of the most popular and well know game EVER. Who hasn't heard of the Sims though, really?!

For us UK lot, The Sims 4 was released last Friday (5th September), a few days after the US release (totally unfair right!?) I was super stoked to get stuck into this game as i have been a massive fan of the Sims games for around 10 years. It's a very addicting game whether you want it to be or not, it sucks you in good and you're sitting there wondering how you've managed to waste your whole day building the perfect house.

My first impressions... I was so happy to see how the graphics had developed and how creating a Sim is so much more complex and detailed now. But i really don't make a fuss with how big i want my Sims boobs to be, or bum for that matter... Each to their own i guess. The Sims 4 also introduced Multitasking to its game-play meaning that while you're busy doing something like exercising, eating or even on the computer you can now interact with other Sims! It is so much more flowing with real life now because i always found it ridiculous how you had to finish being on the computer before talking to someone. If that happened in real life I'd never talk to anyone (oops!)

My favourite feature of The Sims franchise was how free roam was bought into the game, and sadly it has been taken out on The Sims 4. I loved the entire freedom of going wherever you wanted and doing whatever you wanted, it is sadly restricted to only going to 5 public places per world which i think is absolutely pathetic. I honestly feel like they're making The Sims 4 as basic as possible so we have much more to look forward to in the oncoming Expansion packs they're creating!

So here's a recap of things The Sims 4 failed to include:
  1. NO TODDLERS, Yep! The kid literally pops out the cot when it's birthday comes around.
  2. No pools, no more skinny dipping for you party-goers.
  3. No free roam
  4. Only 4 public places and 1 park in each world
  5. Jobs are limited and ones such as Medic and Sports jobs aren't available anymore. 
  7. It's actually hard work to earn money and the bills are ridiculously high! (For you non-cheaters)
  8. Only two empty lots to build on. TWO.
Overall, i can honestly see where they have missed out massive chunks of the game, possibly for Expansion packs to perfectly fit into the game, a bit too nicely if you ask me. It almost seems like they're ready to take all of our money just to give us a bit more excitement each time. I don't want to think that but it's honestly how i feel like where the game is heading!

Sorry for my kinda ranty review, i tried to be fair but the more i play the more i notice missing. I'm still wasting hours on it though because if you're a Sims player yourself, you know just how addicting it is.

Hope your Monday is going well! Love you guys


  1. I've seen so many people rave about Sims 4, I've been very tempted but I'm not sure I'm ready to become addicted haha! Great review Vicki xxx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    1. Aww thank you so much! And yes it is very addicting haha.

  2. It is annoying that there's no free range anymore but I LOVE how much more like Sims 1 & 2 it is, Sims 3 was too like 'real', there wasn't a lot of fun elements in it. I also like how it's harder to earn money, I used to get bored with Sims 2 cause my family got rich too quickly then there was like no point in doing anything haha. Great review!

    Catherine xx

    1. I totally agree I love earning money! Using cheats make the games so boring so quick xx


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