MAC Pink Plaid Matte Lipstick

First thing's first (I'm the realest), I'm 100% a Mac newbie. I have lusted over many many of their lippies but not once have I ever thought of purchasing. I was always kinda on the 'who pays 15 quid for a lipstick?' side of things. I'm pretty much still the same because I hesitate to buy things from the Mac website now. 

I bought this little gem from a fellow blogger actually, she kindly put on a blog sale and I think i snatched it for £9, woo! It being a matte product i knew i had to have it, the matte finish is my absolute favourite and the colour was such a pretty pink i fell in love instantly. 

What can i say? I've been converted to the MAC side, it's only taken me many years to actually try them but i'll never look back. £15 is still pricey to me, whether it is to you or not. But the quality of what you're getting is amazing. The creamy formula gives an easy application and it smells gorgeous by the way. 10 points for that. For my pale skin, i feel like it goes well with my lighter complexion and it gives quite a natural look to the rest of my face. Perfect for any occasion, it's a keeper.

Have you tried this shade, or any of MACs Matte range? Let me know! I'm looking for some new to purchase (it begins...)


OOTD ♥ Black Grid Tunic Dress

I honestly feel like the most simple designs in dresses are what i love most. The grid pattern is so dynamic that it can make any item of clothing a lot more interesting, in my opinion anyway. I have loved and adored the grid pattern for a very long time, and quite frankly i am in love with this new dress i picked up a few weeks back. The simplicity of it was what i was drawn to most, I'm not a type of girl who will go for a tight fitting dress (despite my lovely curves). I'm more of a 'sling whatever looks okay with a pair of converse and I'm ready to go. Going to a lot of local gigs it's kind of the perfect outfit really.

Are you into this look? Let me know what you think of it :)

5 Every Day Make-up Products

Unlike a lot of bloggers, i really don't use much make-up at all. Maybe it's because i never have got into make-up completely and kept to the basics, i don't know. But I'm pretty happy with how my face looks with less products, but once again I've never experimented with other types to know what i feel best comfortable in. But i know for every day use, these 5 items are on my face, maybe with some lipstick sometimes but i tend to just stick to the 5 basics. 

Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Eyeliner and Mascara.

Foundation - I stick to Rimmels range, I've tried nearly every kind and their Lasting Finish is doing the trick for me at the moment, my shade is Light Porcelain, quite the pale face i am. But it gives me more of a smooth, less ill-looking face, as sometimes when i get pale in winter months i tend to look unwell, which is awful when you have people asking you if you're unwell when clearly i'm fine. Foundation is always a great base to even out all the blotchy paleness i suffer with.

Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection. Every time, a true bloggers favourite by far. I've used this for years now and it's brilliant for helping to balance out the colour under your eyes. My darkness under my eyes is awful so this helps me feel a little bit more human, haha.

Powder - Once again, Rimmel take the gold. Stay Matte does exactly what it says. My face is shine free and it can't complain. I've tried others but always come back to this.

Eyeliner - Soap and Glorys Supercat has been my one true love the past few months, i searched far and wide to find a perfect felt tip eyeliner which actually came out the colour it said it was. Most that I've tried, it takes a good few layers to give the ultimate black colour which i could never understand. But this is perfect, i even learned finally how to perfect the flick! (Well, kinda).

Mascara - I'm always changing my mascara but at the moment it's Clinique. I don't have a favourite mascara as i tend not to put much on, so i'll use pretty much anything haha. 
(Instant regret taking this picture, oh dear)
Maybe I'm still learning the many ways of beauty, but I'm pretty happy being this plain faced human. I've always stuck to the basics and as long as it's making me happy, i couldn't give a flying hoot about what anybody else thought about it. We all need to be happy in our own skin, and if you want to wear lots of make-up, or no make up, it's your happiness that matters.


Topshop Wishlist #1

If you know me, i'm not a massive spender on clothes. I always stick to New Look and Primark for my baragins weekly, but every now and then there is no shame in looking at the more pricey items. Now i know what you're thinking, Vicki... Topshop isn't expensive!! I get that, i get a lot of bloggers adore Topshop but i simply have never had the need to spend £30/40 on a single item, unless it's a jacket or coat, crazy i know. But there's no harm in making wishlists is there?! I picked out a few beauties i spotted on their New In section on the website!

