5 Every Day Make-up Products

Unlike a lot of bloggers, i really don't use much make-up at all. Maybe it's because i never have got into make-up completely and kept to the basics, i don't know. But I'm pretty happy with how my face looks with less products, but once again I've never experimented with other types to know what i feel best comfortable in. But i know for every day use, these 5 items are on my face, maybe with some lipstick sometimes but i tend to just stick to the 5 basics. 

Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Eyeliner and Mascara.

Foundation - I stick to Rimmels range, I've tried nearly every kind and their Lasting Finish is doing the trick for me at the moment, my shade is Light Porcelain, quite the pale face i am. But it gives me more of a smooth, less ill-looking face, as sometimes when i get pale in winter months i tend to look unwell, which is awful when you have people asking you if you're unwell when clearly i'm fine. Foundation is always a great base to even out all the blotchy paleness i suffer with.

Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection. Every time, a true bloggers favourite by far. I've used this for years now and it's brilliant for helping to balance out the colour under your eyes. My darkness under my eyes is awful so this helps me feel a little bit more human, haha.

Powder - Once again, Rimmel take the gold. Stay Matte does exactly what it says. My face is shine free and it can't complain. I've tried others but always come back to this.

Eyeliner - Soap and Glorys Supercat has been my one true love the past few months, i searched far and wide to find a perfect felt tip eyeliner which actually came out the colour it said it was. Most that I've tried, it takes a good few layers to give the ultimate black colour which i could never understand. But this is perfect, i even learned finally how to perfect the flick! (Well, kinda).

Mascara - I'm always changing my mascara but at the moment it's Clinique. I don't have a favourite mascara as i tend not to put much on, so i'll use pretty much anything haha. 
(Instant regret taking this picture, oh dear)
Maybe I'm still learning the many ways of beauty, but I'm pretty happy being this plain faced human. I've always stuck to the basics and as long as it's making me happy, i couldn't give a flying hoot about what anybody else thought about it. We all need to be happy in our own skin, and if you want to wear lots of make-up, or no make up, it's your happiness that matters.



  1. i am also still learning
    nice post dear

  2. The Collection concealer and Soap & Glory eyeliner are my faves! xx


  3. I know so many people who love that Stay Matte powder. I used it for awhile and loved it. I have no idea why I stopped, I need to buy it again soon!


  4. i've never tried rimmel's face products but i've heard such good things!

    xx danielle // shadesofdanielle.blogspot.com

  5. Kirsty Baker2/16/2015 5:35 pm

    I'm the exact same as you! I don't really stray away from my basic beauty products and I'm good with that. I'd like to try high end make up one day but for now I'll stick to what's working (and cost effective). If i'm ever to indulge it is on lipstick, I can notice a difference with my Mac lippy's. Anyways, you look great so keep doing what you're doing! xx


  6. I used the same rimmel powder as a teen and I loved it!


  7. I'm recently getting more into Mac, you really can see what you're paying for they're fab. Thank you so much! x

  8. They're worth trying out :) x

  9. I'm not really one for wearing a lot of makeup and on a normal day I just wear the same concealer you use, a Maybelline FitMe foundation stick and a mascara that I don't really like! I own one lipstick, one eyeliner and one eyebrow pencil and that's about it. I do like makeup and I used to be addicted to Mac and Chanel but I don't really bother with it anymore.

  10. I use that foundation religiously; makes my LIFE when it's on offer in Boots. Also, don't know if you've tried it; but the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation gives amazing, full on coverage too!



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