Makeup Revolution Palette / What You Waiting For?

First of all, kudos to Makeup Revolution for having the best names for their products. I just knew based on it's name i had to pick it up. Gwen Stefani is a QUEEN. I love the little references in the names of the shades too, it took me a while to realise they were also song lyrics but i got there in the end!! ;).

Before you say, yes i didn't swatch. My bad. I normally swatch everything or even use it to show it's real wear but i failed to do it, don't hurt me (no, really). But i just had to show off this beautiful bargain palette from Makeup Revolution. This palette offers 18 gorgeous neutral shades both ready to dress up and down. With 8 matte colours in the bottom row and the rest offering a beautiful shimmer in each shade. At £6 a palette you really cannot go wrong with Makeup Revolutions range. This is just one of many they have created and is possibly (most definitely) one of the most hyped selection of palettes around. It's hard not to find Makeup Revolution at least once on a blog anymore.

If you haven't ever looked into purchasing from this brand, i highly suggest you do. I always try to find the best quality for money that isn't going to break your bank. There's nothing Makeup Revolution have brought out that's even mildy expensive, which is amazing for the quality you're given with each product you buy.


How To: Install & Use Custom Fonts

Basic fonts you get with your programs are, well... basic. There isn't much variety and quite frankly some of them are pretty ugly which leaves limited fonts to use for your picture editing (or whatever you plan to use fonts for). I learnt at quite a young age how to install custom fonts and it's a pretty easy process thankfully.

Downloding the Fonts
I use the website DAFONT, I have used this website for years and they are constantly updating us with new fonts which is always great if you get bored of the ones you've already downloaded. They have a huge selection of categories to choose from, for example i chose Handwritten.
I found this font called 'Not Perfect', simply click download on the right.

The file should then be downloaded as a .zip file, in which you need a program such a Winrar to extract the files (it's a free program so simply Google it). When you open it in Winrar, press the button 'Extract To' and then choose a desination, it doesn't really matter where so you can make a folder or simply extract it to your desktop.  

After it's been extracted, (it takes two seconds) find where you extracted it to and simply right click on the file and press Install. Boom! You're done.

Using the Fonts
Open the editing program you use and simple scroll through your fonts until you find the newly installed font. I use Paint.NET so i clicked onto my fonts and we're installed and ready to use.

Not entirely sure how helpful this was, but i hope it did clear up any confusion people might have with Installing custom fonts to your computer to use. I highly recommend installing Paint.NET also, it's a simple editing program that's completely free!

If you have any problems, please do leave me a comment and I'll try to help!

Pretty Little Liars Big A Reveal - Season 5 Finale (SPOILERS)

One word for this TV show, addicting. I've been captivated the moment i set eyes on Pretty Little Liars, quite a late watcher to the show, i managed to catch up pretty quick, it's hard not to binge watch when ever episode keeps you hanging. Waiting, week after week to see what lies they come up with next, i honestly have no idea how these four girls are all still the best of friends, i would have soon stopped being friends after the first few string of lies they pour out their pretty mouths!

Season 5 has been building up each week, revealing how Alisons reel of lies of her 'kidnapping' have soon risen to the surface in court as she soon faces the date of her trail creeping closer and closer, which eventually finds her guilty of Monas death. Soon enough, each Liar is arrested and the penultimate episode of the Season ends with 'A' playing with each doll in a jail car, keeping us wanting more and needing to know what happens.

When i first found out A was going to be revealed in the last episode of the season, i knew it wasn't going to be as easy as that. It never is with Pretty Little Liars, they never give you everything you want to know but that's what keeps us watching. Overall, the episode was pretty mediocre. I'm quite disappointed with how much they hyped up this episode with revealing who A was to only give us a name. Charles. A name with no face. So frustrating. With the liars jail van being hijacked, they are taken to a house in which they find Mona is still alive. Being forced to act like Alison, the four girls are reunited with the not so dead Mona and are being played with as if they were the dolls A plays with at the end of each episode.

Still so many questions to be asked about this mysterious A, and also asking why Andrew was listening to Spencers mums phonecall? I guess we won't find out just yet, because that's what the show does to us fans. They build us up to slowly let us down, still i am very much into this program and cannot wait for the new Season. I need all my questions answered now. Right now. Seriously...

What did you think of the Season 5 Finale? Let us rant together!

WISHLIST: Cat Lovers Unite!

Crazy Cat Lady

Hoodie sweat shirt
£13 -

Ruffle skirt
£6.70 -

Monki pattern socks
£4.39 -

Topshop panty
£5.37 -

Vans sneaker
£30 -

Vans zipper bag
£27 -

Black jewelry
£11 -

Circle glasses
£6.70 -

Sparkly iphone case
£10 -

I know you're out there... Yes, you (maybe not all of you). Who would spend hours searching the internet full of weird and wonderful kitties. Or is it just me? I see a lot of cat lovers and it's not a shameful thing to surround your life around your little furry friends! But is wearing cat related jewellery and clothing taking it too far? I don't see the harm, you either love them or you don't. I picked out a few adorable items i found scattered around the wonderful world of Polyvore, which is an amazing website which allows you to view and create your own sets, which ideally links each item to where it was originally found. So anything in this set you can find in the links, amazing!

I picked out a few of my favourites, i'm literally tempted to buy it all. I need those vans in my life!

