Human Appreciation: Hayley Williams

Just a quick introduction to a new series I'm doing on my blog, i'll be (passionately) writing about the people i look up to most; celebrity, public figure, actor, and so on. I have a fair few favourites that i have adored over my 20 years of living and where's a better place than my blog to spill emotions and feelings about those certain people? Perfect. Lets go.

Now. Hayley Williams. I get it, a lot of people adore this woman, and a lot of people don't. That's totally cool, i don't take offence to anyone who dislikes her, everyone's allowed an opinion. I have simply adored Paramore as a band since i started secondary school a whole 9 years ago (holy shit where did the time go?!) I remember buying All We Know is Falling from HMV when i was about 13(ish) and fell completely in love. I still love this band to this very moment, they will always hold a special place in my heart, i know they always will.

Hayley is known for her killer vocals and even more killer style. She's had more colour in her hair than i can count, blue, pink, red, orange, green, yellow, blonde... It's safe to say her head of hair is pretty iconic. This kind of made her stand apart from any other female vocalist around her time, her vibrant orange hair was her staple look for many years before she chopped most of it off and experimented with various colours. 

Her fashion sense is something i look up to in a lot of ways. She can go from a total tomboy to the cutest little princess/queen you could ever imagine (too far? nah). Her style varies so much i couldn't give you a favourite, there's too much to show!

Her stage presence is a whole different story, I've only every managed to see Paramore once on my life (sadly) but i can honestly say it was the best night of my life. I've never known such tiny human give so much energy, she really puts on a show and I've grown to love her a lot over my teenage years. Paramore will always be one of my favourites, Jeremy and Taylor included, i love them both just as much as Hayley. 

Did you ever get into Paramore? Let me know, lets fangirl together!

WISHLIST: Adventure Time Madness

The fun never ends

Sweatshirts hoody, £20 / Backpacks bag, £19 / Ceramic mug, £10 / Kitchen gadgets tool, £8.45 / Adventure Time Girl's Hinge Purse Bigface Finn / Pendants necklace

Yep, i did it. Polyvore makes it terribly easy for me to buy multiple items every time i use their website. It's kind of becoming a problem. I absolutely adore Adventure Time, it's the craziest 'kids' show I've possibly seen. With the most ridiculous innuendos and puns, it's clearly one of my favourite shows on TV. Each character is so individual it's hard to have a favourite, so i created this little wishlist of items I'm dying to own. How adorable is it all?!

I collect Funko Pop figures and i just had to get my hands on Cake, how cute is she? I've actually nearly collected all of the Adventure Time figures, terribly addicting but satisfying.

Does anyone else watch Adventure Time? Whats your favourite character from the show?


NIVEA Refreshing Cleansing Mousse

 I won't lie, i bought this product on Monday. Which means I've had three days to try this product out, i was just so excited and happy to talk about something that helps my skin. FINALLY. I've been battling with my dry skin for months now, the winter period was awful to me and my face managed to dry up even more than it ever has. I've been trying endless products to help give my skin more moisture, but nothing seemed to work. I've walked past this product many times, mostly confused at the fact it was a mousse, yet the bottle contained liquid? Some kind of sorcery happening right there.

The product states:
'It cleanses deeply and moisturises'
'Sensational cleansing experience'
'Leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed'

The bottle is a pretty decent size for the price, normally at £4.99 i bought for half price (awesome!) With simple pump action that produces a foamy type mousse which is ever so light and gentle to apply on the face. I can't hype this product enough, it's a great daily cleanser, i personally use it once in the morning and once before i sleep. It leaves my skin feeling SO fresh and it's smoother than ever. It totally helps towards my dry skin. Considering I'm using the Normal/Combination instead of the Dry Skin bottle. Some Nivea products for dry skin can be too heavy for my face and doesn't seem to do much to help, but i found this amazing!

SORCERY! I got so confused by the liquid and as soon as i used the pump my mind was instantly blown. I'm easily amused okay? 

Has anyone else tried this? I seriously reccomend it to anyone looking for a new daily cleanser!

Top 5 Photo Apps

I've spent forever trying to find the perfect apps to edit and use my photographs on. I'm always looking, i know there's a world of apps out there i don't know about that are dying to be found. Do you go for apps with a mass of ratings, or do you give the smaller less known apps a chance?
With a lot of trial and error I've found my top 5 favourite apps to use. All free to download of course.

A simple way of transferring your iPhone images directly to your laptop/computer without having to connect a cable. Photos sync within minutes (depending on the amount you take!) Ideal if you want to edit photos on the go and need them sent to your computer for your blog posts!


A photo editing app which includes simple (but ideal) tools such as crop, rotate and sharpen. They even have a section called beautify which does exactly what you think. Editing options such as 'thinify', 'breast', 'shape leg' and 'skin'. I'll let you work out what that does... (How mad?) But i mostly use it for the different filter effects, they have cute scene filters such as Snow, Warm and Neon which are all my favourites.
I use this mostly to make my Instagram photos brighter and more interesting.


