Collecting Vinyl

If you know me, i am one to collect. It's a wonderful feeling seeing the things you collect over the years and it's a good way to spend money. Treating yourself is okay sometimes, in my case I'm doing it a lot recently. No shame. Vinyl is in. It's what everyone wants and it's what everyone is buying right now. My dad has a huge collection from when he was a teenager and it's pretty cool to see such a classic piece of media come back. My favourite of his was an Electric Light Orchestra album that featured the best song ever, Mr Blue Sky.

I'm kicking myself, i left it so late to start collecting. I will say at first, i didn't really 'get it'. I was a 'download everything onto my ipod' person. This day and age, you don't need physical copies of anything when you have technology to do that for you. It's crazy how the times have changed. I've always collected CDs, i still do. Owning the real thing that plays the real music is special, and i think anyone who deeply cares about music can understand this feeling too!

So it began, i bought my first Vinyl a few months back, it felt awesome. I left it for a bit, then it escalated pretty quickly. From buying one every two or three weeks, to two a week. Oops. Vinyl Records are such a beautiful thing to own, with the varieties of patterns and colours is astounding. It's such a cool feeling to open each new Vinyl i buy to have a total suprise of what colour they'll end up being, i love surprises. I just think owning physical copies of music these days is a true gift and i will forever support my favourite artists in everything they do.

My collection is growling slowly, kinda. It's becoming a normal thing to buy Vinyl weekly, but I'm happy doing so and i'll carry on! THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. I JUST WANT ALL OF THEM. IN THE WORLD. OKAY?! Moment over. :)

Do you collect Vinyl? If you don't, whats your latest collection of? Let me know! xx

20 Reasons we all loved Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto was first released 18 years ago. Feel old yet? Well considering i was only two years old, i didn't know left from right. But GTA was a huge part of my child/teenhood, as bad as that sounds. An action filled series of video games FULL of violence not fit for any child to play, but we all did. There was no harm in it, i wasn't going to go out the next day wanting a gun. Get over it (sassypants here). A truly addicting series packed full of missions you would spend months attempting to complete, i know after i finished each game it was the best. Being able to roam freely in each town causing complete havoc.

I did a similar post about The Sims, and i know how hugely popular GTA has become since it started so i knew i had to make a post about what we all loved and did in Grand Theft Auto.

20 Reasons Why GTA is the Bomb Diggity

  1. Cheats. Cheats. CHEATS. We all knew them off by heart after the 5th time of tapping them out to get all the money, all the weapons, ALL THE THINGS.
  2. For someone who loves player customization, being able to go clothes shopping is COOL. Customizing cars was COOL.
  3. The music selection was perfect. My favourite soundtrack was from Vice City, so many amazing songs on that game (Flash FM to be precise). 
  4. Trevor. End of.
  5. The fact they made their most recent GTA game ONLINE. FUCK YES. Being able to play the game with actual people around the Globe is so cool.
  6. Strippers and Prostitutes. Paying them to then kill them. Money is returned.
  7. The character selection in San Andreas, i absolutely adored Big Smoke and his crew.
  8. Being able to run up to a motorbike and dropkick the person right off it to then drive off like a boss.
  9. How beautiful the cars looked in GTA5.
  10. The fact that roller skaters could not walk on the sand for shit. And it was hilarious to watch.
  11. Being in awe of how fucking amazing the graphics have developed. Going from a birds eye view pixel game to the beauty that is GTA5.
    1. The ridiculousness of some of the cheats that were created. Super Punch. Flying Cars. Need i say more?
    2. Saying that, GTA5 mods are absolutely ridiculous, yet the best thing you'll ever see.
    3. The pure joy of a rampage. Killing people makes us gamers happy.
    4. The scenery was beautiful. Once again, shoutout to the graphics team, you are awesome.
    5. Being 'invited in for coffee', you know what that means.
    6. The simple fact you could play pool, darts, go for drinks, gamble, i love little things like that.
    7. Finding the dildo in the Police Station, you could actually kill people by beating them. Yep.
    8. Driving a car on the pathway... Just because. A few deaths wont hurt...
    9. Jetpacking all the way to a high building to then jump off... Wasted.

