Kawaii Box March 2015!

Hooray for the best time of the month! Yes it is April i know, but Kawaii Box take a while to get here and they send out their boxes for the selected month closer to the end of it, instead of sending it at the start. I'm not complaining, i was just happy to pick it up at the post office the other day (Internally wooing!) I tried not to look up anywhere to spoil what was in this week and succeeded, i love surprises. March's box wasn't a let down either. It was every scrapbooker/crafters dream...

March's Box included:
Hi-Chew Orange Sweets
3 pcs Crafting Stickers
Patterned Envelopes
Sticker Sheet
Quilted Plastic Card Holder
Russian Doll Pen
Mini Animal Post-it Notes
Adorable Kawaii Face Pin
Lollipop Shapes Nail Clippers
A Mini box of Washi Tape and Stickers
A cute plushie i still don't know what it actually is!?

If you know me, I've been stationary mad recently... This box couldn't have better timing if it tried. I reaaaally love the patters and colours of the accessories, and that Russian Doll pen is just another to add to my pen collection, ha! Love it.
I didn't include this in the box photo because i almost instantly put it in my hair... How cute is this pin though?! Crazy neon green colour but i can make an acception hehe.

What did you think of March's Kawaii Box?


  1. Such an adorable subscription box! x


  2. Ahhh it's all so cute :3


  3. Sooo cute haha. Those sweets are really nice I can see you got, I've had the grape ones. They sell them in Harvey Nichols too. This makes me want to go back to Japan x

  4. I love it all!!! Eeeep ^__^ Especially that russian dolls pen, how cute! xx

  5. Charlotte Moore4/19/2015 7:08 pm

    Ahh I love this! Russian dolls are my fave, I've seen a few people blog about these boxes and thought I'd get one for my sister but I'm tempted for myself now haha :) xx

  6. loving this box !


  7. I love these sweets, i've had three packs of them now they taste so good! x

  8. I love finding unique pens, i loved this one! x

  9. Nkauj Hli Xiong6/03/2015 4:17 am

    oh my gosh, this box is soooo cute! :3


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