✿ Kawaii Blippo Haul! ✿

If you didn't already know, Blippo is a wonderful, magical, adorable website full of goodies from Japan. With reasonable prices and even more reasonable shipping considering it's coming from the other side of the globe, it's amazing. This is my second delivery from this, my japanese candy being the first lot i bought a few months back. It takes around 2 weeks to come, both packages I've had had been a bit battered, but everything inside is perfect and protected thankfully!

This time around, i ordered:
✿ ORCARA Rement Minature Japanese Food Set (£4.82)
✿ Fluffy White Totoro (£5.72)
✿ Teddy Bear Tablet box (£1.86)
✿ Pokemon Pineapple Chews (£1.29)
✿ Hi-Chew Candy Peach (£1.61)
✿ Puccho Cola Candy (£1.86)
✿ Rilakkuma Plush Keyring (£.2.25)

I was super excited for this order as in the past not many of the Candy Chews were ever in stock, so i was happy to see some of them back in stock ready for me to purchase, I've tried Hi-Chews before and i absolutely love them. My main three purchases from the website was a 10cm Totoro Plushie, Plushie Rilakkuma keyring and a Miniature Rement Japanese Food kit. I might make a post about the Rement box as i was SO excited to try out my first ever miniature kit, they're adorably satisfying to put together and anything miniature is amazing. 

Totoro has already found a home on my Windowsill!

If you haven't, you totally need to check out Blippo.com to satisfy your Kawaii needs. They supply the Kawaii Boxes i receive every month and they're always super amazing with every box i get. 
Let me know if you check the website out!


  1. so cute! I love the idea of this because i love cute little trinkets!
    Jen | www.jennifersjournal.co.uk xx

  2. Amy Paternoster7/21/2015 10:28 pm

    This is such a good gift idea as my boyfriend loves thing like this!

    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  3. This is so cute! I only came across the site myself a couple of weeks ago, trying to resist the urge to order ALL OF THE CUTE THINGS is so hard when I keep seeing posts like this!


  4. danniella josephine7/22/2015 6:54 pm

    OOOH you are making me want to place an order! *sits on hands*

    Dannie x

  5. All of this stuff is so cool! Those sweets look really nice :)

    Kimberley xx

  6. HI CHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWS. This has reminded me to buy all the hi chews when I go to London next. Also the totoro is the cutest effing thing I have seen this week. and I really want to get one of the ORCARA sets but haven't been able to justify one quite yet :(

    Fii || little miss fii

  7. Omg totoro is so cute =]



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