WISHLIST: Cat Lovers Unite!

Crazy Cat Lady

Hoodie sweat shirt
£13 - beautifulhalo.com

Ruffle skirt
£6.70 - romwe.com

Monki pattern socks
£4.39 - monki.com

Topshop panty
£5.37 - topshop.com

Vans sneaker
£30 - 6pm.com

Vans zipper bag
£27 - vans.com

Black jewelry
£11 - windsorstore.com

Circle glasses
£6.70 - shopzerouv.com

Sparkly iphone case
£10 - modcloth.com

I know you're out there... Yes, you (maybe not all of you). Who would spend hours searching the internet full of weird and wonderful kitties. Or is it just me? I see a lot of cat lovers and it's not a shameful thing to surround your life around your little furry friends! But is wearing cat related jewellery and clothing taking it too far? I don't see the harm, you either love them or you don't. I picked out a few adorable items i found scattered around the wonderful world of Polyvore, which is an amazing website which allows you to view and create your own sets, which ideally links each item to where it was originally found. So anything in this set you can find in the links, amazing!

I picked out a few of my favourites, i'm literally tempted to buy it all. I need those vans in my life!

Are you on the crazy cat side?


  1. Great wish list - I love the sunglasses and watch x


  2. Thank you, i'm in love with the glasses x

  3. I love the top and skirt! I love cats. The prints are so adorable!
    Celestial Love

  4. I need all of them in my life.

    Natalie Ann a.k.a Fellow Cat Lady xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  5. Rebecca Marie3/29/2015 1:04 pm

    I so desperately need that jumper and skirt in my life oh my god. This is the best wishlist ever!
    Becky // Rebecca Marie xx

  6. Absolutely love this wishlist! :) x


  7. They're kinda cheap too it's amazing! x

  8. It's kinda perfect right?! x


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