Netflix Obsession

Oh Netflix, how i adore thee...
£6 a month heaven of television shows i binge watch daily. Being at my own little desk at work I always have a TV show on in the background while it work, I'm quite lucky really as i never have the time to watch anything otherwise. I've been seeing a lot of posts like this lately so i thought i'd join in, i want to bring media into my writing more so lets start by telling you my top 5 shows I'm loving at the moment! (I use both UK and USA Netflix so some shows might not be on one version if you know what i mean).

Pretty Little Liars
Ding ding ding. No brainer here, the majority of girls i follow on twitter adore this as much as i do. I was very late watching this program and manage to binge watch all 5 seasons in the matter of months. I'm totally hooked, and totally annoyed with every episode when they constantly lie to each other (how are they still friends is the real question?!) I ship Caleb and Hanna so much, they're totally my favourite characters, Caleb is a beautiful human.

The Vampire Diaries
I used to watch this show years ago, and only got up to Season 4(ish) so i decided to recently start from Season 4 to catch up on what I've missed. One thing though, i strongly dislike Elena. The shit Damon and Stefan go through for her is unreal and totally doesn't deserve their beautiful faces... Caroline is my favourite, she's so funny.

How I Met Your Mother
NO SPOILERS! I'm joking, I've yet to finish the last season but i know what happens. Marshall and Lily forever. It's definitely a show you can't have a favourite because they're all so funny in their own way, you can't beat a show where it's hard to pick a favourite.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I actually recently got into this, managed to watch the whole first season in two days, yep. Andy Samberg is hilarious and i have loved him for years since The Lonely Island. I'm hooked and i need to watch season two already!

Orange is The New Black
The holy grail. I absolutely adore this show and every single character involved, i'm so pumped for the third season this summer it needs to come now! Everyone's hate for Larry is hilarious and their stories are pure brilliance. The ending to season two was so satisfying i'm so ready to see what they do next.

Other shows i enjoy watching are Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, Scrubs, The Inbetweeners, Gavin and Stacey and Miranda!

What shows are you into? I'm always looking for new shows to watch so let me know!



  1. Orange is the new black is a good one! I just started PLL last week so still on season one but enjoying it so far. I've been loving Suits and House of Cards recently, so good! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I've just started watching Breaking Bad - I would definitely recommend it <3

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. We're not ashamed to admit we've watched up to Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars in about 2 weeks...

    1. It's that addicting i can understand why! x

  4. PLL, only for the awesome outfits and Hannah's hair. : )

    I had to stop watching VD, because Elena was annoying me to the 9th degree, and it all just got BOOORING.

    1. I'm on Season 4 of TVD and i seriously cannot stand Elena, i really don't like her as a character at all!

  5. pretty little liars is SO GOOD! i was a bit late on the hype too and got through it and caught up soo fast, addicted!

    I am inlove with gossip girl now! ( late for this too) but I have completed it once and halfway through again now!

    chantelle | chanbelle x

    1. I was the same, I'm always so late to watching everything I'm so glad i caught up though x

  6. I have finished Orange is the new black almost the next day when the second season was released! So so good! You may love House of Cards as well!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  7. I really want Netflix 6.00 is so cheap I really want to watch pretty little liars I hear everyone talk about it!!

    1. Do it! It's so worth the money x

  8. You should try Hola Unblocker for google chrome! I use it to watch UK netflix! You can use any country's netflix and get access to more shows & movies!
    Alexis @

  9. Netflix is life. I totally share your hate for Elena. Steffan and Damon deserve so much better. Also cannot wait for Orange is the New Black series 3

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

  10. I Looooveeee Loveee loveee Neflix, I always find something to watch and re-watch. If the site crashed for like a day, I don't even know what I would do with myself haha!!!


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