Technology Wishlist

Just lately i have been wanting so many different pieces of technology it's crazy. What's more crazy is the total cost of it and the fact I'm not a billionaire yet. But alas, this is what blogging is for. A time where we can all gather to lust over items we know even Santa can't afford to bring us. But holy crap i can dream, and maybe one day i will be able to purchase! Are you a lover of technology or do you stick to the basics? I've always loved my electric friends and i truly am grateful for all the amazing things I've been able to buy in the past, i never take this stuff for granted. Not like half of societies kids today, playing on iPads at ages younger than 5 is kinda crazy, but I was super happy with my Furby and Gameboy when i was a kid (Throwback?)

I put my hands up, i am a sucker for Apple. I absolutely adore Apple products it's crazy. Their designs are so smart and to me are the best looking brand out there. I've had my fair share of laptops through my teens and i feel ready to take the next step to a Macbook, of course their prices are impossible for me right now but one day, one day. 

I was totally against everything the iPhone 6 stood for at first. I hated that they made them bigger, the smooth edges with curves put me off completely. But i used one for the first time the other day and i shamefully fell in love. Complete sucker i tell you.

The Holy Grail. Once again, i wasn't took keen on Microsoft bringing out a new Xbox, but then again i was probably just upset because of having to move over to a new (really fuckin' expensive) console. But i'm finally at the point where i need one, it's an actual need in life. I'm totally ready to make the move, i need Sunset Overdrive in my life! How nice is the White Xbox One looking though? So so nice. *Drools*

And last but not least, the ultimate camera porn (yes i just said that).
I am so ready to expand my lens collection, only having two main lenses i am just reaching out for these gorgeous pieces. One of my new years resolutions was to take my photography more seriously, so this is pure motivation. Lenses can be pretty expensive, so i'll just be window shopping for now, but a girl can dream right?

I probably could have gone on and on about my wishlist, but i thought i'd keep it short and sweet for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it, i know i did, i need them all now!!



  1. Victoria Nightingale1/07/2015 11:54 pm

    I have a mac book and I just feel like when it breaks I won't be able to have another laptop except a macbook. I really converted to it but it's so expensive! I really want to get a great camera because I absolutely love photography!

  2. I just got a Mac for Christmas! I didn't want a MacBook though, they are so small! But I did get an iMac and it's gorgeous. I used an iMac at my old job for 2 years and I'm so happy I have one at home now!


  3. thelittlebrunette1/09/2015 1:17 am

    I love the iPhone 6+ I definitely cannot go back to a smaller phone now!
    Alexis @

  4. I've always wanted a Macbook Pro, just soo dam expensive!

  5. I also want the xbox... or a wii u .... or a gaming computer :'( but I really don't want to spend so much money D:
    This is depressing haha
    xx Conney

  6. Great wish list - I wanted the iphone 6 but the price is crazy!

  7. I agree! I recently got a contract for one and they aren't cheap x

  8. It's so expensive i hate it haha! x

  9. Tell me about it, i cry looking at the prices x

  10. I have the 6 now woo! And i agree, it's amazing x

  11. A mac is my ultimate goal, i need workspace for that though x

  12. I can imagine, oh the things we do for technology!

  13. I'd love a MacBook & yeah I agree CRAZY price! A future dream maybe... I got a lense for Christmas & I've been lovin experimenting with it


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