♥ My Neighbour Totoro iPhone 6 Case ♥

I thought I'd show you my little purchase i made a few weeks ago, i recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and of course i needed to find some cases to protect my new baby. I always go with a simple clear one to keep it smart but i always make a fun purchase too. I found this amazing case on eBay (of course) for £2.29. Yes. You heard. TWO POUNDS AND TWENTY NINE PENCE. Bargain. Yes it comes from China, but it look about 2 weeks to get here which is awesome considering i paid cheap for such a masterpiece. 

I have loved Studio Ghibli films for years now and i felt this purchase was needed. It's MASSIVE! Considering i have the iPhone 6 i expected it to be a little large but it's so big but so easy to use the phone it's amazing. Can't imagine what the 6 Plus size looks like, i need to know! Perfect for any Ghibli fan, he's adorable and i instantly smile just looking at him, the little things, eh?



  1. omg cutest phone case ever!! I love Totoro :)


  2. Victoria Nightingale1/29/2015 12:48 am

    AWW I want this phone case, I absolutely love Totoro!


  3. Totoro is so cute!



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