Cat Procrastination

I haven't been blogging as much as i want to recently, i feel like the dark winter days have hit me and with limited sunlight my photos haven't been as great as i want them. Which results in no photos, no posts. I've been super motivated recently, and set up my mini photo studio i bought off Amazon a month or two ago. I was ready to start photographing and such and this little bugger... Well, it's self explanatory really. I ended up giving my kitty a little photoshoot as she ever so patiently stared at my mums calls as i took photos of her. She's so cute though right?! I couldn't help but share these few photos i managed to get of her, as most of the time she was exploring the little space inside my studio.

Hope you're all doing okay! xx


  1. Aw your cat is so gorgeous! Great pictures :) x

  2. I am cat obsessed, so I do believe you have won me over! haha :)
    Gorgeous photos by the way :) I've noticed when my cat see's me with my camera it actually pauses and looks to the side like it's posing for me lol x


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