Garfield the Cat Crop Top / OOTD

Now if you know me, i love a good novelty print. I'm forever looking for items of clothing with the best, most bizzare prints. I don't know why, i just do. It's been quite the 'in style' thing to have novelty cartoon characters printed on t shirts recently too. Primark is the best for them, they're everywhere in there! I found this gem in H&M while i was visiting Liverpool for a few days earlier this week. I pretty much fell in love with it, it also being a baggy crop top i knew i had to own it.

I particularly love the chopped bottom look of it, almost as if it was a t-shirt before and has been transformed into a crop look. Whether it stays looking like that, i'll have to find out. It was a perfect buy for me really, the faces of Garfield complete the whole look, his goofy faces add character to it and i'm pretty happy with it! It was £9.99 which is a pretty decent price considering how much i'm planning to wear it, well worth the tenner! Just waiting for the weather to perk up so i can start flashing my belly in all these crop tops i wish i own! ;)

How adorable is he though? Kudos to you H&M.
Are you into print t-shirts? I'm always looking for new items to buy, so let me know if you know any good websites that would be perfect for me!


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