WISHLIST: Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight

Recently I've been re-watching Sailor Moon, pretty much binge watching it all day actually. Since my last TV related Wishlist (read about it here) i just knew i had to look up Sailor Moon related gear. Polyvore is literally perfect for things like this, finding shopping websites worldwide that match your every need just by searching a simple keyword.

I picked out a few favourites, and almost instantly nearly buying those shoes, just saying... How nice are they though? I need to win the lottery to ever want to pay £70 for a pair but they look pretty worth it to me. I've also been seeing the Luna bag EVERYWHERE online recently and it's literally the cutest minimal look bag ever. The moon and ears is a perfect touch and you just know it's a Luna bag. I bloody love that sassy cat. I picked out a few others perfect for my wishlist, perfect for any Sailor Moon fan of course!

Do you watch Sailor Moon? Lets fangirl over it?

TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

Months and months and months back, i wrote about my first haul from TonyMoly, which included the Gloss Bar. I knew there would be a time where i was ready to re-order some and the time had come. I opted for an Orange tint and a Pink tint as i was SUPER curious to see how the Orange colour came out. I paid £5.76 for both gloss bars off eBay, eBay have quite a selection of TonyMoly products at decent prices, and most likely have free postage which is always a good thing. They also included TonyMoly samples in each package i received which is always a nice thing to have.

I firstly love how vibrant these little guys are, they are literally as bright as the picture above shows you. Fuck yeah for colourful packaging! Do i even bother mentioning their little facial expressions? OF COURSE. A perfect touch to the lids along with their little bunny ears, i really am a sucker for cute packaging and i don't think I've found anything cuter just yet. They're a decent size, perfect to fit in any small bags so it's easy to travel with, and the lip product itself is kept safe with a wind up/wind down function so no product could possibly get damaged.

If you don't know of these products, they are a tint/gloss for the lips. So in no way are you going to get a full colour from these little guys. As i'd already tried them before i wasn't expecting any more with the result i got, These gloss bars are a perfect touch for any day, they help plump and give a little shine to my lips. I would show you them sampled on my lips but the difference isn't too much so a simple hand swatch is what we're working with. They feel amazing on the lips, mine felt moisturised, it's just simply perfect if you need to give your lips a little pick me up without changing the colour too much. 

I could possibly collect them all (SOMEONE STOP ME!?) Their little faces just makes me want a whole family of them, TonyMoly never fail when it comes to their packaging. Cannot fault this brand at all!

Have you ever seen these little guys before?

REMENT: Miniature Japanese Food Set

You're probably thinking, what in the world is this I'm looking at Vicki? Just another new obsession of mine, don't worry. I'm not really sure how long Rement sets have been around and I'm super pissed that I've only just really looked into them. 

BASICALLY. A Rement set is a selection of mystery boxes which contain tiny little collectible pieces. For example, this little box has a series of Japanese foods and each box doesn't give away whats inside, so you could buy 5 of these boxes and get the same one twice because it's impossible to tell which one you're going to get. I LOVE SURPRISES. Famous brands like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma also do sets like this, but they are a tad bit more expensive and hard to find without the shipping costing you a bomb.

I found this little set on Blippo.com for £4.82 which is decent for a Rement set, probably the cheapest one I've found so far anyway. I was super excited to open it up and find what I'd gotten i never even took the time to see what i could get, as each box shows every set possible, which gives you time to choose a favourite but nope i just ripped it OPEN.

This little card inside showed me my little set i was working with, which from what i could see is a cute little Teapot, a cup, chopsticks, a bowl with soup inside and a food stand with a heap of food(!?) on it.

Aaaaaand voila! My first Rement set is complete. How bloody cute is it?! I kind of want them all so i can just set up my own mini Japanese dining area. Weird? Maybe. I LOVE IT.


Concerts + What to expect going to one

For around 7 years now i have been going to gigs. I find it hard to believe how many i managed to go to while i was still at school with hardly any weekly allowance, i would save my school dinner money up just so i could buy tickets to see my favourite bands and i never failed. Going to concerts is an absolute passion of mine, there is no better feeling than hearing and seeing the real thing, i get goosebumps just thinking about it. Music is my one true obsession, there's not a day i haven't got my iPod with me, listening to my favourites, or even looking back at music i used to listen to and the artists i used to worship.

