Goodbye 2015

We've all said it at least once, where the hell has this year gone? It's always interesting to look back on everything i did and managed to achieve, and how i can make my next year even better. It's been a great year, my first full year out of my teens which still blows my mind, i'm still a baby i swear :(. Only a week until I'm 21, i don't know whether to cry or be happy, still not ready to grow up, nope. I'm okay with that though, there's nothing wrong with that.

I've been loving seeing everyones Top 9 photos from this year on Instagram, and mine pretty much sums me up perfectly. I did a lot of collecting this year: Tsum Tsum, Pop Vinyl and Vinyl Records. I don't know why i did so much collecting this year, but it made me happy, sometimes my bank account wasn't happy with me, but i lived with that and carried on anyway.

My Kawaii Box obsession carried on, i managed to collect nearly a years subscription of their boxes, and i shall continue to do so. They are what i always say, my monthy boxes of happiness. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my next few boxes, I've been slacking the past few months, i suck. I know.

I have been pretty absent from the blogging world the past few months, which has been the worst. I hate feeling disconnected from you all as i absolutely adore blogging. Life just happens sometimes and i didn't feel like writing at all. And by life i mean I've been binge playing several games on my Xbox One, no regrets.

My new years resolutions would be to be more active, in the real world and online. Keeping your brain busy and occupied feels awesome, it's so easy to get in a slump and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get out. I also want to be more organised, i even bought myself a glittery new Diary for 2016 from Paperchase (THAT SHOP IS AMAZING).

I'm rambling, but i love you for reading. Thanks for sticking by my blog for so long, you're super cool. Okay?



2015 is passing by so quickly it's hard to stand still and take in everything that is happening. I'm finding myself waking up, working, sleeping, waking up, working, sleeping. Repeat. 

It's very hard to blog when you have no feeling to. It's hard to connect with people when you have no energy to. No motivation. This isn't going to be some depressing post about how the last few months have been one boring, weird blur, nope. It's more of a reflection. 

I noticed many Blogmas posts starting today (of course, i intend to read them all) and my brain woke up and decided i needed to write something, even if it was total shit, i felt like it was necessary to put my thoughts into words. I hope that's cool. 

One thing i have noticed is the success in blogging through many many people i know, which i fucking LOVE seeing. Blogging is a place where we all just want to write how we feel in some way, shape or form. To think that a lot of you guys are finding happiness and success in this is sooooo amazing. I might not have been blogging the past two months, but i still browse and read. I feel super lucky to know wonderful people in the blogging universe and i'll never take those friendships for granted. 

I don't know where my blog is going, i only blog when i feel like it, which is okay with me. I'm not looking to get a professional career out of it, i want to fucking swear and be an idiot and i want that to show in the words i write. It's my little corner of the internet, and i plan to keep it personalised to my own self. 

I hope everyone is having the best start to the week, i know it's only Tuesday, the weekend is upon us! (Kind of.)


IWOOT.COM: Wild Dining Plates is a wonderland... A website you could easily get lost in, one you could instantly spend all your money on (I know i could). They have a wonderful range of gifts, who doesn't love gifts? Its the perfect time to start planning Christmas presents too.

The lovely Heather contacted me about some fabulous homeware they sell on their website, i knew i needed some for myself. They sell a collection of Dining Plates with the most wonderful designs. I love anything with a good design, and these didn't disappoint. I was sent over two plates, they have a few others with all adorably quirky animal designs.

Just look at these sassy animals, i absolutely love them. Am i weird to think these would make great decor also? They're a perfect gift for anyone in my eyes, for practical use or decoration. The animal designs are so modern, and even if you're not so into them for yourself, you know the kids would LOVE them. Like on the box you see, it makes eating time a fun time. Who doesn't want to make an afro out of food? Exactly. Adding that little bit of design to an every day item is something i love, and it just makes it look 10x more awesome compared to a plain white design. 

You can find them in the Gifts part on the website, priced at £9.99 each, or 3 for £20 which is amazing! I kinda want them all now i have two, i like to collect, okay?

What do you think of these? They could brighten up anyone day, perfect for a moving present, don't you think? Let me know in the comments!

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

TonyMoly: Home of the cutest products around. I've spoken highly about this brand for a couple years now and they never fail me. From Bunny Gloss Bars to a Panda Brightening Eye Base, their packaging has an overload of CUTE.

