Mini Christmas Giveaway!

Hey lovelies! Hope you're all doing well, thought i'd make a quick post to say my giveaway is now LIVE! I've been collecting a few goodies to give away as i'm very grateful for every person who takes their time to have a look at my blog. It means a huge lot, thank you all so much! I've been browsing the gift isles and i picked out a few little treats to give away. Best of luck to you all, and once again thank you <3

List of prizes:
Makeup Revolution Encore
Makeup Revolution Reckless
Makeup Revolution Crime
Makeup Revolution Chic
Soap and Glory Lip Balm inside a Bauble
Models Own Hypergel x10
Simple Petite + Simple Gift Set

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Birmingham German Market

 There's nothing more festive than visiting a German Market in the weeks closing up to Christmas. The cold air, dark nights with Christmas lights illuminating up the streets of Birmingham. It's my favourite, i wasn't looking forward to Christmas much this year (I'm still not, really) but visiting the market once a year is always a lovely time, no sadness, just pure happiness. Filled with food and beer and the most beautiful trinkets and presents to buy (sometimes with silly prices for what you're getting, but it's only once a year so why not?!) Apart from the recent 'pickpocketers' reported to be raiding Birminghams German Market, i kept hold of my Camera very tight, often hiding it under my scarf, i couldn't take any chances could i? I thought i'd show you a few photographs i took the night i went. 

TRESemmé REVIEW: Split Mend Intense Recovery Masque

£5.75 from Boots for 300ml

If you've seen my previous post about TRESemme's Split Remedy range, you know how i couldn't
praise these products enough. Since i posted that, i was contacted by the TRESemme Twitter team (who were ever so lovely) about my post and it was amazing to see how much they enjoyed reading it, and how they wanted to send me some more goodies from the Split Remedy range. I was sent three different products and I wanted to mainly speak about this one today.

Lets talk about the size of the product first, it's a fairly big tub of gloopy goodness. A whole 300ml full of product that will surely last a lot longer than you think, I've been using this on and off for a month now and i'd say i'm just about half way through. You really can't fault the price for around £5.75 (depending on which shop you go to). As I've said previously, the Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner did wonders for my hair. This product pretty much sealed the deal on my love for it. I find it so much easier to just grab a handful from the tub and just massage it into my hair, whichever way i wanted. Maybe that's the child inside of me wanting to make a giant mess on my head, maybe so. But it's so easy to apply and it always gives great results. It's said to leave on between 3 and 5 minutes which is perfect time for the product to soak in, and it's ideal to comb it through just to make sure the product is reaching every inch of my hair. Like i said, my hair looks ten times healthier and considering i haven't had my hair cut in a very long while, it really does help tame the dead ends i've yet to have cut off.

I've been wanting to grow my hair for so long and this year i decided to fulfill my dream, which did mean me avoiding my local hairdresser for many many months. I know it's healthier to get a cut every month or so, but i knew for a fact if i went they would just cut off too much and i would literally be back at square one in growing my hair! I've never had a positive outcome from cutting my hair, i guess i just never know what i truly want. Having products like this really help to maintain the dead ends and really do make you feel better about it, because i know how horrible it feels to be walking around knowing how dead my hair looks, not a great feeling.

Overall, i really cant fault this hair product range, it really does help and i seriously would recommend it to anybody who needs help with split ends.