Are you on the crazy cat side?


Not in a million years did i think i'd be purchasing such a lipstick. Miley being the vibrant human being she's been over the last few years, this is a pretty accurate representation of herself in a lipstick. But I was so happy to hear she was collaborating with MAC, i adore her. Her life choices sometimes aren't something to be proud of but i absolutely love her and her real kind nature. Press do everything they can to bring a celebrity down, but i see past her crazy lifestyle and see a lovely girl with a gorgeous voice. 
Like i was saying, the colour is crazy, crazy good. It's not as vibrant as the Neon Pink you would expect from pictures online but it's still pretty out there, perfect for a night out. I wouldn't use this as every day but there's no stopping you from doing it, seriously go for it! It's such a beautiful bright pink and i recommend it to any pink lovers! I've seen so many good reviews about it i knew i had to get it myself. It's shiny finish too is beautiful, it isn't overly shiny either i feel like it's just the perfect finish to such a big colour to wear.

Have you tried this yet? Let me know what you think of it!

Netflix Obsession

Oh Netflix, how i adore thee...
£6 a month heaven of television shows i binge watch daily. Being at my own little desk at work I always have a TV show on in the background while it work, I'm quite lucky really as i never have the time to watch anything otherwise. I've been seeing a lot of posts like this lately so i thought i'd join in, i want to bring media into my writing more so lets start by telling you my top 5 shows I'm loving at the moment! (I use both UK and USA Netflix so some shows might not be on one version if you know what i mean).

Pretty Little Liars
Ding ding ding. No brainer here, the majority of girls i follow on twitter adore this as much as i do. I was very late watching this program and manage to binge watch all 5 seasons in the matter of months. I'm totally hooked, and totally annoyed with every episode when they constantly lie to each other (how are they still friends is the real question?!) I ship Caleb and Hanna so much, they're totally my favourite characters, Caleb is a beautiful human.

The Vampire Diaries
I used to watch this show years ago, and only got up to Season 4(ish) so i decided to recently start from Season 4 to catch up on what I've missed. One thing though, i strongly dislike Elena. The shit Damon and Stefan go through for her is unreal and totally doesn't deserve their beautiful faces... Caroline is my favourite, she's so funny.

How I Met Your Mother
NO SPOILERS! I'm joking, I've yet to finish the last season but i know what happens. Marshall and Lily forever. It's definitely a show you can't have a favourite because they're all so funny in their own way, you can't beat a show where it's hard to pick a favourite.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I actually recently got into this, managed to watch the whole first season in two days, yep. Andy Samberg is hilarious and i have loved him for years since The Lonely Island. I'm hooked and i need to watch season two already!

Orange is The New Black
The holy grail. I absolutely adore this show and every single character involved, i'm so pumped for the third season this summer it needs to come now! Everyone's hate for Larry is hilarious and their stories are pure brilliance. The ending to season two was so satisfying i'm so ready to see what they do next.

Other shows i enjoy watching are Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, Scrubs, The Inbetweeners, Gavin and Stacey and Miranda!

What shows are you into? I'm always looking for new shows to watch so let me know!


Kawaii Box ♥ February 2015

Possibly my favourite time of every month is receiving this box. This being my third box of the year I always look forward to seeing what goodies i get. 

This months included:Cupcake Sticker Set
Cupcake Mechanical Pencil
Panda Chopsticks
Plush Raccoon Keyring
Hello Kitty Eraser
Pencil Case
Kit Kat Mini (Unknown flavour, i haven't looked into it!)
Gooey Bubblegum sweeties! 
Pastel Cube Bracelet
Lollypop Hair Clip

There was a few more, I've just failed to mention but i highlighted the majority i think! But i'm super happy with this months goodies, specially with the bracelet. As you can see i modeled it with a previous bracelet i receive from Kawaii Box, i love them both so much! Pastel colours are my favourite <3.  I also tried out the huge candy pack you can see and it was a DIY one, all i had to do was add water to the little sachets and it turned into a delicious bubblegum flavoured gooey mess! I loved it, I've always wanted to try the candies where you have to essentially make them yourself, kudos to Kawaii Box for including it!

Super happy with this months, there hasn't been a box i haven't enjoyed yet which is awesome! I always tend to get bored after 2 or 3 months but I just love it so much :)

Have you tried Kawaii Box yet?

Mac Lipstick Giveaway!

Hello lovelies of the blogging world! I thought i'd set off the new year (two months late, i know) with a little giving. If you don't know, i don't blog for business reasons. I do not ever contact companies to work with, i never get paid for anything i write about. I've had a few companies send me products, but that's about it. I love blogging and i do it because i adore writing and i just love connecting with other bloggers. I also love giving, i honestly would love to give presents to everyone who has ever supported my blog, it means the world to me that just a little hobby of mine can be enjoyed by others.

I reached another milestone of 300 Bloglovin' followers and just recently reached 1,000 followers on Twitter! Crazy stuff. <3

So here it is, I'm going to be giving away one Mac lipstick of your preferred choice. I see this giveaway so much and i can understand why. Only recently getting into MAC lipsticks i totally understand why people are lusting after these luxurious lipsticks so much.
All you need to do is enter below, good luck! xo

UK ENTRIES ONLY (Sorry international humans<3)

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