Art Therapy Magazine - Can art be therapeutic?

Now i don't know about you, but i bloody loved colouring as a kid. I still do, I get in full concentration mode and i could colour for hours. I was chuffed to see there was something like this coming out as a magazine as me and my mum would spend forever trying to find colouring books that didn't consist of baby type pictures, the easy stuff. We just wanted patterns and some pretty landscapes to colour in like the grown ups we are! When you can focus on something, it can take you away from any troubles, even just for a few minutes. I used to paint when i felt down and i feel like colouring will help me too!

I won't lie, colouring could also be quite stressful, with complicated lines I could easily see myself throwing the book to one side like an actual child...

Since the release of these magazines I have actually noticed a lot more different books more suited towards adults which is amazing! We can't deny how satisfying colouring can get and its so cool to see it become a normal thing for us to buy and use!
Have you ever picked of these magazines up? What did you think of it? Let me know!



  1. Kirsty Baker6/16/2015 10:04 am

    ooo I actually have one of these to try at home. My Mum bought it but never got round to using it so gave it to me. I can imagine it would be quite therapeutic. xx

  2. I can definitely see how it can be both therapeutic and stressful! Coloring and painting are some of my favorite ways to calm down, but if you color something wrong... it feels like a disaster!
    But I supposed you're only coloring, anyhow.

    Peace and Love,

  3. I plan on picking up one or two, definitely! It's very therapeutic and I definitely encourage people to try it! xxx

  4. I haven't ever picked one of these magazines up, although I may do at some point! But I do love drawing my own kind of 'versions' of zentangles and mandala's and other patterny illustrations! Doing the whole thing is amazing, and I'd love to make "colour it in yourself" versions at some point!

    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  5. I agree with the disaster part, i only have to make one tiny mistake and i'm stressing haha x

  6. They have gooorgeous patterns in the magazines (I've been collecting them) xx

  7. I used to love making patterns to colour in! xx

  8. These are so pretty, I might have to pick one up! Things like this really relax and calm me so I can see how it would work

    Eden x / edenroses


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