Long Dusted Knitted Cardigan / £42
It's important to stay warm in the winter, and for England it's been super harsh this year. This cardigan looks perfect for me to wear to work to keep me nice and snug on those cold mornings. Plus the colour goes perfectly with anything so it's great for any casual day wear.

MOTO Ice Ripped Mom Jeans / £40
I've never actually owned any Mom Jeans, the jealousy levels of how well some girls pull them off are insanely high. I've never thought to try any on to be honest i just stay away from them, but i think i'm ready to make the move onto something other than skinny jeans!

Workwear Shirt Dress / £55
There nothing more i love than shirts, and when they're turned into dresses i couldn't be more happier. I really love this classic shirt look, quite a masculine design turned into a beautiful piece i would gladly wear.

Lightweight Swing Jacket / £60
I picked out this coat because i currently own one similar from H&M, and simple because i am obsessed with this style of coat. I wore a long Parka for years and wanted to have the same style but shorted, and hey presto here it is. I love the shorted style way more and it's still warm enough for the frosty days.

Are you lusting after anything Topshop have bought out recently? Let me know!

Rimmel ♥ Kate Moss Comic Relief Lipstick

 When i spotted this in Supedrug, it took me seconds to put it in my basket. If you know me, you know how much i love Kate Moss' Rimmel Lipstick range, I'm a huge fan of Rimmel Lipsticks altogether (See this post about my favourites). I just love it when beauty brands help to support Charities, like when Models Own collaborated with Dogs Trust, it's just a lovely feeling to know when i'm purchasing these special items some of the money goes towards good causes, and i'm getting a great product out of it. Plus, how cute is the packaging?! The little red noses was a nice touch to the lipstick and it's supporting a great cause.

I've never actually owned a red Rimmel lipstick, crazy i know. I don't own many red lipsticks at all to be honest, I've just always gone for more pinks, but i think I've been converted to the red side... 
This lovely product was super pigmented from the first application, which in some other cases lipsticks take a few layers to show their full potential. But it was so easily applied to my lips and of course Rimmel Lipsticks always smell so gorgeous, i love the sweet smells of Kate Moss' range, and this didn't let me down. It lasts hours on end and it's such a gorgeous red, it's a must have for anyones make-up bag. For £5.49 it's an absolute steal and i recommend you grab one before it's too late.

£1.67 from each Lipstick gets donated to Comic Relief, it might not seem much but i can imagine just how much is raised purely off the fact Rimmel are such a popular brand. 

Have you picked one up yet? 

Charmed Ivy

'Charmed Ivy is a UK based online affordable jewellery store, sending our on trend products all across the globe. We offer £1 shipping to the UK no matter how much you spend. Shipping to Europe is £2.50 and the rest of the world is £5. Shop with ease in our easy to navigate site, see the latest trends or just to get inspiration. '

I came across Charmed Ivy on twitter, they added me to their Mailing List and i was getting offers left right and center from them but just never took the time to have a look at their items. I finally did it and i picked out a few goodies and i love them. I picked the Healing Crystal Pendant Necklace, Wishbone Pendant Necklace and a Gold Knuckle Ring. With their reasonable prices and beautiful pieces of jewellery, it's a lovely little website that you just have to check out. They always have offers on too so you can always be guaranteed to pick up a bargain. (You know me, i love to find the cheaper goodies that still have a great quality).

Have you ever heard of Charmed Ivy? You can check their website out over at:


✿ Kawaii Box: January #2! ✿

 You have no idea how excited i was for this package to come, i absolutely adore Japanese goodies and their cute levels are constantly overflowing with CUTENESS. I probably won't use half the stuff i receive but i would happily hoard this kind of stuff all day every day. I thought i'd show you what was inside Februarys, including the adorable Panda charm and incredibly yummy Cookies and Cream Panda Pocky.

Included in Februarys Box was:
  • Adorable little Alpacca bag
  • Panda Charm
  • Panda Pocky
  • Pencil Case including basic stationary
  • Adorable socks with little bows on
  • A crown pen
  • Two memo pads
  • Ice Cream ribbon
  • Photo decorations
  • Pencil clip

I adored their main theme of Stationary this month as i have really been into it recently, i just love collecting cute stationary. Overall, the box was overflowing with miniature gifts and accessories and it did not disappoint. If it's something you're into, i would highly recommend buying a box, just under £13 including delivery, it's amazing for what you get.

Have you ever tried anything like this?