Real Techniques DUPES for Under £3!

I have previously written about these brushes, some time last year i think? I had just purchased them and having never used a Real Techniques brush, i didn't have much to compare to, so i thought i'd do an updated post about these wonderful Dupes i found. When i first started blogging, i had no job, which meant little money. I lusted after Real Techniques brushes for so long but i knew i could never afford them. I have been a lover of bargains since i started having pocket money, so eBay was always a favourite website of mine, you really can trust the sellers and know that you're getting a good bargain. I originally purchased these two brushes for under £2 from a Hong Kong seller, but i managed to find some more from London, for just a little bit more.

I'll start off with the design, yes it's pretty much very similar to Real Techniques brushes with the rubber bottom and a frosted colour leading up to the brush itself. A simple yet smart design. The handle itself is curved which i really like as i find it easier to hold in my hands, a perfect fit. Now the brush itself, after using the Real Techniques buffing brush, you know how soft those bristles are, well the dupes are so much more softer, you wouldn't believe. They are pretty much exactly the same size as the RT brushes so you're not getting any less at all. It's an all round comfortable brush to use and they last forever, i don't think I've washed my buffing brush properly yet and it's still soft as ever and there's been next to no bristles breaking off and falling apart. For what you're paying, it's a deal you're crazy not to try. Even if the brushes aren't for you, you really aren't losing out money wise, like you would if you separately bought a RT brush.

I highly recommend any newbie to make-up to try these, which i still consider myself as. No shame here, i just never expanded my options in the make-up world til this year and these brushes really have helped me to use different products i never thought of trying.

Design: ♥♥♥♥♥
Usage: ♥♥♥♥♥
Value: ♥♥♥♥♥
I overall give it a 5/5, i really can't fault these brushes at all and i highly recommend you trying them. You can buy them here on eBay, if you have a browse there's sets of them you can buy for even better value, which is crazy.



  1. It's a shame I've wasted my money buying real techniques brushes, I should have got these.. I've us my RT brushes ONCE. -sigh-

  2. I own and love loads of these ebay dupe brushes they're amazing :) I'll never buy a Real Techniques brush again as there are so many dupes these days that are just as good and way way cheaper. My favourite RT dupe from ebay is the fluffy powder brush! xx

  3. I love the color of these brushes, and they are such a great price too!


  4. Oh wow what an amazing find! I'd definitely buy some of these as back-ups xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Katie Bradley12/08/2014 12:15 pm

    I've had these (or similar) in my watch list for so long! I think they would make such a nice gift for someone just getting into makeup.


  6. I've been lusting over the Real Techniques brushes some time now but just not purchased them yet because I feel like I have enough brushes at the moment, but it was great stumbling upon your post and seeing these dupes! Will definitely consider them :)

  7. Eeek, I might have to pick these up- that's a crazy discount! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  8. sound so good for the price, great find!

    That Fashion Victim x

  9. They're always good for spares :) xx

  10. Yeah i barely use mine, the foundation brush feels rough so i barely use it SIGH

  11. There's so many alternatives, i don't see why people pay so much for a brush! x

  12. You can get them in lots of colours too x

  13. Great Post.. Nice brushes for great price :D


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