I have a Stationary problem.

Yes, a stationary haul. What do i need stationary for? No reason really. I just love collecting it. Obsessively. It's not a problem, and if it is, it's a beautiful problem. There's nothing better than colourful, cute, adorable, whatever word that can describe the things I've recently purchased. So i thought i would show you, i buy stationary a lot so it might be a mini series of me showing ridiculous amounts of cat shaped items, maybe? We'll see. (I'm crazy).

I picked out three of my favourite purchases in the past month, i have spent a decent amount on SO much off eBay, buying items from China is ridiculously cheap so it was hard for me not to spend... 


My second purchase, yes. Cute little kawaii kitty pens, the background being a pack of 100 different sheets with adorable designs on. I recently used one to write a little message to Jemma, who had won my MAC Lipstick giveaway, perfect!

And last, the holy grail. Yes you see correctly, a Totoro pencil pot. This adorable little guy looks like a regular plushie but is indeed a material covered pencil pot. What more could you want?

Do you collect stationary? I tend to collect them and not use them, I've yet to try many of the things I've purchased recently (oops)

WISHLIST: Holographic Mermaid Princess

Did you like the title? I thought so ;). Purely inspired by the fact i bought some Holographic slip ons the other day and i felt instant Mermaid status. I am completely obsessed with the Holographic style and the fact it is so 'in' right now is perfect, i love seeing it everywhere. It left me very inspired to create a perfect wishlist, what's better than Mermaids? Nothing. With summer coming and hopefully the sun staying out more (maybe not, it is England after all) these types of patterns seem somewhat, more suited to wear? I know when i go on holiday I'm totally going full mermaid.

I put a few bits and bobs together in this wishlist, with a statement mermaid scale skirt and a simple grey crop top to go with it, can't be clashing too much! I found similar slip ons to the ones i purchased and they're absolutely magical, unicorn mermaid feet activated! I found some adorable accessories to go with and finished it off with glitter, LOTS OF IT.

Holographic Mermaid

You can click above to anything you've seen as it takes you straight to the website! Polyvore is cool like that, you can make easy wishlists and not even have to link every single item, they do it for you. Magic.

Are you feeling the Holographic feels recently? Any fellow mermaids, reach out to me! 

MAC Lady Bug

For a bargain blogger like myself, it almost feels like MAC products are something to treasure and worship. A brand loved by millions, and sometimes not so loved. Their prices are a little higher than the high street products you see every day, which is why owning little gems like this are special to me. Is this weird? Any bargain bloggers feel me right now? I almost never buy anything other than what is inside of Superdrug and Boots, so it's always nice to treat yourself every now and then, right?
I was looking for a red shade this time round, i normally stick to Matte formulas but i felt like a Matte Red would be a crazy step for me, it being such a bold statement lip. So i picked out Lady Bug, a Lustre finish MAC Lipstick. Which means it's quite the gentle look if you know what i mean, not so much the IN YOUR FACE Matte finish can give you. I just needed a subtle red to add to my growing collection and Lady Bug is absolutely wonderful. It's a beautiful calm red that gives your lips shine and glow. The perfect colour ready for summer for sure. It glides on perfect, it's not the most opaque colour but with this lipstick it's not what you need, for the fuller look there's plenty of other MAC red shades that give a bolder colour. On a typical night out (where i use it most) it lasts a couple hours, but for daily use it'd probably last longer. 

Have you tried this shade yet? 

Instagram Catch-up #8 - Travelling

It's been quite a while since i did a catch up post on life, not much has changed really but i thought an Instagram catch-up would be nice to do. I don't know why but i love reading these posts, and pretty much love Instagram, perfect really. I thought i'd do a special one of my two recent (ish) trips I've had this year, i bloody love the iPhone 6 camera and it did not let me down when i took these photos.

Weekend away to Cardiff!
1  First stop there, Ed's Diner of course. 2  We found a few cool record shops, aka heaven. 3  Shopping in the Castle Arcade. 4  My first Lush experience! (post here about it) 5  My beautiful Canon. 6  Obligatory trip to the Disney Store! 7  We visited the beautiful docks 8  Cardiff Castle!

