Kawaii Box April 2015!

The months are flying by so quick it's hard to keep up recently, i didn't expect to get Aprils box this quick (the monthly boxes are sent after the month itself) so i was sooo happy to see this on the side when i got in earlier today! I knew i had to write about it almost instantly. 

Aprils Box included:
Glitter pot set
Pearl phone stickers
Squishy bunny stickers
Plastic bow hair clip
Squishy paw phone charm
Rilakkuma notepad
Collon 'Great Tea' biscuit rolls
Pony pen
Pencil case
Adorable plush key-ring
Macaroon pot

Never a disappointment with these boxes, if anything it's totally cheered me up. It was the pick me up i needed, who knew a box full of adorable Japanese items could do such a thing. For around £12 a month it's totally worth it. I'm SO intrigued by those Green Tea snacks also! The portion of them are so decent, you get good items for what you're paying really. I wouldn't expect anything less from Blippo, I've used their website for months now and their prices are amazing for what they sell. You should check it out! 

How adorable is this little Macaroon shaped pot?! Literally want to eat it, it's that cute.

Is this something you would buy? Let me know! 


  1. Ohhh I love this so so soooo much! I will definitely be getting these monthly boxes soon! ^__^

  2. Such an adorable subscription box x


  3. Ace! What a nice surprise to get through the door. Let me know what you think to those snacks, I had the grape ones in Japan. Kinda weird cos they can go moist a bit, but tasty! The macaroon pot is sooo cute ^_^

  4. My kitty plush keyring and your little green plush keyring need to be friends. Loved this box too, though I now have glitter everywhere thanks to the deco set! Also it took me ages to work out that the macaron pot was in fact... just a pot. It's still adorable though x

    Fii || little miss fii

  5. Awww, that little purple macaroon is so cute! x


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