My Weekend Travel Bag Essentials

This weekend i am off on my travels to Cardiff, exciting stuff! It's actually my first weekend away with my boyfriend. I've never actually done anything like this, it's normally a week holiday and never really a short break but i'm so bloody excited to go!! So why not plan out what exactly I want to take and at the same time post about it on my blog? Yeah, that's what I'm going to do right now. I don't plan to take much, I'm really trying to learn how to travel light as it can be a pain if you have a few hours to roam before checking in to the hotel or maybe after you've checked out and you're not ready to travel home just yet. The last thing you need is bags and bags of supplies you mistakenly bought with you.

You really don't need much for a weekend, specially if you plan to spend a few hours shopping, you probably could pick up a few outfits shopping and wouldn't need to bring many outfits with you at all! I keep my make-up to a simple 5/6 product face so i don't take much make-up with me at all. But everyone's different and i can imagine the more experienced make-up users would need a lot more products to take with them. But hey ho, we're all different right?

I picked up this Toiletries case from Primark for £4 i think! Perfect to hold all my essentials in.
What I'm Taking:

  1. Make-up Bag with everyday products to use
  2. Vaseline Spray Moisturiser
  3. Kueshi Face Toner (Glossybox January 2015)
  4. Scare Doo Detangling Hair Brush
  5. Simple Face Moisturiser
  6. Cleansing Wipes and Cotton Pads

Also included which i failed to picture are my shampoos and hair products i'll use after washing my hair.

For my travelling bag, I purchased this adorable Sunflower print Vans Bag off Amazon for just under £30. I'll need an everyday bag to use while I'm there to carry my essentials and SLR Camera and i wanted a bag with no hassle and hands free. Making it easier to carry other shopping in my hands without having to carry my bag, it's on my back woo! 

What do you take with you for a weekend away? Are you a light packer or heavy duty? ;)



  1. The toiletry case is cute! I'm awful at packing, always end up with stuff I don't use!

  2. I love Primark for toiletries/makeup cases! I went for a weekend away with my boyfriend last September, and I definitely overpacked - we're off to Spain for a whole week soon, I dread to think how much I'll take and not use...!

    Milly //

  3. that toiletries case is super cute, but have they used Comic Sans?! haha. I seem to take a lot away with me, case is like 90% toiletries then straighteners and hairdryer! but I went to Paris for 2 nights last month and managed on a tiny case. Getting better at packing light ;) have a fun time!

  4. Rebecca Marie4/05/2015 11:49 am

    I have the same travel case and it's so cute! Love the backpack, have fun at the weekend! Rebecca || Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle Blog xxx

  5. The design was too cute not to buy! Thank you xx

  6. Sadly yes, comic sans is the bane of my life hahahaha! Yeah, my bag was pretty heavy and i didn't even put much in, oops! xx

  7. There was so many cases to chose from it was madness! xx

  8. Me too, i ended up taking a hairdryer and the hotel already had one haha xx

  9. That bag is too cute! I think I own about five toiletry bags from Primark. You can't beat them! I am definitely an over-packer. I pack for every single situation that could happen and go completely OTT.

    Hope you had a fab time! x

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