TonyMoly have a range of Pocket Mists, all packaged perfectly with an adorable Bunny shape. I purchased the Moist Mist from eBay, around £6 which is a reasonable price for a 60ml bottle. Shipped from Korea, it took 1-2 weeks to come which is pretty decent for how far it travels! Anyhow, i chose the Moist Mist which is a refreshing, light spray that from what I've seen, is mostly used on the face. Which baffled me to begin with, i have no idea why though. With a tiny hint of a floral in it's overall smell, it's a beautiful little addition to my every day skin routine.

I use this for days where my face feels like crap, quite literally. Those dull, greasy days where your skin just won't work with you, i tend to get an oily forehead so this is a perfect quick touch up for any little problems i have. I think even for the price, it's totally worth trying something like this, and even if it's not to be... You still get a cute lil bun bun, what could be bad about that? Overall a pretty impressive little bunny saving my skin on days where it wants to do the exact opposite to what i want it to do.

Have you tried any TonyMoly products? xx

Human Appreciation: Miley Cyrus

A lot of you are probably frowning. I get that. Her current self, she cray cray. I agree. Ever since she came out of her Hannah Montana persona, her behavior quickly excelled to the other end of the spectrum. Nobody enjoyed it, it was a complete shock to the globe, lets be honest. Girls who looked up to her were confused that she wasn't the role model they saw all those years. Being contracted to be the beautiful, young Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana for many years of her teenhood is bound to mess with a young actresses head. Not being your true self when all you wish to do is so, i can't imagine the feeling.

This doesn't excuse her from the craziness she's created, but she's just being Miley. Whether it's a phase or not, i fucking love her. She came out with her newest album, Bangerz in 2013. Showing the world what the new Miley was like. Which is why it's one of my favourite albums ever. It shows the difference range of genres she perfectly fit in to, and i feel like she did it well. People thought she was trying too hard, but i didn't. Her gorgeous love songs are what stole my heart completely. Songs like Drive and Maybe You're Right showcased her gorgeous vocals she always had.

It's an actual shame she's showcasing herself in such ways because she stands for so much more than a silly young girl who wears ridiculous outfits and acts completely ridiculous, being blunt right there. She has her own organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation. Her kind heart is out there and she does care about a lot of people. The press absolutely annihilate her in everything she does, so i do feel she plays up to get the attention, she's loving it, and sadly the rest of the world just isn't. She's still so young and she's dominating the globe, whether in a good or bad light is your own opinion.

At the end of the day, I love Miley. I have for years now, i truly do believe that she can showcase her true talent and grace like the Miley she has always been. Still being so young she is bound to experiement, she only has herself to please. If she's happy, we should be happy for her. If being happy means completely ignoring her crazy and getting on with our own lives, then so be it.

Whats your opinion on her? I'd love to know :) x

Kawaii Box: September 2015

My one mission this year for my blog was to successfully purchase every Kawaii Box of 2015. I failed. My subscription somehow failed to take my money for two months and i missed out with July and August boxes, I'm sobbing still. I haven't been blogging properly for the past two months anyway, so i wasn't paying much attention sadly. I'M UPSET OKAY. I love these boxes and i look forward to them every month but I've been in such a blogging funk lately it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, i did manage to get Septembers which has come quite early i think? I really can't remember how the delivery for Kawaii Boxes work, but I was so happy to pick it up from the post office this week. The box was completely battered though, mail people really don't know how to look after parcels, but nothing was damaged thankfully! <3

Lets see what was in this months...

Septembers Box Included:
 ♡ Kabaya Fish Gummies (SO YUM)
 ♡ Kawaii Foods Stickers
 ♡ Moomin Mini Pouch (how cute?!)
 ♡ Fragrance Beans
 ♡ Animal Greeting Card
 ♡ Neck Stretching Animal Pen
 ♡ Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm
 ♡ DIY Bracelet Kit
 ♡ Alpaca Pouch/Bag
 ♡ Egg Plushie
 ♡ Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy

Not one disappointment as always, the sweets tasted SO yum, its consistency was really weird i can't explain it... I am already obsessed with my little Moomin pouch, it's perfect to take out and keep my change in, i can't wait to use it. I absolutely love these boxes, i can't wait to see what they do for October (Halloween related maybe?)

