Instagram Catch-up #8 - Travelling

It's been quite a while since i did a catch up post on life, not much has changed really but i thought an Instagram catch-up would be nice to do. I don't know why but i love reading these posts, and pretty much love Instagram, perfect really. I thought i'd do a special one of my two recent (ish) trips I've had this year, i bloody love the iPhone 6 camera and it did not let me down when i took these photos.

Weekend away to Cardiff!
1  First stop there, Ed's Diner of course. 2  We found a few cool record shops, aka heaven. 3  Shopping in the Castle Arcade. 4  My first Lush experience! (post here about it) 5  My beautiful Canon. 6  Obligatory trip to the Disney Store! 7  We visited the beautiful docks 8  Cardiff Castle!

Trip to Liverpool
1, 2, 3  I booked tickets to the Beatles Museum and it was magical! They had headsets that spoke to you telling you about their history, it was really interesting to learn about them :). A lot of memorabilia, even some of the first Vinyl pressings i was dying to get my hands on
4  A gorgeous building by the docks 5  Tourist alert, had to get a picture of the John Lennon statue.  6  We visited the original Cavern Club, extremely cool, extremely claustrophobic.  7  I stopped a Vivienne Westwood shop right next to the Cavern, gooorgeous. 8  And of course, i had to buy a Beatles shirt, from the gift shop next to the Beatles Story museum. Yay for being a typical tourist! 

I always love taking pictures when i go on my travels, i know if i ever go abroad i'll be constantly updating my Instagram. Call me lame but i love updating where i am in the world, Instagrams photo map is ideal for keeping track of where you've taken pictures! I'm determined to fill my map up with photos all over the UK :)



  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos lovely! The iPhone 6 camera really is a gooden! My Insta has never looked better!

    Rachael at

  2. Its so weird that you were literally 5 mins away from where I live hahaha! Aww glad you had an awesome time on both trips ! <3 xx

  3. both trips look like they were fun! I didn't even know instagram had a photo map - I gotta check that out! of course all of my pics are in Florida... hopefully I can add some more locations later ;)


  4. I'm coming to get you next time, for real xx

  5. How amazing is the quality though?! x


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