No7 25 Days of Beauty Treats Days 5-8

Carrying on with my Advent Calendar this year, after a surprisingly okay start really. It feels like these days are flying by and i still have plenty to do which is slightly worrying. Balancing work and shopping seems impossible right now! I continued to open days 5 through til 8 and i LOVED what i was given. I can find use in every single product and the colours of both the Nail Polish and Eyeshadow are gorgeous, full of shimmer ready to use for Christmas and the New Years. I'm excited to try the Lash Impact Mascara as i've never tried a No7 Mascara before, it looks promising! Last i found a Face Scrub/Exfoliator which also looks good, i love a good scrub with microbeads that help get under the skin, it gives it that extra clean we all need sometimes! So i'm pretty happy with what I've opened this time, No7 are doing a pretty good job so far i must say. Can't wait to see what else i am presented with :).



  1. Oooh lovely products, thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts;


  2. It looks like a really good advent calander, I'm regretting not getting one now! xo


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