WISHLIST: Sailor Moon

Fighting evil by moonlight

Recently I've been re-watching Sailor Moon, pretty much binge watching it all day actually. Since my last TV related Wishlist (read about it here) i just knew i had to look up Sailor Moon related gear. Polyvore is literally perfect for things like this, finding shopping websites worldwide that match your every need just by searching a simple keyword.

I picked out a few favourites, and almost instantly nearly buying those shoes, just saying... How nice are they though? I need to win the lottery to ever want to pay £70 for a pair but they look pretty worth it to me. I've also been seeing the Luna bag EVERYWHERE online recently and it's literally the cutest minimal look bag ever. The moon and ears is a perfect touch and you just know it's a Luna bag. I bloody love that sassy cat. I picked out a few others perfect for my wishlist, perfect for any Sailor Moon fan of course!

Do you watch Sailor Moon? Lets fangirl over it?

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