20 Things we've all done on The Sims

The Sims is a life choice. You were either the kid who would stay up til sunrise building super massive mansions and making the perfect or weirdest families ever, or you just didn't play. Simple as. I myself have been hooked on the game for around 10 years i'd say, SO MANY YEARS?! I spent countless nights glued to my laptop screen playing it. I would even sneakily play on school nights and hide my laptop under my bed sheets, rebel i know. The game was just that addicting, and if you were a fellow Sims player, you totally get where I'm coming from. There was always those moments of the Sims i think we all experienced, and i just know a lot of people reading this will agree with me.

20 Things you know you did in The Sims:
  1. Locking a sim in a boxed room with no doors. Torture at its finest.
  2. Made two sims fall in love, get married, have lots of babies, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
  3. And the sims always married almost within the first sim day.
  4. You made the weirdest looking sims
  5. Used motherlode to become an instant millionaire
  6. Jammed to the original Sims music, the Build mode music is legendary.
  7. Made a lonely sim with a lot of pets. Crazy pet lady.
  8. Made yourself as a Sim to see how your Sim life would pan out...
  9. You remember some of the Simlish phrases (just me?)
  10. Left a lot of newpapers outside to rot and regretted not hiring the maid
  11. Actually tried to play Sims without cheating, it never lasts very long.
  12. Attempted to reach level 10 in a career (the older sims games it was easier to do).
  13. Downloaded so much custom content to make your sims look HOT.
  14. Spent hours creating the perfect house to get bored of the gameplay after 10 minutes.
  15. Played hours and hours (real time) without saving for it to crash. Fuck.
  16. Regrettably forgot to buy alarms and set fire to your house/got burgled always.
  17. The game always glitches at the craziest times. Demented floating babies.
  18. Attempted to get ready for work within an hour by taking a shower, watching tv and eating a quick snack. It never happens.
  19. Put the baby on the floor to do something else, of course.
  20. Signed your social life over to this game with many sleepless nights of playing it. End of

Are there anything you did on the Sims that we all did? Leave a comment! I know there was plenty more we surely all did at one stage but these were my memorable moments. 

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