REVIEW: Etude House: Wonder Pore

Etude House Wonder Pore 25ml - eBay £3.67
(This is the smaller sample compared to the 250ml and 500ml bottles)
Ever since my first purchases from Etude House (A Korean brand) i totally knew i had to try a few more from their huge range of products they sell. I found it easier to browse on eBay as a lot of Korean cosmetics can be found on there which is amazing as it only takes around 7/8 days to get here! Considering the distance it has to go it always comes pretty quick. The item didn't really have much of a description on eBay so i went in blind purchasing this, but for the amazing price of £3.67 with FREE postage, i simply could not say no.

Item Description
As seen on the packaging it is a 7 in 1 toner which claims to:
Deep Cleanse pores
Minimize the appearance of pores

Keep the elasticity of pores
Refine skin tones
Control sebum
Moisturize inside and out of skin
Maintain PH 4.5+1

After looking up the product itself as the sample bottle was hard to understand as it wasn't in English (of course!) It is directed to apply to a cotton pad of your choice and to use on the face to cleanse, and i used it once a day to remove excess oil and dirt after a long day at work and it was very nice to apply! It wasn't harsh at all and hasn't got an overwhelming scent which affects my skin so it really was a lovely product to apply. For the price i paid i wasn't expecting amazing results but i really can't complain for how fresh my face felt after using! Of course there is going to be better toners but it's a lovely little item to try out and i recommend you trying it yourself! I always love the packaging of their products, i don't know what it is I'm just automatically attracted to their products purely on how they look, it's bad i know!


  1. Victoria Nightingale10/20/2014 9:35 pm

    Love the packaging! It's really nice. Have always wanted to try something from Etude!

  2. That is quick postage every time I order fro ebay it takes about 3 weeks.. pain in the ar**

  3. Oh wow this sounds really lovely! I do love Etude House, and I love how eBay lets us try the products we wouldn't be able to get hold of xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. It'd be amazing if they had mini shops in bigger towns of the UK! I probably would spend all my money in there not gonna lie xx

  5. Yeah it never take ridiculously long for me :)

  6. Do it! It's such a good brand and it's not pricey at all :)


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