Tsum Tsum Madness Continues!

The collecting continues, from my first update from when i started my collection on my trip to Cardiff, to now. This time i had a good look on the Disney Stores online shop, which i'd found out have so much more options of Tsum Tsum plushies than the actual shops themselves. Plushies such as the 3 Dalmatians, Pinnochio characters and so on. I managed to pick out 7 this time, i did add a few more but i felt £21 was enough for one buying session (hahahahaha). Its worth looking online as they're constantly bringing out new adorable little characters for you to collect, quite dangerous really. I need to keep an eye on my bank account. 

I picked out Figaro, Sven, Bambi, Thumper, Rolly, Patch and Lucky. Quite a mixed bunch but all equally as adorable. 

I've seen quite a lot of posts about these guys recently so it's amazing to know I'm not alone on this crazy adorable collecting fad! Which ones have you picked up? They're well worth £3 each for the cude bundles of joy you're getting, am i crazy? Maybe.


Garfield the Cat Crop Top / OOTD

Now if you know me, i love a good novelty print. I'm forever looking for items of clothing with the best, most bizzare prints. I don't know why, i just do. It's been quite the 'in style' thing to have novelty cartoon characters printed on t shirts recently too. Primark is the best for them, they're everywhere in there! I found this gem in H&M while i was visiting Liverpool for a few days earlier this week. I pretty much fell in love with it, it also being a baggy crop top i knew i had to own it.

I particularly love the chopped bottom look of it, almost as if it was a t-shirt before and has been transformed into a crop look. Whether it stays looking like that, i'll have to find out. It was a perfect buy for me really, the faces of Garfield complete the whole look, his goofy faces add character to it and i'm pretty happy with it! It was £9.99 which is a pretty decent price considering how much i'm planning to wear it, well worth the tenner! Just waiting for the weather to perk up so i can start flashing my belly in all these crop tops i wish i own! ;)

How adorable is he though? Kudos to you H&M.
Are you into print t-shirts? I'm always looking for new items to buy, so let me know if you know any good websites that would be perfect for me!


Music: Currently Listening To...

I've been wanting to write about music more and more on my blog recently, music has always been a huge part of my life. I'm forever trying to find new music as my own personal taste is broadened across many many genres, i don't ever stick to one genre, who does that?! Not me. These albums aren't particularly new, but certainly are what's been on repeat on my iPod for the past few weeks!

Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface (2015)
Now I'm quite new to this duo, I've tried many times to try their music to see how i felt about it, and i simply was confused. I still am, kind of. (Just listen to this album and you'll understand why). They have such a dynamic sound, it's hard to put them into one genre. From a mix of rap, electronic to even an indie sound. It makes no sense to me, but it works SO well. A bizarre mixture of sounds is poured into this new album by theirs and it's genius.
Songs to check out: Ride, Polarize, Fairly Local

Pvris - White Noise (2014)
Continuing with a band i feel like are the first I've heard of their unique sound. With killer vocals from Lynn Gunn, her voice is absolutely gorgeous, which is accompanied by an electronic feel with added guitar and drum, but mostly powered by their electronic sounds which i LOVE. There isn't one song on the album i can fault. Just makes you want to dance, seriously!
Songs to check out: Mirrors, Holy, Smoke

Years & Years - Communion (Soon to be Released)
You probably know these guys from their hit 'King' which is a pretty catchy tune, i knew i had to dive into the group and hear more. Suprisingly they haven't got many tracks, which is why i'm so stoked for this album. I've been hooked on their most recent single Worship, which is full of electronic feels of goodness, i love their sound and I'm excited for their future as a music artist!
Songs to check out: Worship, King

Paramore Self Titled (2013)
I've managed to become re-obsessed with this band, from a previous post you'll know I've grown up listening to these guys and i have worshiped their music since i started teenhood. This whole album just beams the progression they've made since Brand New Eyes, from losing two band members/friends in the process, Paramore have really grown. Their songs give out true passion as they stick to their pop rock feels, with extra pop i would say. But it was an immensely good move they decided and one they'll never regret. 
Songs to check out: Ain't It Fun, Anklebiters, Proof

What have you been listening to recently? I'm always looking for new music to check out, i'm open to anything (i promise!)


Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush

A few weeks back, the #BHTWITTERPARTY was happening in the Twitter atmosphere, in which their website launched a number of chances to win certain products. I wasn't determined to enter every single one as the other options didn't seem like my cup of tea, so i only entered to grab my hands on a Magnitone. Luckily i succeeded, i rapidly entered my details and soon enough i received a few emails telling me that i had successfully won one, hooray!

Magnitones are handheld electronic brushes that are said to be amazing cleansers/massagers for the facial area. It exfoliates deep into your skin to whisk away dead skin cells which helps contribute towards a brighter complexion. I had seen plenty of products like this around, I've been wanting to try one for so long it was literal fate that i'm now able to try one for myself. I was so excited to use it, and quite curious to see how it could help me with my skin care routine!

I opted for the Yellow Magnitone, a perfect summery colour to help motivate me to actually bother with my skin care routine. Yes, i do believe having brighter looking items around you can contribute towards a more positive lifestyle (am i crazy for thinking that?) It's size is perfect, not too bulky but the brush is a perfect size to get every ounce of my facial area well enough to make a difference. It comes with a handy travel charger too which is obviously perfect for any holidays i plan to have in the near future. I haven't played around with the different settings enough yet but I've been using it daily for the last few days. Recommended to use for only 1 minute each day to begin with, i added a little face wash to the brush and off we go.

The sensation of the vibrating brush was quite weird, i won't lie. I've never used anything like a Magnitone before so i hadn't a clue what it was going to be like. It soon became very comfortable to use on my face and i can honestly say my face feels amazing. Only after a few days of use i can feel the effect already, my forehead was always a bugger for dry skin and i know if i keep at a daily routine my bumpy/dry forehead will be transformed (hopefully).

I'm excited to keep using this wonderful creation, and I'm ever so thankful i was given the opportunity to try one.

If you're interested in one yourself, Magnitone have a special offer of 20% off their Magnitone Lucid range over on www.magnitone.co.uk. Their Lucid range is a price of £69.99, so if you're up to treating yourself, i would highly recommend it!

The special discount code is Vicki20 or use this special link directed to the website for you!

Have you heard of Magnitone before? Let me know! xo

Kawaii Box April 2015!

The months are flying by so quick it's hard to keep up recently, i didn't expect to get Aprils box this quick (the monthly boxes are sent after the month itself) so i was sooo happy to see this on the side when i got in earlier today! I knew i had to write about it almost instantly. 

Aprils Box included:
Glitter pot set
Pearl phone stickers
Squishy bunny stickers
Plastic bow hair clip
Squishy paw phone charm
Rilakkuma notepad
Collon 'Great Tea' biscuit rolls
Pony pen
Pencil case
Adorable plush key-ring
Macaroon pot

Never a disappointment with these boxes, if anything it's totally cheered me up. It was the pick me up i needed, who knew a box full of adorable Japanese items could do such a thing. For around £12 a month it's totally worth it. I'm SO intrigued by those Green Tea snacks also! The portion of them are so decent, you get good items for what you're paying really. I wouldn't expect anything less from Blippo, I've used their website for months now and their prices are amazing for what they sell. You should check it out! 

How adorable is this little Macaroon shaped pot?! Literally want to eat it, it's that cute.

Is this something you would buy? Let me know!