♥ Autumn berry lip ♥

H&M 'Cherry Lips' - £2.99  /  Barry M Gelly High Shine 'Vega' - £4.99

First of all, my picture does not give these beautiful shades justice. It's very hard to photograph the real colour without some sort of lighting changing it slightly. However, both shades blended still look pretty good to me, and even better in real life. I was hoping that the Cherry Lips was going to be more darker but alas, the Barry M Gelly lips ended up being a darker shade, still no complaints as both these shades compliment each other perfectly and i think it's a great autumn colour! I always go for a more matte look, so it's nice to try something different as i was never a fan of the glossy/shine lip look at all. 

What are your perfect autumn shades? Recommend me some matte lip products!


  1. I love Barry M shades. I love how it shows up so nicely!


  2. I'm not a fan of the glossy look either.. I really like the packaging for these!

  3. Yeah I don't like glossy lipsticks much at all either but this is such a pretty shade!


  4. I was worried it didn't show up enough but it still looks like a fab shade despite the discolouring! xx

  5. Most never looks right on me, i always stick to the mattes x

  6. I really want to try the Barry M Gelly High Shine but I'm not a fan of glossy lips either. Looks great on you though.

    Jegz xo



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