How To: Install & Use Custom Fonts

Basic fonts you get with your programs are, well... basic. There isn't much variety and quite frankly some of them are pretty ugly which leaves limited fonts to use for your picture editing (or whatever you plan to use fonts for). I learnt at quite a young age how to install custom fonts and it's a pretty easy process thankfully.

Downloding the Fonts
I use the website DAFONT, I have used this website for years and they are constantly updating us with new fonts which is always great if you get bored of the ones you've already downloaded. They have a huge selection of categories to choose from, for example i chose Handwritten.
I found this font called 'Not Perfect', simply click download on the right.

The file should then be downloaded as a .zip file, in which you need a program such a Winrar to extract the files (it's a free program so simply Google it). When you open it in Winrar, press the button 'Extract To' and then choose a desination, it doesn't really matter where so you can make a folder or simply extract it to your desktop.  

After it's been extracted, (it takes two seconds) find where you extracted it to and simply right click on the file and press Install. Boom! You're done.

Using the Fonts
Open the editing program you use and simple scroll through your fonts until you find the newly installed font. I use Paint.NET so i clicked onto my fonts and we're installed and ready to use.

Not entirely sure how helpful this was, but i hope it did clear up any confusion people might have with Installing custom fonts to your computer to use. I highly recommend installing Paint.NET also, it's a simple editing program that's completely free!

If you have any problems, please do leave me a comment and I'll try to help!


  1. I always wondered how to do this, so thank you!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Great how-to for new users! I wish I had this when I started out experimenting with fonts! <3

    Kate |


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