✿ Kawaii Box: January #2! ✿

 You have no idea how excited i was for this package to come, i absolutely adore Japanese goodies and their cute levels are constantly overflowing with CUTENESS. I probably won't use half the stuff i receive but i would happily hoard this kind of stuff all day every day. I thought i'd show you what was inside Februarys, including the adorable Panda charm and incredibly yummy Cookies and Cream Panda Pocky.

Included in Februarys Box was:
  • Adorable little Alpacca bag
  • Panda Charm
  • Panda Pocky
  • Pencil Case including basic stationary
  • Adorable socks with little bows on
  • A crown pen
  • Two memo pads
  • Ice Cream ribbon
  • Photo decorations
  • Pencil clip

I adored their main theme of Stationary this month as i have really been into it recently, i just love collecting cute stationary. Overall, the box was overflowing with miniature gifts and accessories and it did not disappoint. If it's something you're into, i would highly recommend buying a box, just under £13 including delivery, it's amazing for what you get.

Have you ever tried anything like this?


  1. Victoria Nightingale2/04/2015 12:41 am

    Aww I really want to try one, it's just waay too cute and I love Japanese things!


  2. Me too, i'm just a sucker for things like this xx

  3. That's definitely my kinda box. I might look into subscribing. I used to be subscribed to a japanese candy service - you got loads!


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