Have you heard of Kawaii Box? What did you think of this months box?! Let me know! 

Collecting Vinyl

If you know me, i am one to collect. It's a wonderful feeling seeing the things you collect over the years and it's a good way to spend money. Treating yourself is okay sometimes, in my case I'm doing it a lot recently. No shame. Vinyl is in. It's what everyone wants and it's what everyone is buying right now. My dad has a huge collection from when he was a teenager and it's pretty cool to see such a classic piece of media come back. My favourite of his was an Electric Light Orchestra album that featured the best song ever, Mr Blue Sky.

I'm kicking myself, i left it so late to start collecting. I will say at first, i didn't really 'get it'. I was a 'download everything onto my ipod' person. This day and age, you don't need physical copies of anything when you have technology to do that for you. It's crazy how the times have changed. I've always collected CDs, i still do. Owning the real thing that plays the real music is special, and i think anyone who deeply cares about music can understand this feeling too!

So it began, i bought my first Vinyl a few months back, it felt awesome. I left it for a bit, then it escalated pretty quickly. From buying one every two or three weeks, to two a week. Oops. Vinyl Records are such a beautiful thing to own, with the varieties of patterns and colours is astounding. It's such a cool feeling to open each new Vinyl i buy to have a total suprise of what colour they'll end up being, i love surprises. I just think owning physical copies of music these days is a true gift and i will forever support my favourite artists in everything they do.

My collection is growling slowly, kinda. It's becoming a normal thing to buy Vinyl weekly, but I'm happy doing so and i'll carry on! THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. I JUST WANT ALL OF THEM. IN THE WORLD. OKAY?! Moment over. :)

Do you collect Vinyl? If you don't, whats your latest collection of? Let me know! xx

20 Reasons we all loved Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto was first released 18 years ago. Feel old yet? Well considering i was only two years old, i didn't know left from right. But GTA was a huge part of my child/teenhood, as bad as that sounds. An action filled series of video games FULL of violence not fit for any child to play, but we all did. There was no harm in it, i wasn't going to go out the next day wanting a gun. Get over it (sassypants here). A truly addicting series packed full of missions you would spend months attempting to complete, i know after i finished each game it was the best. Being able to roam freely in each town causing complete havoc.

I did a similar post about The Sims, and i know how hugely popular GTA has become since it started so i knew i had to make a post about what we all loved and did in Grand Theft Auto.

20 Reasons Why GTA is the Bomb Diggity

  1. Cheats. Cheats. CHEATS. We all knew them off by heart after the 5th time of tapping them out to get all the money, all the weapons, ALL THE THINGS.
  2. For someone who loves player customization, being able to go clothes shopping is COOL. Customizing cars was COOL.
  3. The music selection was perfect. My favourite soundtrack was from Vice City, so many amazing songs on that game (Flash FM to be precise). 
  4. Trevor. End of.
  5. The fact they made their most recent GTA game ONLINE. FUCK YES. Being able to play the game with actual people around the Globe is so cool.
  6. Strippers and Prostitutes. Paying them to then kill them. Money is returned.
  7. The character selection in San Andreas, i absolutely adored Big Smoke and his crew.
  8. Being able to run up to a motorbike and dropkick the person right off it to then drive off like a boss.
  9. How beautiful the cars looked in GTA5.
  10. The fact that roller skaters could not walk on the sand for shit. And it was hilarious to watch.
  11. Being in awe of how fucking amazing the graphics have developed. Going from a birds eye view pixel game to the beauty that is GTA5.
    1. The ridiculousness of some of the cheats that were created. Super Punch. Flying Cars. Need i say more?
    2. Saying that, GTA5 mods are absolutely ridiculous, yet the best thing you'll ever see.
    3. The pure joy of a rampage. Killing people makes us gamers happy.
    4. The scenery was beautiful. Once again, shoutout to the graphics team, you are awesome.
    5. Being 'invited in for coffee', you know what that means.
    6. The simple fact you could play pool, darts, go for drinks, gamble, i love little things like that.
    7. Finding the dildo in the Police Station, you could actually kill people by beating them. Yep.
    8. Driving a car on the pathway... Just because. A few deaths wont hurt...
    9. Jetpacking all the way to a high building to then jump off... Wasted.

