Collecting Vinyl

If you know me, i am one to collect. It's a wonderful feeling seeing the things you collect over the years and it's a good way to spend money. Treating yourself is okay sometimes, in my case I'm doing it a lot recently. No shame. Vinyl is in. It's what everyone wants and it's what everyone is buying right now. My dad has a huge collection from when he was a teenager and it's pretty cool to see such a classic piece of media come back. My favourite of his was an Electric Light Orchestra album that featured the best song ever, Mr Blue Sky.

I'm kicking myself, i left it so late to start collecting. I will say at first, i didn't really 'get it'. I was a 'download everything onto my ipod' person. This day and age, you don't need physical copies of anything when you have technology to do that for you. It's crazy how the times have changed. I've always collected CDs, i still do. Owning the real thing that plays the real music is special, and i think anyone who deeply cares about music can understand this feeling too!

So it began, i bought my first Vinyl a few months back, it felt awesome. I left it for a bit, then it escalated pretty quickly. From buying one every two or three weeks, to two a week. Oops. Vinyl Records are such a beautiful thing to own, with the varieties of patterns and colours is astounding. It's such a cool feeling to open each new Vinyl i buy to have a total suprise of what colour they'll end up being, i love surprises. I just think owning physical copies of music these days is a true gift and i will forever support my favourite artists in everything they do.

My collection is growling slowly, kinda. It's becoming a normal thing to buy Vinyl weekly, but I'm happy doing so and i'll carry on! THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. I JUST WANT ALL OF THEM. IN THE WORLD. OKAY?! Moment over. :)

Do you collect Vinyl? If you don't, whats your latest collection of? Let me know! xx

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