TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

Months and months and months back, i wrote about my first haul from TonyMoly, which included the Gloss Bar. I knew there would be a time where i was ready to re-order some and the time had come. I opted for an Orange tint and a Pink tint as i was SUPER curious to see how the Orange colour came out. I paid £5.76 for both gloss bars off eBay, eBay have quite a selection of TonyMoly products at decent prices, and most likely have free postage which is always a good thing. They also included TonyMoly samples in each package i received which is always a nice thing to have.

I firstly love how vibrant these little guys are, they are literally as bright as the picture above shows you. Fuck yeah for colourful packaging! Do i even bother mentioning their little facial expressions? OF COURSE. A perfect touch to the lids along with their little bunny ears, i really am a sucker for cute packaging and i don't think I've found anything cuter just yet. They're a decent size, perfect to fit in any small bags so it's easy to travel with, and the lip product itself is kept safe with a wind up/wind down function so no product could possibly get damaged.

If you don't know of these products, they are a tint/gloss for the lips. So in no way are you going to get a full colour from these little guys. As i'd already tried them before i wasn't expecting any more with the result i got, These gloss bars are a perfect touch for any day, they help plump and give a little shine to my lips. I would show you them sampled on my lips but the difference isn't too much so a simple hand swatch is what we're working with. They feel amazing on the lips, mine felt moisturised, it's just simply perfect if you need to give your lips a little pick me up without changing the colour too much. 

I could possibly collect them all (SOMEONE STOP ME!?) Their little faces just makes me want a whole family of them, TonyMoly never fail when it comes to their packaging. Cannot fault this brand at all!

Have you ever seen these little guys before?

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