    Was you a GTA fan? I feel like it was one of those games that has always been around in my life, so it was inevitable that i was going to play it at some point. It's one i still play to this day, having my Playstation 2 handy it's very easy to pop back onto Vice City and San Andreas for a pure nostalgia trip. I mostly stick to GTA5 on Xbox 360 now, got it? Lets play!

    Visiting Spain

    Two weeks ago, myself and my mother took the plunge of travelling abroad together, alone... We've wanted to do it for a very long time and i am the worst person to travel with, just saying. I panic at the slightest things, but being in a foreign country makes me feels ten times WORSE. But we got through 5 days abroad, i kept my cool for most of it. It was just so nice to be away in a different atmosphere, and the sun was b e a utiful. It did burn me a little but no regrets, it was very much needed. I thought i'd show a few pictures i managed to take while i was there, i did take disposable camera with me also so i need to send it off to get the pictures developed! There's something about a disposable that gives the photos a holiday feel to it, love 'em.

    We landed in Barcelona and traveled to Santa Susanna which is where we stayed for 4 nights, it was a wonderfully long strip of shops and places to eat right opposite the beach so everything was easy to access. Woo!

    Cue the holiday blues... Looking at these photos again are making me weep. But I'm so happy i did this and it's made me feel 10x better about travelling abroad as an adult. YAY FOR ADULTHOOD.
    Time to plan my next trip, eh?

    Have you been abroad recently? xx

    Supporting Small Businesses and Its Importance

    This planet we live on is bursting full of talented individuals that try their damn hardest to showcase their skills. Starting a Business, Company, or any kind of Shop is hard, unless you're a worldwide sensation you're not exactly going to get eyes on your product within the first second of presenting them. I absolutely adore these people who create their own products, art etc. to sell, it's a massive step to take and it's one i am 100% behind. Etsy is a wonderful place to present these said things. I've known about Etsy for years and years, and it gives any person an opportunity to sell their handmade goods. It's a wonderland, one I've got lost in many times, my favourite list is slowly filling up and my bank account is doing the exact opposite! Haha.

    I actually made my first official purchase the other day and it felt amazing. Just knowing i helped that person even a tiny bit is awesome. Of course that lovely person was Jemma (Dorkface) who recently set up her own little Etsy shop full of adorable goodies, i just knew i had to have a cheeky look. You can check it out here. She sent it ever so quickly and i love it!

    I feel like it's so important to do your bit of supporting these smaller businesses and shops, just by giving that page a look, sharing it onto others, even if ONE person clicks on it, it's helping. The little things matter when you first start out. I'm going to continue to help in any way i can, will you?

    Kat Von D Lipstick Wishlist

    Kat Von D is flawless. I have grown fond of her over the years watching her on LA Ink and even more since she started her own beauty range. I am forever LUSTING over her products and weeping at the fact it's pretty hard to find places to buy them without having to fork out a loan. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, so if anyone could help me with that, that'd be cool. I thought I'd show you my most favorite products I've lusted over for so long.

    Left to Right
    Lolita, Beloved, Noble, Bachelorette, Requiem
    The infamous Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I am forever on Pinterest weeping over the swatches to these beauties and it was hard to choose my favourites. Lolita is by far my favourite, which is a worldwide favourite from what i can see.  I was totally feeling the pinky/nude side to these products, they're so bloody pretty it's unreal.

    Left to Right
    Lovecraft, La Femme, Noble
    My second favourites of her line are 100% the lipsticks. HOW COOL IS THE CASING, FIRST OF ALL?! I am a lover for any quirky packaging, and these are super cool looking things. Very KVD like. From both ranges, i chose Noble, i reaaaally love the look of them, a perfect gorgeous nude, i need it in my life. 

    Do you own any Kat Von D products? I am dying to get my hands on these.