Another photo editing app which enables you to create layers upon your photographs full of text, shapes, brushes, and so on! They have an option called 'Remix', in which favourite edits people have pre-made, you can use on your own photographs. Or you can start from scratch and let your own creativity flow, i highly recommend trying out this app. Shout out to Jacky for recommending this in one of her own posts!


A simple app with a huge range of collage photo frames. simple as that. But i feel that Molodiv have the best range, some you can purchase yourself but all the free ones are just the right ones you need.


I use this purely to edit my photos for Instagram. Instagram only limits you to have a square photo, what about portrait OOTDs and Selfies? Or landscape photographs? Instagram simply won't let you show the whole image, specially with iPhone 5/6 where your photos height are larger than normal. Squaready has a simple option to let the whole photograph be in frame. I love it! After the image is edited, you can simply share it straight onto the Instagram app too.

What are your favourite editing apps? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try so please do leave in the comments some of your own favourites!


✿ Disney Tsum Tsum's ✿

It's official, the obsession has begun. It was going to happen, i just knew, it was only a matter of time. These little plushies are Tsum Tsums, Disneys new collection range of mini sausage forms of everyone's favourite Disney characters. At only £3 each it's very easy to become addicted to buying them, i bought these within two days (oops). I'm already eyeing up all the Toy Story ones, patiently waiting for pay day, maybe... 

Has anyone started collecting them yet? If you collect them through the Disney Store (online and instore) you get a stamp each time. Collecting 25 gets you a limited silver pin and a staggering 50 plushies gets you the gold pin! I'm kind of tempted to try it, £75 well spent? Hahahahaha, maybe.

I just really love Disney, okay?!

Kawaii Box March 2015!

Hooray for the best time of the month! Yes it is April i know, but Kawaii Box take a while to get here and they send out their boxes for the selected month closer to the end of it, instead of sending it at the start. I'm not complaining, i was just happy to pick it up at the post office the other day (Internally wooing!) I tried not to look up anywhere to spoil what was in this week and succeeded, i love surprises. March's box wasn't a let down either. It was every scrapbooker/crafters dream...

March's Box included:
Hi-Chew Orange Sweets
3 pcs Crafting Stickers
Patterned Envelopes
Sticker Sheet
Quilted Plastic Card Holder
Russian Doll Pen
Mini Animal Post-it Notes
Adorable Kawaii Face Pin
Lollipop Shapes Nail Clippers
A Mini box of Washi Tape and Stickers
A cute plushie i still don't know what it actually is!?

If you know me, I've been stationary mad recently... This box couldn't have better timing if it tried. I reaaaally love the patters and colours of the accessories, and that Russian Doll pen is just another to add to my pen collection, ha! Love it.
I didn't include this in the box photo because i almost instantly put it in my hair... How cute is this pin though?! Crazy neon green colour but i can make an acception hehe.

What did you think of March's Kawaii Box?

Visiting Cardiff

Last weekend myself and my lovely boyfriend visited the city of Cardiff, I've always loved visiting Wales on numerous family holidays in the past, i knew i had to go back. Cardiff is full of life, with so much shopping centers your feet will be literally falling off, pretty much how mine felt after visiting. We went down to their bay too which was beautiful, the weather stayed lovely for the two days we were there i really didn't want to come back. It's always nice to have a few days away to just clear your mind and relax (well, not so much the relax part).

I also visited the ELF store they have there, sadly didn't take any photos of it but i had a good mooch in there :). I took a few photos here and there and I thought I'd show you all.


Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour Sample Lipstick

Burberry have bought out a new campaign to advertise their new lipstick, which was the smartest thing ever. Letting the people of twitter nominate 5 people to try out their new samples, it spread like wildfire and soon as you could say Burberry, pretty much most UK bloggers were able to grab a sample. Such a cool idea, and a great way to get a new product talked about. Everyone loves free stuff, you can't deny that fact.

With a few choices of shades to choose from, i chose Nude Pink. I don't own many nudes at all so i thought it was a great opportunity to try it out. As you can see the Lipstick was beautifully packaged in a sleek block design, with the most gorgeous design in the Lipstick itself. 

Its formula is smooth and easy to apply, this shade gives a beautiful neutral pink with a tiny shimmer to it. I'm not a massive fan of shimmer but this was a perfect amount for me and it's the loveliest little sample lipstick, i wouldn't expect any less from Burberry. I would love to wear this just to give my lips a little bit more glow to every day life. The coverage in this colour gives it the natural look which is a lovely buy. Priced at £25 for the full size, which in my opinion is pretty pricey. But it's perfect if you're looking for the luxurious feel to your make-up collection. 

Did anyone else get the try the samples? Let me know what shades you love!

OOTD / Floral Kimono

Kimono (£7.99) - Select Fashion
Striped Tank Top (£2.50) - Primark
High Waisted Skinny Jeans (£15)- Primark

Spring is here... Fuck yeah! I'm so happy it is, i love winter but my wardrobe was getting pretty dull and i wasn't feeling good in what i was wearing. Thankfully the spring flow of florals have flooded into the shops in which i picked up this gorgeous Kimono! I picked it up in the Select store in Merry Hill and fell in love, it being half price too it didn't take me much convincing to purchase it. 

