Tsum Tsum Update

These little guys seems to be having regular appearances on my blog at the moment, which i'll never complain about. As long as they keep bringing out new Tsum Tsums i'll forever be talking about them. What's not to love really? 

When i started collecting these little guys i got super excited about the collectible items you could get for buying so many through the Disney store, which is kinda cool. I was hooked. But Disney isn't kind to us UK humans at all, their online store lacks the characters i see sold in other countries. WHY?! I hate this rule. I searched through the Tsum Tsum hashtag on Instagram and it unlocked a world full of characters i didn't know even existed in the Tsum Tsum world. So i thought, screw it. Sorry Disney but if you refuse to give me a variation of characters I'm going to rebel and find other places to purchase them. So where else better to look than eBay? Jackpot.

In this little haul, i managed to pick 5 this time: Flounder, Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Sully (Monster Inc), Angel and Lilo (Lilo and Stitch). The wonderful Claire from fineanddandy sent me the eBay store/seller that sold these for £2.88 EACH, which is cheaper than Disney and it's totally legitimate. The real thing. They are from Hong Kong though so it took a little longer to arrive but that never bothers me. I am suuuper happy with my purchases this time, because none of these are sold on the Disney Store which saddens me a lot really, But i can deal with not collecting tokens to redeem for collectible pins, plus they're cheaper on eBay anyway! Bargain.

I love the fact so many people are loving these little guys just as much as I do, it's totally acceptable to collect these even as an adult, okay?!

Have you got any new ones recently? Lets talk. Lets be best friends
<3 xo


  1. I get all mine from that seller too! Maybe one other seller as well, but yep - totally worth ordering from Ebay! Plus it means getting lovely things in the post, yay! xx

  2. LET THE TSUM TSUMS TAKE OVER. They're so ridic adorable I actually need all of them in all sizes and characters. Love that seller :D

    Fii || little miss fii

  3. Oh gosh, these are amazing! Only just rediscovered your blog after a long break from the internet and I love so many posts, especially the kawaii stationary ones! ^^


  4. Awh they are sooo cute! I'm a lover for anything related to disney.
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx

  5. Oh wow these are just so cute!! I can't justify spending so much money on them in the Disney store because yeah they are so expensive. x

  6. Rebecca Marie7/20/2015 9:32 pm

    I only have my big stitch tsum tsum for now (I have a stitch teddy in every size) but I am forever lusting over all of the different tsum tsums! My local disney store are probably sick of me going in to just to stare at them and say 'aw i want them' repeatedly to my boyfriend!
    Becky // http://www.rebeccamarie.co.uk xxx


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