Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour Sample Lipstick

Burberry have bought out a new campaign to advertise their new lipstick, which was the smartest thing ever. Letting the people of twitter nominate 5 people to try out their new samples, it spread like wildfire and soon as you could say Burberry, pretty much most UK bloggers were able to grab a sample. Such a cool idea, and a great way to get a new product talked about. Everyone loves free stuff, you can't deny that fact.

With a few choices of shades to choose from, i chose Nude Pink. I don't own many nudes at all so i thought it was a great opportunity to try it out. As you can see the Lipstick was beautifully packaged in a sleek block design, with the most gorgeous design in the Lipstick itself. 

Its formula is smooth and easy to apply, this shade gives a beautiful neutral pink with a tiny shimmer to it. I'm not a massive fan of shimmer but this was a perfect amount for me and it's the loveliest little sample lipstick, i wouldn't expect any less from Burberry. I would love to wear this just to give my lips a little bit more glow to every day life. The coverage in this colour gives it the natural look which is a lovely buy. Priced at £25 for the full size, which in my opinion is pretty pricey. But it's perfect if you're looking for the luxurious feel to your make-up collection. 

Did anyone else get the try the samples? Let me know what shades you love!


  1. The campaign was a great way to spread the word, unfortunately I didn't get my hands on it but it looks lovely!! x


  2. At Wednesdays I Wear Pink4/12/2015 11:07 pm

    Love the shade !


  3. I got mine on Friday and I love it, I got a really nude shade although I much prefer this shade that you've got.
    Only thing I don't like is that's a build-able shade, I like things that opaque almost automatically. Very hydrating though I cant fault them on that :)


  4. I got the nude shade of this, and this one is actually gorgeous as well!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. That color looks gorgeous! You're lucky to be able to try the new lipstick! Sounds amazing


  6. Gosh that PACKAGING. impeccable branding by Burberry. The full is pricey though! It would have to be a treat ☺️

  7. That burberry lipstick looks stunning. Definitely on the list to try! x


  8. I got one of these too :) I got the shade Nude Beige and I love it xx

  9. Yep I got a sample and got this colour too. Think it's ace :)

  10. I picked this shade too and I love it x


  11. I agree, would only ever be a present or treat, it's just too much for me to use it casually! x

  12. Me too, i love applying lipstick first time and it's almost perfect x

  13. Aww thats unlucky, it was so exciting i have no idea why! x

  14. I never really try nudes so it was good to change it up a bit x

  15. Seems to have been a popular pick! x


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