    Was you a GTA fan? I feel like it was one of those games that has always been around in my life, so it was inevitable that i was going to play it at some point. It's one i still play to this day, having my Playstation 2 handy it's very easy to pop back onto Vice City and San Andreas for a pure nostalgia trip. I mostly stick to GTA5 on Xbox 360 now, got it? Lets play!

    Visiting Spain

    Two weeks ago, myself and my mother took the plunge of travelling abroad together, alone... We've wanted to do it for a very long time and i am the worst person to travel with, just saying. I panic at the slightest things, but being in a foreign country makes me feels ten times WORSE. But we got through 5 days abroad, i kept my cool for most of it. It was just so nice to be away in a different atmosphere, and the sun was b e a utiful. It did burn me a little but no regrets, it was very much needed. I thought i'd show a few pictures i managed to take while i was there, i did take disposable camera with me also so i need to send it off to get the pictures developed! There's something about a disposable that gives the photos a holiday feel to it, love 'em.

    We landed in Barcelona and traveled to Santa Susanna which is where we stayed for 4 nights, it was a wonderfully long strip of shops and places to eat right opposite the beach so everything was easy to access. Woo!

    Cue the holiday blues... Looking at these photos again are making me weep. But I'm so happy i did this and it's made me feel 10x better about travelling abroad as an adult. YAY FOR ADULTHOOD.
    Time to plan my next trip, eh?

    Have you been abroad recently? xx

    Supporting Small Businesses and Its Importance

    This planet we live on is bursting full of talented individuals that try their damn hardest to showcase their skills. Starting a Business, Company, or any kind of Shop is hard, unless you're a worldwide sensation you're not exactly going to get eyes on your product within the first second of presenting them. I absolutely adore these people who create their own products, art etc. to sell, it's a massive step to take and it's one i am 100% behind. Etsy is a wonderful place to present these said things. I've known about Etsy for years and years, and it gives any person an opportunity to sell their handmade goods. It's a wonderland, one I've got lost in many times, my favourite list is slowly filling up and my bank account is doing the exact opposite! Haha.

    I actually made my first official purchase the other day and it felt amazing. Just knowing i helped that person even a tiny bit is awesome. Of course that lovely person was Jemma (Dorkface) who recently set up her own little Etsy shop full of adorable goodies, i just knew i had to have a cheeky look. You can check it out here. She sent it ever so quickly and i love it!

    I feel like it's so important to do your bit of supporting these smaller businesses and shops, just by giving that page a look, sharing it onto others, even if ONE person clicks on it, it's helping. The little things matter when you first start out. I'm going to continue to help in any way i can, will you?

    Kat Von D Lipstick Wishlist

    Kat Von D is flawless. I have grown fond of her over the years watching her on LA Ink and even more since she started her own beauty range. I am forever LUSTING over her products and weeping at the fact it's pretty hard to find places to buy them without having to fork out a loan. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, so if anyone could help me with that, that'd be cool. I thought I'd show you my most favorite products I've lusted over for so long.

    Left to Right
    Lolita, Beloved, Noble, Bachelorette, Requiem
    The infamous Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I am forever on Pinterest weeping over the swatches to these beauties and it was hard to choose my favourites. Lolita is by far my favourite, which is a worldwide favourite from what i can see.  I was totally feeling the pinky/nude side to these products, they're so bloody pretty it's unreal.

    Left to Right
    Lovecraft, La Femme, Noble
    My second favourites of her line are 100% the lipsticks. HOW COOL IS THE CASING, FIRST OF ALL?! I am a lover for any quirky packaging, and these are super cool looking things. Very KVD like. From both ranges, i chose Noble, i reaaaally love the look of them, a perfect gorgeous nude, i need it in my life. 

    Do you own any Kat Von D products? I am dying to get my hands on these.

    20 Things we've all done on The Sims

    The Sims is a life choice. You were either the kid who would stay up til sunrise building super massive mansions and making the perfect or weirdest families ever, or you just didn't play. Simple as. I myself have been hooked on the game for around 10 years i'd say, SO MANY YEARS?! I spent countless nights glued to my laptop screen playing it. I would even sneakily play on school nights and hide my laptop under my bed sheets, rebel i know. The game was just that addicting, and if you were a fellow Sims player, you totally get where I'm coming from. There was always those moments of the Sims i think we all experienced, and i just know a lot of people reading this will agree with me.

