Rimmel ♥ Kate Moss Comic Relief Lipstick

 When i spotted this in Supedrug, it took me seconds to put it in my basket. If you know me, you know how much i love Kate Moss' Rimmel Lipstick range, I'm a huge fan of Rimmel Lipsticks altogether (See this post about my favourites). I just love it when beauty brands help to support Charities, like when Models Own collaborated with Dogs Trust, it's just a lovely feeling to know when i'm purchasing these special items some of the money goes towards good causes, and i'm getting a great product out of it. Plus, how cute is the packaging?! The little red noses was a nice touch to the lipstick and it's supporting a great cause.

I've never actually owned a red Rimmel lipstick, crazy i know. I don't own many red lipsticks at all to be honest, I've just always gone for more pinks, but i think I've been converted to the red side... 
This lovely product was super pigmented from the first application, which in some other cases lipsticks take a few layers to show their full potential. But it was so easily applied to my lips and of course Rimmel Lipsticks always smell so gorgeous, i love the sweet smells of Kate Moss' range, and this didn't let me down. It lasts hours on end and it's such a gorgeous red, it's a must have for anyones make-up bag. For £5.49 it's an absolute steal and i recommend you grab one before it's too late.

£1.67 from each Lipstick gets donated to Comic Relief, it might not seem much but i can imagine just how much is raised purely off the fact Rimmel are such a popular brand. 

Have you picked one up yet? 


  1. It really is a lovely red xx

  2. I don't actually own a single red lipstick but have decided to be brave and try one and this is definitely now a candidate! :) Looks lovely x


  3. claire morrison2/08/2015 6:25 pm

    I so need this! x


  4. Really loving this shade of red~ Very vampy

    She Will Be

  5. I never realised there was a new shade for Comic Relief! The colour looks stunning x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  6. Ooo I didn't know she'd released a Comic Relief one. Love Kate Moss lipsticks too. Might give this a cheeky try x


  7. I adore her other lipsticks so I'll have to go and have a nose at this!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. I want this kiss stick just because the container is so alluring...red and black.

    xo Brighton


  9. Wow this shade is just absolutely stunning! Love this color on you! I think this color would actually look great on every skin type.

    Rae | love from berlin

  10. The first thing I thought when I saw this was 'wow, that has great pigment.' Is that one application or two? Such a pretty color.

    Bonus that it smells nice too. So often they smell a bit weird.


  11. I don't really suit red lippys but this looks gorgeous on you xx

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  12. I love the shade! I haven't bought a Rimmel lipstick in ages but might have to invest in this - especially to help a good cause too!

    Milly // www.mini-adventures.com

  13. Thank you! I totally agree x

  14. Me either til i saw it the other day! x

  15. Jessiekins☺♥2/09/2015 9:33 pm

    I considered this yesterday as it looks so pretty with the packaging, think I may go back and get one :) xx

  16. Such a beautiful shade! It really suits you :)


  17. Love the Kate Moss lipsticks! This one looks really nice too!

    X Marjolein

  18. kate moss lipsticks are the best, this colour looks so good on you! I need to pick a comic relief one up for myself!


  19. I'm such a newbie, thank you!

  20. Thank you, and i totally agree they're my fave brand for lipsticks x

  21. Emily Hannah2/11/2015 11:59 am

    I love a red lipstick and would definitely purchase this as money is going to charity! great post xx

    em // emandhan xo


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