Magnitone Lucid Facial Cleansing Brush

A few weeks back, the #BHTWITTERPARTY was happening in the Twitter atmosphere, in which their website launched a number of chances to win certain products. I wasn't determined to enter every single one as the other options didn't seem like my cup of tea, so i only entered to grab my hands on a Magnitone. Luckily i succeeded, i rapidly entered my details and soon enough i received a few emails telling me that i had successfully won one, hooray!

Magnitones are handheld electronic brushes that are said to be amazing cleansers/massagers for the facial area. It exfoliates deep into your skin to whisk away dead skin cells which helps contribute towards a brighter complexion. I had seen plenty of products like this around, I've been wanting to try one for so long it was literal fate that i'm now able to try one for myself. I was so excited to use it, and quite curious to see how it could help me with my skin care routine!

I opted for the Yellow Magnitone, a perfect summery colour to help motivate me to actually bother with my skin care routine. Yes, i do believe having brighter looking items around you can contribute towards a more positive lifestyle (am i crazy for thinking that?) It's size is perfect, not too bulky but the brush is a perfect size to get every ounce of my facial area well enough to make a difference. It comes with a handy travel charger too which is obviously perfect for any holidays i plan to have in the near future. I haven't played around with the different settings enough yet but I've been using it daily for the last few days. Recommended to use for only 1 minute each day to begin with, i added a little face wash to the brush and off we go.

The sensation of the vibrating brush was quite weird, i won't lie. I've never used anything like a Magnitone before so i hadn't a clue what it was going to be like. It soon became very comfortable to use on my face and i can honestly say my face feels amazing. Only after a few days of use i can feel the effect already, my forehead was always a bugger for dry skin and i know if i keep at a daily routine my bumpy/dry forehead will be transformed (hopefully).

I'm excited to keep using this wonderful creation, and I'm ever so thankful i was given the opportunity to try one.

If you're interested in one yourself, Magnitone have a special offer of 20% off their Magnitone Lucid range over on Their Lucid range is a price of £69.99, so if you're up to treating yourself, i would highly recommend it!

The special discount code is Vicki20 or use this special link directed to the website for you!

Have you heard of Magnitone before? Let me know! xo

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