I love how easy it is to wear too, so comfy. I put a simple striped tank under it and some high waisted jeans too and i love it! The florals work really nice with the stripes, so overall I'm pretty chuffed with my recent purchases.

Have you recently bought any spring fashion items? I'm loving the overload of florals recently.

WISHLIST: Floral/Pastel

There's nothing more i love than Spring, the awakening of the warmer days. I still enjoy the crisp cold but the sun begins to peep through giving us a warmth to help us through the colder days. Another reason i love spring is flowers, the gorgeous flowers that begin to surface and the pretty colours you begin to see. Incorporating the spring into style, pastels and florals is where I'm at. I absolutely adore floral and pastel colours, so i'm full on ready for you Spring. I created another new set of items i found on Polyvore (it's a really cool website i promise).

I LOVE PASTEL COLOURS!! I cannot explain my love for these beautiful, subtle shades. Check out what i picked below, and you can click through to each item, they're all super cheap too! I'm always good with bargains, you know that.


Spring is here

Converse low top
£34 -

Satchel crossbody

Pastel goth jewelry
£10 -

Dorothy Perkins green tinted sunglasses
£11 -

Vintage floral iphone case
£5.07 -

Monsoon Plain Pastel Fabric Bow
£5.37 -

My First LUSH Experience

You're probably thinking, FIRST? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN VICKI?! No i haven't been hiding under some rock, i have fully known what LUSH is for years, giving it the odd visit for a minute or so, but never really purchasing anything every time i went. I technically purchased a Lip Scrub a few years back but that's pittance for what LUSH is really about. I took my first proper visit on my weekend away last week to Cardiff, i just knew i had to have a proper look while i was shopping there.

I'll be honest, the bath bombs look so magical and i know i need to try one to understand how amazing they really are. But my baths last minutes, i never give myself time to relax, i just jump in, do what i need to do (clean) and get out. Boom. I'd feel cheated if i purchased one of these beautiful creations if i was just going to let it wash down the drain after 5 minutes. I adore seeing peoples Instagram pictures and videos of them, i really do, but i just haven't seen a reason to try them yet! I know as soon as i do try them, i'll be addicted, maybe that's why i'm so hesitant? My bank account is screaming at me not to look at them haha.

But what i did purchase was a cleanser. I've been looking for months now to try and find suitable products to help my dry, dull skin. So i travelled upstairs curious to see what could help me, of course a lovely worker asked me a few questions to give me a better idea for what to buy. She was so kind and sat me down to show me two cleansers that she recommended: Let The Good Times Roll and Angels On Bare Skin. She tried both of them on my hands/arms every so gently. I thought it was so nice they give their customers the time  and in the end i chose LTGTR. Both of them looked gorgeous but i loved the smell and feel of this one.

I also purchased another Lip Scrub as my first (bubblegum) was so nice to use i knew i had to pick up another.

Are there any LUSH virgins out there? Or am i the only one? Most likely.
Recommend me some products to try! (Excluding the bath bombs)


My Weekend Travel Bag Essentials

This weekend i am off on my travels to Cardiff, exciting stuff! It's actually my first weekend away with my boyfriend. I've never actually done anything like this, it's normally a week holiday and never really a short break but i'm so bloody excited to go!! So why not plan out what exactly I want to take and at the same time post about it on my blog? Yeah, that's what I'm going to do right now. I don't plan to take much, I'm really trying to learn how to travel light as it can be a pain if you have a few hours to roam before checking in to the hotel or maybe after you've checked out and you're not ready to travel home just yet. The last thing you need is bags and bags of supplies you mistakenly bought with you.

You really don't need much for a weekend, specially if you plan to spend a few hours shopping, you probably could pick up a few outfits shopping and wouldn't need to bring many outfits with you at all! I keep my make-up to a simple 5/6 product face so i don't take much make-up with me at all. But everyone's different and i can imagine the more experienced make-up users would need a lot more products to take with them. But hey ho, we're all different right?

I picked up this Toiletries case from Primark for £4 i think! Perfect to hold all my essentials in.
What I'm Taking:

  1. Make-up Bag with everyday products to use
  2. Vaseline Spray Moisturiser
  3. Kueshi Face Toner (Glossybox January 2015)
  4. Scare Doo Detangling Hair Brush
  5. Simple Face Moisturiser
  6. Cleansing Wipes and Cotton Pads

Also included which i failed to picture are my shampoos and hair products i'll use after washing my hair.

For my travelling bag, I purchased this adorable Sunflower print Vans Bag off Amazon for just under £30. I'll need an everyday bag to use while I'm there to carry my essentials and SLR Camera and i wanted a bag with no hassle and hands free. Making it easier to carry other shopping in my hands without having to carry my bag, it's on my back woo! 

What do you take with you for a weekend away? Are you a light packer or heavy duty? ;)