Kawaii Box ♥ February 2015

Possibly my favourite time of every month is receiving this box. This being my third box of the year I always look forward to seeing what goodies i get. 

This months included:Cupcake Sticker Set
Cupcake Mechanical Pencil
Panda Chopsticks
Plush Raccoon Keyring
Hello Kitty Eraser
Pencil Case
Kit Kat Mini (Unknown flavour, i haven't looked into it!)
Gooey Bubblegum sweeties! 
Pastel Cube Bracelet
Lollypop Hair Clip

There was a few more, I've just failed to mention but i highlighted the majority i think! But i'm super happy with this months goodies, specially with the bracelet. As you can see i modeled it with a previous bracelet i receive from Kawaii Box, i love them both so much! Pastel colours are my favourite <3.  I also tried out the huge candy pack you can see and it was a DIY one, all i had to do was add water to the little sachets and it turned into a delicious bubblegum flavoured gooey mess! I loved it, I've always wanted to try the candies where you have to essentially make them yourself, kudos to Kawaii Box for including it!

Super happy with this months, there hasn't been a box i haven't enjoyed yet which is awesome! I always tend to get bored after 2 or 3 months but I just love it so much :)

Have you tried Kawaii Box yet?


  1. It looks like a great box x


  2. I need this box!!

  3. Victoria Nightingale3/09/2015 6:46 pm

    Aww this box is lovely, I wonder what flavour your kit kat is, thought it was green tea when I saw it but then they have so many kit kat flavours in Japan so it's hard to know.


    1. It is green tea! I haven't tried mine yet x

  4. THAT BOW! The bracelet!! The stickers!!!! Oh my god everytime I see these boxes I always feel silly for not getting one myself! I'll definitely have to! <3

    Jemma x

    1. It's literally perfect for you <3

  5. I've never heard of the Kawaii box before so this is a new one! Everything looks so adorable, especially the bracelet! Is that a kitkat I spy ;)

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