I've been wanting to talk about this for a very long time, it being such a big part of my life it's never really something i can put into words to justify how much it means to me. Is that weird? I don't think so, passion is a great thing to have. I was and still am a massive Rock music fan, all types of rock, you name it, i love it. I tried my best to see all the bands i adored as a teenager, i would queue up at silly o clock in the morning just to get to the barrier of each gig. I spent long days waiting to see them and i never regretted it. Okay, i'm rambling i know. I wanted to write about my experiences in the form of things to look out for and things you shouldn't really do, from what I've seen anyway.

  1. Try and make friends at gigs.
    Reason One - You might actually be friends with them for a long while, i made a lot of great friends through going to gigs and having the same type of music taste always helped with finding someone to go to gigs with.
    Reason Two - Being friendly with the people around you in the venue itself is a massive help, you don't want dickish people around you that possibly could make your night a bad night just by them being next to you. There's no harm in being nice, and if they aren't nice back, it's their loss... Move to another spot to avoid any confrontation/crowd pushing.
  2. PEOPLE WILL PUSH YOU. This WILL happen. Please get over it. Crowds tend to play games of pushing in a side to side motion, it's something that just happens, don't get mad. Just try and have fun with it or just get out of the crowd.
  3. Avoid flying cups at all costs. It could contain beer, it could contain other fluids you don't want all over your body. Eugh.
  4. If you don't want to be pushed/shoved/attacked, stay away from the Mosh Pits, I've seen Mosh Pits at ridiculous gigs i wouldn't imagine would have them, stay to the sides and you'll be fine.
  5. Prepare for your body to ache, bruise, hurt, all those kinds of words. Standing at gigs is painful, and you will be sore, i see it as a reminder of how much fuckin' fun you had last night.
  6. If you want to get the barrier, there will be people queuing at ridiculous times of the morning to secure their place at the front, so i'd prepare for a long day.
  7. Meeting bands is fairly easy if they haven't got hundreds of screaming fangirls waiting outside their Tour Bus. Just chill at the back of the venues and they're sure to come out of them at some point, just don't hassle them. The last thing they need is fans following their every step before a gig.
  8. Stay hydrated. Specially if you intend to dance the night away, it's very easy to lose your voice from singing so water is ALWAYS needed. 
  9. Stay with your friends. There's plenty of drunk/drugged up people around you who could easily approach you if you stray away from your friends. (I've had a drunk guy make me dance with him because i left the barrier away from my friends, very uncomfortable!)
So that was kind of my top 10 tips, there's SO much more i could say, but i reckon i said the most important to remember.

Are you a gig-goer? Lets talk about it, i love talking about that stuff.
I might make a few more posts like this, I'd love to share my favourite gig moments, there's been quite a few.

✿ Kawaii Blippo Haul! ✿

If you didn't already know, Blippo is a wonderful, magical, adorable website full of goodies from Japan. With reasonable prices and even more reasonable shipping considering it's coming from the other side of the globe, it's amazing. This is my second delivery from this, my japanese candy being the first lot i bought a few months back. It takes around 2 weeks to come, both packages I've had had been a bit battered, but everything inside is perfect and protected thankfully!

This time around, i ordered:
✿ ORCARA Rement Minature Japanese Food Set (£4.82)
✿ Fluffy White Totoro (£5.72)
✿ Teddy Bear Tablet box (£1.86)
✿ Pokemon Pineapple Chews (£1.29)
✿ Hi-Chew Candy Peach (£1.61)
✿ Puccho Cola Candy (£1.86)
✿ Rilakkuma Plush Keyring (£.2.25)

I was super excited for this order as in the past not many of the Candy Chews were ever in stock, so i was happy to see some of them back in stock ready for me to purchase, I've tried Hi-Chews before and i absolutely love them. My main three purchases from the website was a 10cm Totoro Plushie, Plushie Rilakkuma keyring and a Miniature Rement Japanese Food kit. I might make a post about the Rement box as i was SO excited to try out my first ever miniature kit, they're adorably satisfying to put together and anything miniature is amazing. 

Totoro has already found a home on my Windowsill!

If you haven't, you totally need to check out Blippo.com to satisfy your Kawaii needs. They supply the Kawaii Boxes i receive every month and they're always super amazing with every box i get. 
Let me know if you check the website out!

