OOTD / Daisy Print Skater Skirt

SUNSHIIIIIIIIINE! That is all. The days are getting hotter by the minute, for now... Despite the fact i sit inside 8 hours a day at work while the sun shines away outside, i always make the most of it out of work hours. When i was younger, i spent week after week inside on my laptop through precious sun time. I now pay for this curse by being horrifically pale, so i definitely needed to start making the most of our British Summer while it's still here. 

I picked out this gem of a skirt off the New Look website, i tend to look online as the shops sometimes don't always have what I'm looking for, does anyone find that? They stock it in blue and red, so i chose blue, thinking it'd go with most things and it actually does (woohoo!) It was £12 and it's a dream, it's not too thin, not too thick and it's a perfect length. I find with most skater skirts, they come quite short, which can be nice but i also like the slightly longer length. 

I'm absolutely loving the florals right now, i pieced it together with a white strap top from Primark and my treasured kimono from Select. Floral overload? I don't think so, i think it's just the right amount for me. 



  1. super cute skirt, you can't go wrong with daisies in summer!

  2. Kirsty Baker7/01/2015 3:22 pm

    I'm always scouting online for things, there's so much more choice! I tend to get disapppointed if I go to actual shops aha. Anyway, I'm loving this skirt - perfect for summer xx


  3. Perfect for summer! I'm so excited about this warm weather :)

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com

  4. I can totally relate to you and your pale skin! When I was younger I did the same thing and now I'm paying for it! :')
    I absolutely love the skirt, Daisy print is one of my favourite florals and it looks lovely on you :)

    Becki xx - www.beautyandthebrunette.co.uk

  5. That is such a cute skirt! I love the daisy print, it's so lovely and perfect for Summer xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Love this!! Totally my style as well. Need to go on a New Look shopping spree soon I think... x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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