    20 Things you know you did in The Sims:
    1. Locking a sim in a boxed room with no doors. Torture at its finest.
    2. Made two sims fall in love, get married, have lots of babies, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
    3. And the sims always married almost within the first sim day.
    4. You made the weirdest looking sims
    5. Used motherlode to become an instant millionaire
    6. Jammed to the original Sims music, the Build mode music is legendary.
    7. Made a lonely sim with a lot of pets. Crazy pet lady.
    8. Made yourself as a Sim to see how your Sim life would pan out...
    9. You remember some of the Simlish phrases (just me?)
    10. Left a lot of newpapers outside to rot and regretted not hiring the maid
    11. Actually tried to play Sims without cheating, it never lasts very long.
    12. Attempted to reach level 10 in a career (the older sims games it was easier to do).
    13. Downloaded so much custom content to make your sims look HOT.
    14. Spent hours creating the perfect house to get bored of the gameplay after 10 minutes.
    15. Played hours and hours (real time) without saving for it to crash. Fuck.
    16. Regrettably forgot to buy alarms and set fire to your house/got burgled always.
    17. The game always glitches at the craziest times. Demented floating babies.
    18. Attempted to get ready for work within an hour by taking a shower, watching tv and eating a quick snack. It never happens.
    19. Put the baby on the floor to do something else, of course.
    20. Signed your social life over to this game with many sleepless nights of playing it. End of

    Are there anything you did on the Sims that we all did? Leave a comment! I know there was plenty more we surely all did at one stage but these were my memorable moments. 

    WISHLIST: Sailor Moon

    Fighting evil by moonlight

    Recently I've been re-watching Sailor Moon, pretty much binge watching it all day actually. Since my last TV related Wishlist (read about it here) i just knew i had to look up Sailor Moon related gear. Polyvore is literally perfect for things like this, finding shopping websites worldwide that match your every need just by searching a simple keyword.

    I picked out a few favourites, and almost instantly nearly buying those shoes, just saying... How nice are they though? I need to win the lottery to ever want to pay £70 for a pair but they look pretty worth it to me. I've also been seeing the Luna bag EVERYWHERE online recently and it's literally the cutest minimal look bag ever. The moon and ears is a perfect touch and you just know it's a Luna bag. I bloody love that sassy cat. I picked out a few others perfect for my wishlist, perfect for any Sailor Moon fan of course!

    Do you watch Sailor Moon? Lets fangirl over it?

    TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

    Months and months and months back, i wrote about my first haul from TonyMoly, which included the Gloss Bar. I knew there would be a time where i was ready to re-order some and the time had come. I opted for an Orange tint and a Pink tint as i was SUPER curious to see how the Orange colour came out. I paid £5.76 for both gloss bars off eBay, eBay have quite a selection of TonyMoly products at decent prices, and most likely have free postage which is always a good thing. They also included TonyMoly samples in each package i received which is always a nice thing to have.

    I firstly love how vibrant these little guys are, they are literally as bright as the picture above shows you. Fuck yeah for colourful packaging! Do i even bother mentioning their little facial expressions? OF COURSE. A perfect touch to the lids along with their little bunny ears, i really am a sucker for cute packaging and i don't think I've found anything cuter just yet. They're a decent size, perfect to fit in any small bags so it's easy to travel with, and the lip product itself is kept safe with a wind up/wind down function so no product could possibly get damaged.

    If you don't know of these products, they are a tint/gloss for the lips. So in no way are you going to get a full colour from these little guys. As i'd already tried them before i wasn't expecting any more with the result i got, These gloss bars are a perfect touch for any day, they help plump and give a little shine to my lips. I would show you them sampled on my lips but the difference isn't too much so a simple hand swatch is what we're working with. They feel amazing on the lips, mine felt moisturised, it's just simply perfect if you need to give your lips a little pick me up without changing the colour too much. 

    I could possibly collect them all (SOMEONE STOP ME!?) Their little faces just makes me want a whole family of them, TonyMoly never fail when it comes to their packaging. Cannot fault this brand at all!

    Have you ever seen these little guys before?

    REMENT: Miniature Japanese Food Set

    You're probably thinking, what in the world is this I'm looking at Vicki? Just another new obsession of mine, don't worry. I'm not really sure how long Rement sets have been around and I'm super pissed that I've only just really looked into them. 