Trip to Liverpool
1, 2, 3  I booked tickets to the Beatles Museum and it was magical! They had headsets that spoke to you telling you about their history, it was really interesting to learn about them :). A lot of memorabilia, even some of the first Vinyl pressings i was dying to get my hands on
4  A gorgeous building by the docks 5  Tourist alert, had to get a picture of the John Lennon statue.  6  We visited the original Cavern Club, extremely cool, extremely claustrophobic.  7  I stopped a Vivienne Westwood shop right next to the Cavern, gooorgeous. 8  And of course, i had to buy a Beatles shirt, from the gift shop next to the Beatles Story museum. Yay for being a typical tourist! 

I always love taking pictures when i go on my travels, i know if i ever go abroad i'll be constantly updating my Instagram. Call me lame but i love updating where i am in the world, Instagrams photo map is ideal for keeping track of where you've taken pictures! I'm determined to fill my map up with photos all over the UK :)


Kawaii Box May 2015!

I may have to say this has been my favourite box I've bought since the year started, a whole 6 months ago... (Wow?!)
Would it be weird to say I am overly obsessed with a little plushie banana with a super cute adorable face? Probably. No, yes. That's one hundred percent weird. Do i care? Nope. I'm rambling, lets show you what kawaii goodness i was blessed for the month of May.

Included in the Kawaii Box for May:
Okitoki Notebook Set
Meihi Petit Gum
Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set
Chocolate Bar Comb
Alpaca Stickers
Harajuku Crepe Charm
Neon Rainbow Bow Hair Tie
Alpaca Eraser
Panda Blue Pen
Mini Banana Plushie
Doughnut Charm (Hello Kitty Style)
Alpaca Card Holder

(Sorry for the lack of photo-goodness, i got a little bit lazy with this one!)

What a box-full! Such a brilliant range of items included in this months box and i love love LOVE it! I saw the Alpaca trend reoccurring through these boxes and it's such an adorable design i aim to carry on collecting everything Alpaca! Their endless supply of kawaii stationary really warms my stationary obsessed heart, i need a bigger box to keep it all in! The grape gum was super yum but i just wished they were gummy sweets so it was easier to eat as bubble gum tends to lose flavour almost instantly. But i must say my most favourite part of this box was...

It's a plushie Vicki. Calm. Down.

All in all another amazing box full of kawaii goodies to fill my kawaii needs in life, have you ever bought a box? It's a steal for £12 per box.


Art Therapy Magazine - Can art be therapeutic?

Now i don't know about you, but i bloody loved colouring as a kid. I still do, I get in full concentration mode and i could colour for hours. I was chuffed to see there was something like this coming out as a magazine as me and my mum would spend forever trying to find colouring books that didn't consist of baby type pictures, the easy stuff. We just wanted patterns and some pretty landscapes to colour in like the grown ups we are! When you can focus on something, it can take you away from any troubles, even just for a few minutes. I used to paint when i felt down and i feel like colouring will help me too!

I won't lie, colouring could also be quite stressful, with complicated lines I could easily see myself throwing the book to one side like an actual child...

Since the release of these magazines I have actually noticed a lot more different books more suited towards adults which is amazing! We can't deny how satisfying colouring can get and its so cool to see it become a normal thing for us to buy and use!
Have you ever picked of these magazines up? What did you think of it? Let me know!


Japanese Candy Haul

For years and years and years now i have wanted to try Japanese Candy. Their colourful packaging and adorably creative ideas for snacks and sweets have always fascinated me. Seeing endless panda bears on biscuits, to gummy sushi. What else could your kawaii tastebuds ask for? Haha. A few weeks back, i ordered a few items off Blippo, a trusted Japanese goods website. Pretty much my heaven, just check the website out, you'll love it. Their snacks section is full of yummy looking biscuits, cookies, chocolate and sweets. Their prices are pretty reasonable, so i helped myself to a few that intrigued me, including some mini kits to make my own candy!

My choices were:
Kabaya Panda Chocolate Cookies
Meiji Korokoro Animal DIY Candy Kit
Coris Horadekita Candy Apple DIY Kit
Meji DIY Apollo Chocolate Kit
Hi-Chew Candy Green Apple
Hi-Chew Candy Strawberry
Meiji Gummy Sushi Candy

They all arrived safely in around two weeks, apart from the boxes being a little battered but everything seemed okay in the box thankfully! I was suuuper excited to open this, they even included a packet of Rilakkuma Rice Crackers which was so kind of them. Everything cost me around £15 in total which is really impressive, with only £1.33 to add for postage, it was a steal for what i received! The Hi-Chew packets are huge too! So yum.

Have you ever tried any Japanese candy? I know this wont be my last order from Blippo :)