♥ My Neighbour Totoro iPhone 6 Case ♥

I thought I'd show you my little purchase i made a few weeks ago, i recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and of course i needed to find some cases to protect my new baby. I always go with a simple clear one to keep it smart but i always make a fun purchase too. I found this amazing case on eBay (of course) for £2.29. Yes. You heard. TWO POUNDS AND TWENTY NINE PENCE. Bargain. Yes it comes from China, but it look about 2 weeks to get here which is awesome considering i paid cheap for such a masterpiece. 

I have loved Studio Ghibli films for years now and i felt this purchase was needed. It's MASSIVE! Considering i have the iPhone 6 i expected it to be a little large but it's so big but so easy to use the phone it's amazing. Can't imagine what the 6 Plus size looks like, i need to know! Perfect for any Ghibli fan, he's adorable and i instantly smile just looking at him, the little things, eh?


Cat Procrastination

I haven't been blogging as much as i want to recently, i feel like the dark winter days have hit me and with limited sunlight my photos haven't been as great as i want them. Which results in no photos, no posts. I've been super motivated recently, and set up my mini photo studio i bought off Amazon a month or two ago. I was ready to start photographing and such and this little bugger... Well, it's self explanatory really. I ended up giving my kitty a little photoshoot as she ever so patiently stared at my mums calls as i took photos of her. She's so cute though right?! I couldn't help but share these few photos i managed to get of her, as most of the time she was exploring the little space inside my studio.

Hope you're all doing okay! xx

Colour Palletes

I've been trying to use Pinterest a lot more recently as a click of a button a world full of inspiration is unleashed. With the ability of finding any source of inspiration, it really is a brilliant website for times when your mind just decides to block any ideas and creativity from entering. I get that a lot, so i can see myself using this website more often. I found a few colour pallets which i found beautiful and totally inspiring, i really want to get back into Art & Photography and there's nothing better than reading magazines and looking up on the internet for inspiration.

I found a beautiful website called http://design-seeds.com/ full of colour palletes and i fell in love. I don't know what it is, it's probably my inner art student coming back out. 

Is it just me that could just look at stuff like these for ages?
I promised myself i would get back into my hobbies and I'm sticking to it!


Technology Wishlist

Just lately i have been wanting so many different pieces of technology it's crazy. What's more crazy is the total cost of it and the fact I'm not a billionaire yet. But alas, this is what blogging is for. A time where we can all gather to lust over items we know even Santa can't afford to bring us. But holy crap i can dream, and maybe one day i will be able to purchase! Are you a lover of technology or do you stick to the basics? I've always loved my electric friends and i truly am grateful for all the amazing things I've been able to buy in the past, i never take this stuff for granted. Not like half of societies kids today, playing on iPads at ages younger than 5 is kinda crazy, but I was super happy with my Furby and Gameboy when i was a kid (Throwback?)

I put my hands up, i am a sucker for Apple. I absolutely adore Apple products it's crazy. Their designs are so smart and to me are the best looking brand out there. I've had my fair share of laptops through my teens and i feel ready to take the next step to a Macbook, of course their prices are impossible for me right now but one day, one day. 

I was totally against everything the iPhone 6 stood for at first. I hated that they made them bigger, the smooth edges with curves put me off completely. But i used one for the first time the other day and i shamefully fell in love. Complete sucker i tell you.

The Holy Grail. Once again, i wasn't took keen on Microsoft bringing out a new Xbox, but then again i was probably just upset because of having to move over to a new (really fuckin' expensive) console. But i'm finally at the point where i need one, it's an actual need in life. I'm totally ready to make the move, i need Sunset Overdrive in my life! How nice is the White Xbox One looking though? So so nice. *Drools*

And last but not least, the ultimate camera porn (yes i just said that).
I am so ready to expand my lens collection, only having two main lenses i am just reaching out for these gorgeous pieces. One of my new years resolutions was to take my photography more seriously, so this is pure motivation. Lenses can be pretty expensive, so i'll just be window shopping for now, but a girl can dream right?

I probably could have gone on and on about my wishlist, but i thought i'd keep it short and sweet for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it, i know i did, i need them all now!!


My first Kawaii Box!

 When i first came across Kawaii Boxes, it took about 2 minutes for me to buy my first box? I don't know what it is with Japanese culture, but I've been obsessed for years now. The cuteness of every single item you get is amazing, I always dreamed about owning things like this when i was younger but could never afford to, so it's kind of like a nostalgia trip too. With it only being £12 a month i really can't complain, it's something super different and fun and there's so many cute goodies you get. I wish i'd have found this sooner, but hey ho, time to do some catching up!

I loved that it included a beauty product too, it does really give you a great range of little gifts that are to die for. I'm pretty excited to try the snacks too... I'm not quite sure what they are yet though, haha. They take around two weeks to get here but it's still pretty impressive that there's no shipping on top of your subscription, amazing!

You can check out their previous boxes over on http://www.kawaiibox.com/ just incase you want to see what else is given, there's 10-12 goodies in each box that is bound to make you smile. I love it! I can't wait for my next one already.



Happy new year! Hard to believe that 2014 flew by so fast, but I'm kinda glad it's over because for the first time I'm so ready to make this year a good one. I just feel super inspired to achieve so many things and i just need the motivation to get me to the places i want to be. This being my first full year not a teenager is crazy, but i feel ready for a new year :).
A few things i would like to achieve in 2015 are:
  1. Travel. I really want to see more places.
  2. Focus on my photography a lot more.
  3. Be more positive. Positive Mental Attitude.
  4. Watch way more movies, I'm so behind with new films people rave about.
  5. Have a fucking good time more often.
What are things you'd like to do this year? My aim is to blog every week, so if i don't get at least 52 posts this year I've failed myself, i love blogging i just suck at it sometimes.