Beauty Advent Calendars for 2014

Christmas is coming around ever so scarily and quickly this year. My favourite part as a kid was my mum buying me a chocolate advent calendar and getting excited to count down each day. As I've grown older i guess the novelty has just worn off and if anything most chocolate in the calendars taste awful... Which is where the beauty calendars come in, i only discovered this wonderful invention last year when Boots released their own, which i sadly was too late to buy as everywhere was completely sold out of them. This year i am prepared! I already have one sitting in my room, i have my eye on quite a few which to me is super exciting and maybe(?) a bit expensive (oops).
Okay my first choice isn't beauty related but how amazing is this? 25 tea-light candles with the loveliest of Christmassy scents, i am determined to burn them all before Christmas! 

I only recently tried this brand and yes i do totally regret leaving it so long before doing so, but this is a great way to help broaden your collection of nail polishes with maybe some shades you never imagined of trying? I know i tend to stick to the same colours so this would be great for someone who's stuck for what suits them and what doesn't.

Benefit Cosmetics - £60
A very popular advent calendar by far! I recently looked on the website and it's already sold out unfortunately. But what a steal it is! With all the gorgeous selection of mini products from Benefit to try, it's more than worth the money you'll spend on it.

I remember Zoella showing this calendar on her vlogs of last year, it always got me excited to try it as i remember it being huuuge! It really is packed full of goodies which i'm desperate to try, 

    No7 - £35
Possibly the biggest bargain yet, if you can't afford to splash out over 60 pounds for one, this is a perfect medium that still gives you miniatures of No7s best selling products. Sounds perfect to me.

    Topshop Jewellery - £25
Another steal, in case you want something different instead of make-up. 24 boxes full of gorgeous jewellery, need i say more? I love this idea!

What calendars are you hoping to get this year? I think I'm going to grab Boots' when they put it on sale as i know how quick they sell! Let me know of any i didn't mention please xx

Glossybox October 2014

 Hey everyone! I'm sure you're all pretty aware of these wonderful monthly subscriptions and it's just me who's only just recently getting into them. I'd seen this months box many many times in other blog posts I've read and i fell completely in love, considering the price I am paying per box (£13.25 including postage) and the quality of items i'm getting it literally took me two seconds to order my first. I fell in love with the art, i am not going to lie. Being an art student for many years it really did bring me back to the days of learning about pop art and artists such as Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. The artwork was perfect and it completely stood out to me, without even look at the products (I have a serious problem with enjoying the look of things a lot more than anything else haha!) It's so nicely packaged and nothing was damaged in the slightest which is a dream, the quality of everything i received looks amazing.

As this is my first box, i am super excited to be trying new products as i really do suck at trying new products, i tend to just stick to the same old and that can get very boring. It's time for my newbie self to broaden the horizon of the beauty world! It's daunting but i can't wait to get stuck into these lovely products. But I'm mostly excited about the gorgeous Ciate bottle of nail polish I've received, never trying this brand before i regret very much because it's such a beautiful shade i can't wait to use it! 

Have you got this months box? Did you like it? Let me know!