    BASICALLY. A Rement set is a selection of mystery boxes which contain tiny little collectible pieces. For example, this little box has a series of Japanese foods and each box doesn't give away whats inside, so you could buy 5 of these boxes and get the same one twice because it's impossible to tell which one you're going to get. I LOVE SURPRISES. Famous brands like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma also do sets like this, but they are a tad bit more expensive and hard to find without the shipping costing you a bomb.

    I found this little set on for £4.82 which is decent for a Rement set, probably the cheapest one I've found so far anyway. I was super excited to open it up and find what I'd gotten i never even took the time to see what i could get, as each box shows every set possible, which gives you time to choose a favourite but nope i just ripped it OPEN.

    This little card inside showed me my little set i was working with, which from what i could see is a cute little Teapot, a cup, chopsticks, a bowl with soup inside and a food stand with a heap of food(!?) on it.

    Aaaaaand voila! My first Rement set is complete. How bloody cute is it?! I kind of want them all so i can just set up my own mini Japanese dining area. Weird? Maybe. I LOVE IT.


    Concerts + What to expect going to one

    For around 7 years now i have been going to gigs. I find it hard to believe how many i managed to go to while i was still at school with hardly any weekly allowance, i would save my school dinner money up just so i could buy tickets to see my favourite bands and i never failed. Going to concerts is an absolute passion of mine, there is no better feeling than hearing and seeing the real thing, i get goosebumps just thinking about it. Music is my one true obsession, there's not a day i haven't got my iPod with me, listening to my favourites, or even looking back at music i used to listen to and the artists i used to worship.

    I've been wanting to talk about this for a very long time, it being such a big part of my life it's never really something i can put into words to justify how much it means to me. Is that weird? I don't think so, passion is a great thing to have. I was and still am a massive Rock music fan, all types of rock, you name it, i love it. I tried my best to see all the bands i adored as a teenager, i would queue up at silly o clock in the morning just to get to the barrier of each gig. I spent long days waiting to see them and i never regretted it. Okay, i'm rambling i know. I wanted to write about my experiences in the form of things to look out for and things you shouldn't really do, from what I've seen anyway.

    1. Try and make friends at gigs.
      Reason One - You might actually be friends with them for a long while, i made a lot of great friends through going to gigs and having the same type of music taste always helped with finding someone to go to gigs with.
      Reason Two - Being friendly with the people around you in the venue itself is a massive help, you don't want dickish people around you that possibly could make your night a bad night just by them being next to you. There's no harm in being nice, and if they aren't nice back, it's their loss... Move to another spot to avoid any confrontation/crowd pushing.
    2. PEOPLE WILL PUSH YOU. This WILL happen. Please get over it. Crowds tend to play games of pushing in a side to side motion, it's something that just happens, don't get mad. Just try and have fun with it or just get out of the crowd.
    3. Avoid flying cups at all costs. It could contain beer, it could contain other fluids you don't want all over your body. Eugh.
    4. If you don't want to be pushed/shoved/attacked, stay away from the Mosh Pits, I've seen Mosh Pits at ridiculous gigs i wouldn't imagine would have them, stay to the sides and you'll be fine.
    5. Prepare for your body to ache, bruise, hurt, all those kinds of words. Standing at gigs is painful, and you will be sore, i see it as a reminder of how much fuckin' fun you had last night.
    6. If you want to get the barrier, there will be people queuing at ridiculous times of the morning to secure their place at the front, so i'd prepare for a long day.
    7. Meeting bands is fairly easy if they haven't got hundreds of screaming fangirls waiting outside their Tour Bus. Just chill at the back of the venues and they're sure to come out of them at some point, just don't hassle them. The last thing they need is fans following their every step before a gig.
    8. Stay hydrated. Specially if you intend to dance the night away, it's very easy to lose your voice from singing so water is ALWAYS needed. 
    9. Stay with your friends. There's plenty of drunk/drugged up people around you who could easily approach you if you stray away from your friends. (I've had a drunk guy make me dance with him because i left the barrier away from my friends, very uncomfortable!)
    So that was kind of my top 10 tips, there's SO much more i could say, but i reckon i said the most important to remember.

    Are you a gig-goer? Lets talk about it, i love talking about that stuff.
    I might make a few more posts like this, I'd love to share my favourite gig moments, there's been quite a few.