Happy new year! Hard to believe that 2014 flew by so fast, but I'm kinda glad it's over because for the first time I'm so ready to make this year a good one. I just feel super inspired to achieve so many things and i just need the motivation to get me to the places i want to be. This being my first full year not a teenager is crazy, but i feel ready for a new year :).
A few things i would like to achieve in 2015 are:
  1. Travel. I really want to see more places.
  2. Focus on my photography a lot more.
  3. Be more positive. Positive Mental Attitude.
  4. Watch way more movies, I'm so behind with new films people rave about.
  5. Have a fucking good time more often.
What are things you'd like to do this year? My aim is to blog every week, so if i don't get at least 52 posts this year I've failed myself, i love blogging i just suck at it sometimes.



  1. Oooh films! I hadn't even thought of that. I've got "read more diverse books" on my list but I think I need to add films to it as well. I tend to re-watch a lot of the same ones and I really have to start catching up with some new good ones! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I actually would really love to get into reading more, i have a ton of books ready to read, i think it's time to start! xx

  3. Haha love #5 - I also just want to have a good time this year and enjoy everything! I want to watch more movies too... I wish movie tickets weren't so darn expensive! Now I want for the movies to come out on Red Box and just rent the DVD for $1... so much cheaper!! :P



  4. Yeah, i need to just have more fun, i feel like i held back a lot so I'm ready haha!

  5. Love the goal! I'm planning to get back into blogging, I miss it way too much :') But I also plan to go to Rome this year! So I guess my plans for this year are a little bit of everything hah :) Elle xx

  6. Love these goals, you don't suck at blogging, I enjoy reading your blog!

    Jegz xo


  7. Aw thanks Rachael :) I've just has writing blocks left right and centre recently its crappy, but high hopes for this year! xx

  8. I've missed you blogging too! <3 And Rome looks amazing, i definitely want to start in Europe first. xx


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