Tsum Tsum Update

These little guys seems to be having regular appearances on my blog at the moment, which i'll never complain about. As long as they keep bringing out new Tsum Tsums i'll forever be talking about them. What's not to love really? 

When i started collecting these little guys i got super excited about the collectible items you could get for buying so many through the Disney store, which is kinda cool. I was hooked. But Disney isn't kind to us UK humans at all, their online store lacks the characters i see sold in other countries. WHY?! I hate this rule. I searched through the Tsum Tsum hashtag on Instagram and it unlocked a world full of characters i didn't know even existed in the Tsum Tsum world. So i thought, screw it. Sorry Disney but if you refuse to give me a variation of characters I'm going to rebel and find other places to purchase them. So where else better to look than eBay? Jackpot.

In this little haul, i managed to pick 5 this time: Flounder, Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Sully (Monster Inc), Angel and Lilo (Lilo and Stitch). The wonderful Claire from fineanddandy sent me the eBay store/seller that sold these for £2.88 EACH, which is cheaper than Disney and it's totally legitimate. The real thing. They are from Hong Kong though so it took a little longer to arrive but that never bothers me. I am suuuper happy with my purchases this time, because none of these are sold on the Disney Store which saddens me a lot really, But i can deal with not collecting tokens to redeem for collectible pins, plus they're cheaper on eBay anyway! Bargain.

I love the fact so many people are loving these little guys just as much as I do, it's totally acceptable to collect these even as an adult, okay?!

Have you got any new ones recently? Lets talk. Lets be best friends
<3 xo

Kawaii Box June 2015 ✿

The months are getting quicker and I'm not sure if that's a good thing, the best part of every month quickly disappearing is of course Kawaii Box! Junes box was completely full to the brim which is always amazing to see bigger items included each month. For around £12 (including delivery), Kawaii Box provide you with 10-12 adorable items, and it's mostly always 12 in each box which in theory a pound each for what you're buying is amazing!! 

Included in this months:
Cute Guys Stationary Set
Kawaii Bean Plush
Hello Kitty Pen
Alpaca Bag Charm
Ice Cream Stickers
Korean Nail Art Set
Smiling Poop Sharpener
Strawberry Squishy Charm
Sushi Phone Jack Plug
Cute Animals Pill Box
Animal Sticky Notes
Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy

Cuteness. Overload.
Don't you think?
I'm SO excited to try the nails, i never wear fake nails but they're just too cute not to try. I also funnily enough bought myself a tablet box from Blippo not so long back, it's like they knew i was wanting one, i don't mind owning two though! Who doesn't like items shaped like adorable poop? I LOVE stationary and the poop emoji is life, so this is a wonderful mix. 

By far one of their best boxes of this year, it was so packed full of goodies they're really outdoing theirselves with these. I'm super happy i carried on this subscription, and i find no reason to stop any time soon.

What did you think of this months box?

Rimmel London: Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick 42

It's not often i keep up to date with the latest beauty releases, but with Kate Moss' range of lipsticks I'm always ready. I've adored her collection for a while now so i was super excited to see a nude range coming out. Mostly excited to just see the beautiful packaging of course. Cute packaging always draws me closer to a product, and the fact it's my favourite range of Lipsticks tops it off. I'm not a huge nude fan, to be honest that's a lie, i just haven't really tried many nude shades before. I don't wear lipstick in the week much at all so i never go out to buy lipsticks often. So this was a gamble in my eyes.  A gamble i was very happy with.

£5.49 is an impressive price for such a great quality Lipstick, i praise Rimmel for keeping these lipsticks around the £5 mark because for what you get out of it, it's a pretty good price. The pretty light pink with the 'Kate' in white writing is so elegant it really makes me enjoy a product more when it's nice to just look at (is that weird?) It smells gorgeous as always like every Kate Moss lipstick does and the application was minimal, i thought it'd take a few layers to show the full colour but it looked gorgeous after even one application. I am in LOVE. I've been converted to the nude side. Such a gorgeous nude pink which i feel looked great against my pale-ish skin. Didn't make me look too ghostly which some nudes tend to do. I love love love it.

Have you picked any of the new range up? Let me know xx

Funko Pop Vinyl: Adventure Time

I've been noticing a lot more recently that Funko Pop Vinyl figures are suuuuper popular, I'm seeing a few bloggers even post about them which completely warms my nerdy heart inside. I've collected quite a few over the past year or so and I've always wanted to write about them. So I'm starting with my growing Adventure Time collection. Yet to be completed, I've managed to collect 7 of them so far, all priced around £10 each which i guess for a collectable figure is pretty decent. Funko are always bringing out new figures, including a Metallic version of BMO that i am DYING to get my hands on. 

So far I've collected Finn, Fiona, Cake, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Gunter and BMO. My collecting will be ongoing so i might even update soon on anything else i pick up. Forbidden Planet is amazing for these little figures and stock so many different ones from different TV shows and movies. My local shop in Wolverhampton literally have a massive section dedicated to these figures, they're SO adorable too, don't you think? 

I'm dying to find fellow collectors out there, lets be friends!


Firstly... Holy shit. 500? Imagine me in a bath (not naked). That bath would be full of my own tears of how happy/grateful i am for reaching this monumental amount of followers. Yeah i know that not every single one of that 500 are reading my blog, or even caring about it. But that fact people took a second to maybe look at my blog and click that little Bloglovin' button means the absolute world to me. I appreciate every single view, comment, interaction i get through blogger and the people i have met i can't explain how lucky i feel to be a part of this blogging community. I should have warned you this post was going to be super soppy, but yeah. I LOVE YOU OKAY?!

Here's a little somethin' somethin' to just say thank you, for continuing to support me.
I am giving away a £20 LUSH Gift Card, so you can spend til you're heart's content (and your basket is full).


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Super Nostalgia Trip: Video Games and Consoles

This post has been a long time coming. I don't talk about video games much because i never imagined many people would enjoy or even read it. But I'm at a place in my blog where i couldn't give a shit if anybody did or didn't. I'm just happy to rant and yap about anything til my heart's content. Video Games have had a special place in my heart since i was very young, having an older brother helped with this and I'm forever grateful i was introduced so early. 

My early memories included a Nintendo 64 and endless hours on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I never truly understood the game as a young girl, but for years and years i was obsessed with Links adventures to save Princess Zelda. Still to this day is a favourite video game of mine, chuffed to know it was later released on Nintendo 3DS which i now treasure.

Also within that period as a youngster, the Sega Mega Drive was a huge console. Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Constantly battling with my brother, he definitely brought the competitiveness out of me, and competitive i am. 

Next was the Gameboy. That amazing piece of technology which allowed you to go ANYWHERE and enabled you to still play video games with the help of plenty of batteries. Genius. From other Zelda games to Pokemon, it's safe to say my Green Gameboy Colour went everywhere with me. 

Another hand held genius piece of history was the Tamagotchi. The simplest game, yet sometimes impossible to keep your little guy alive. Too much poop? Dead. This little device was a HUGE commitment, i'm talking day and night care here.

Later moving onto the almighty Playstation One. Which took up a huge chunk of my entire childhood and pretty much my teenage years too. Games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon stole my heart, i can't tell you how many times I've completed the series they both had and how i'd kill to play them again. 

I've probably missed out so many games, but these stood out to me most and are the ones i remember playing like it was yesterday.

What video games did you play as a kid? 

OOTD / Daisy Print Skater Skirt

SUNSHIIIIIIIIINE! That is all. The days are getting hotter by the minute, for now... Despite the fact i sit inside 8 hours a day at work while the sun shines away outside, i always make the most of it out of work hours. When i was younger, i spent week after week inside on my laptop through precious sun time. I now pay for this curse by being horrifically pale, so i definitely needed to start making the most of our British Summer while it's still here. 

I picked out this gem of a skirt off the New Look website, i tend to look online as the shops sometimes don't always have what I'm looking for, does anyone find that? They stock it in blue and red, so i chose blue, thinking it'd go with most things and it actually does (woohoo!) It was £12 and it's a dream, it's not too thin, not too thick and it's a perfect length. I find with most skater skirts, they come quite short, which can be nice but i also like the slightly longer length. 

I'm absolutely loving the florals right now, i pieced it together with a white strap top from Primark and my treasured kimono from Select. Floral overload? I don't think so, i think it's just the right amount for me.